Introduction to ERP

Organisations that use ERP

Benefits from ERP

ERP functioning systems

Parties in the ERP market place

The logical architecture of an ERP system

The elements of a physical IT architecture

ERP on a mainframe architecture

ERP on a client-server architecture

ERP on a browser architecture

Phases in the ERP life cycle

The preselection of suppliers, implementation partners and application service providers

The sourcing basis: turn-key or do-it-yourself

Model-building strategy

Go live strategy

Signiicance of the functional it analysis

A method for functional it analysis

The approach of a functional it analysis

Signiicance of the risk analysis

A method for risk analysis

Risk analysis approach

Cost beneit analysis

Method for cost beneit analysis

Cost beneit analysis Approach

Open source software

ERP and open source software

Implementation strategy

Corporate governance legislation

Core concepts in internal control

ERP and internal control

Shared service centres

ERP and shared service centres

Shared service Implementation strategy

ERP data integration and organisational culture

ERP best practice processes and competitive advantage