Cyber crime intro

Malicious software

Anti-virus and Firewalls

Use a vault

Bad ideas

Disposing of your devices



Personal Identification Numbers (PIN)

Choosing software for your devices


Sharing your devices

Locking your devices when not in use

Securing online transactions and “https”

Who is watching your online activities

Your browser disclosures

Your cookies

Your IDs and privacy in cyberspace

Being selective about who is in your network

Social media and Internet Memory

Spam and scams

Phishing and spear-phishing


Follow the link

Unencrypted “free” WiFi (or WLAN)

Encrypting your domestic WiFi


Log out of everything you do online

Inventory of your devices

Crapware, craplets and Scareware

Inventory of all your accounts

Lost your Smartphone or your computer?

Tracking software for electronic devices

Remotely wipe the contents of your lost device

Encryption and digital signatures


Legislation you should know about

Coming your way: the Internet Of Things