Variables and Constants


Operator Precedence and Associativity

if...else statement

ifelse() Function

for loop

while loop

break and next statement

repeat loop


Return Value from Function

Environment and Scope

Recursive Function

Infix Operator

Switch Function




Data Frame


Object and Class

S3 Class

S4 Class

Reference Class


Bar Plot


Pie Chart

Box Plot

Strip Chart

Plot Function


Saving Plots

Color in chart

3D Plot

Find L.C.M.

Find the Fibonacci Sequence Using Recursive Function

Find the Factors of a Number

Convert Decimal into Binary using Recursion

Find the Factorial of a Number Using Recursion

Check if a Number is Prime

Check Armstrong Number

Check for Leap Year

Find the Fibonacci Sequence

Find the Multiplication Table of a Number

Find the Factorial of a Number

Print Hello World!

Add Two Vectors

Find Sum, Mean and Product of Vector Elements

Take Input From User

Generate Random Number from Standard Distributions

Sample from a Population

Find Minimum and Maximum

Sort a Vector

Check if a Number is Odd or Even

Check if a Number is Positive, Negative or Zero

Find the Sum of Natural Numbers

Find H.C.F. or G.C.D.

Make a Simple Calculator

Find the Sum of Natural Numbers Using Recursion