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Essay on Transport Problem

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Transport Problem in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 900 words.

In the last stages of the twentieth century and near the door of the twenty-first century, when the towns and the general cities are presenting the view of big cities, those who are already called metros, their predictions are easily and automatically Seems to be Where to go, the chant of the crowd of humans is the ocean, which has no side or side-something similar has happened today, our metropolis The absence of indecisive rural, towns and small towns, the expansion of industries, expansions of businesses, mindset wandering in search of work- all kinds of canals and rivers can be there today, all of them are towards the metropolitan sea. . This is the reason why the problems of metropolitan cities in independent India are increasing, the surrender is increasing. It is estimated that the statistics of the metropolis in Delhi alone are 12 to 15 thousand people every day who want to go to the bus and go bus. The number of people who come for work or picnic is not included. The same situation can be said of other metros too. That is why the problems of the metros are increasing. Here we will consider other problems or not only the problem of traffic.

There are many means of transport in the metros. Rail, Car, Scooter, Taxi, Bus, Copa, Cycle, Rickshaw etc. Only a handful of people can do daily commute on car-scooter etc. The common man does not have the ability to travel on an Axis. In the emergency moments of happiness and misery, a common man is able to experiment with the taxi-scooter with hesitation. The expansion of the metropolis has been done to this extent, the area of ​​business has become so far away from the houses that the copper-rickshaw and most often bicycles have become unusable for all of this. This type of transport is used almost occasionally at local level. The remainder remains - just the bus Or local trains, that are not available everywhere. In this way, the overall urban bus service can be termed as the convenient means of transport, which can be used by the common man and doing it. But the proportion of the metropolitan population increased, the growth of bus services was not possible by that proportion. This is the reason why the people of the metropolitan community today have to be compelled to deal with the horrific problem that must be questioned in buses every day, at least twice a day, the problem of traffic is the problem of traffic.
The bus service system for traffic in metropolitan cities is often available only under the government system. Now the entire privatization of this service is happening in metros like Delhi. For this, bus services of Bombay, Madras, Pune, Sankrabad and other southern metropolitan cities were once considered ideal. But today there is continuous deterioration here. In metros like Madras, Bombay, if there is no local rail service, then the situation there will certainly be miserable soon. As far as metropolitan cities like Calcutta and Delhi are concerned, the traffic of this traffic is so much the burden of the population that it is being torn apart by its own beginning of any kind. There is a tram and local railway service in Calcutta, and there is also a public bus service as well as private bus service. Peir, which is crowded in all these things, like the sheep, who live in a human being, many times, they all appear to be roasted. Because of the tram and local railway services in Delhi, because of the bus service, the most pathetic of all the metros of India is accepted. Buses are very low in the proportion of population. For this reason, on a bus on any route, children-old men, men and women etc. can all be seen running behind them in such a way that the backbone has exploded. Often people can be heard saying that they have taught to run away, these bus people have. The bread became degraded The clothes were automatically pressed.

The condition of the person, especially in Calcutta and Delhi metropolitan buses, is only experienced. Lack of bus service has also forgotten the general etiquette and culture of people. As soon as the bus comes, the rift begins. There are quarrels within buses, pockets are cut, it is common to scandal with women. In metropolitan Delhi buses, there has been a lack of respect for this society that men do not want to sit on reserved seats for women and even get urged. In the remaining any metropolitan bus service outside Delhi, this type of malpractice is not available anywhere. For the people of the capital, it is certainly a matter of excessive shame and shame on their masculinity.

Whatever, the essence is that the proportion of the population in the metros does not increase the unbearable means of transport, hence the situation is very odd. Corporations that make up the metropolitan administration and traffic arrangements should understand that they understand that humans are human beings, not sheep and goats. Therefore, it is possible to arrange such a system that every person can reach his destination at the right time, from the same distance. Such a traffic can be possible only by increasing the bus service to a civilized system and being able to become civilized.

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