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Speech on Yoga

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Speech on Yoga

We all know that Yoga has become a popular form of exercise these days. Almost everyone around you is practicing Yoga and discussing its benefits. Actually the media is also covering Yoga-based events or sessions in a big way so that its benefits can be highlighted in their audience.

Here we are providing Speech on Yoga in English Langauge for student & competitive Examiner with given as per the time limit 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 7 minutes per your requirement select the speech.

Speech on Yoga - 1

Good morning to all of you

As you know today, our Yoga Group Foundation has successfully completed one year so today's celebration has been organized to celebrate this year's achievement. On this auspicious day please allow me to congratulate our members of the Yoga Group Foundation with heartfelt gratitude and have worked hard to spread awareness among people and provided the necessary resources for this one year session. Apart from this, I want to thank all the people of the society who have not missed a single day and have been excited to know the nature of this art and spread this education among others.

I wish to present your host of DassssName today's ceremony and one of the co-founders of this group, Yoga and science behind it and a short speech on the essence.

Many of us do yoga everyday, but in reality how many of us know this type of art and why it is done? It is basically a method of achieving balance in our body i.e. increasing strength, increasing flexibility and attaining spirituality. Yoga also supports the non-materialistic path to survival. Yoga is more accurately described through the use of the Sanskrit word "Asana", which means the practice of various types of physical posture or asana. Asanas of various parts are an essential part of yoga. Usually, the Yoga class starts with normal breathing exercises and then goes forward by adding soft rugs and after that the most difficult yoga is done. Yoga posture is an alliance of breathing methods, including mediated guides keeping in mind all body parts.

There are different aspects for which the instructor guides you to stand in, sit, back bending, bend forward, turn upside down with asanas. Apart from these there are various types of Yoga which are specifically tailored to the different needs of the people. For example, Hatha is Yoga which is the most popular form of Yoga rituals and it is also related to breathing exercises and body currencies. For those who want to attain spiritual experience in life, there are two other types of Yoga - Karma and Bhakti Yoga.

It is an art which has been known for humanity for thousands of years and its history dates from 3,000 BC. Is old Since then it has been practiced by various spiritual gurus and from the contemporary time, Yoga taught in different schools and colleges is seen as a disciplinary form. Yoga's definitive goal is to assist the person who is above the self and to gain excellent experience. Even in the Bhagavad Gita, it is written, "A person then achieves Yoga when he is free with his own mind and completely liberates the mind from disciplined desires." Although it is not a religion, it is definitely a way of life which works to achieve a healthy body along with a healthy mind.

So expose the power of Yoga, feel passionate and develop enthusiasm in life.

Thank you.

Speech on Yoga - 2

Honorable Principal, Respected Chief Guest, Teachers and My Dear Students - Hello everyone!

I welcome your senior Yoga teacher, heartily to everyone present here in today's weekly program, in which the main attraction is Yoga. Before starting, I wish to give you a small talk on Yoga to spread awareness among all of you about this topic.

Workout trends come with time and go but in the name of practice there is no other workout in the form of Yoga and it has been in vogue for more than 5000 years. Yoga helps burn calories and strengthens our muscles. It is a comprehensive workout that focuses on both mind and body. Yoga training involves all kinds of exercises and exercises, including deep breathing, relaxation and meditation.

Currently there are more than 100 different types of Yoga known that are rigid and intense while others are easy and comfortable. Today there are six different forms of Yoga which are famous:

  • Persistence (Hath)- This form is mainly related to Yoga and combines a sequence of basic needs including breathing.
  • Configuration (Vinyas)- It contains different sequence of Yoga which includes easily being involved in one Yoga action from one to another.
  • Ayyangar - This is a type of yoga in which the rope is used such as straps, blocks and chairs so that it can help to move your body with the right balance.
  • Bikram - also called "Hot Yoga". In this way, there is a sequence of 26 yoga exercises which is done in a hot room where the temperature is high.
  • Power - It is a fast, more intense exercise that gives the muscles the correct shape.
  • Ashtanga - This Yoga type combines extraordinary breathing techniques.

You just take its name and you will receive a lot! It includes all of the benefits of beautiful body, shiny skin, well-built flexible body, regulated weight, healthy health and calm mind - yoga. However, most yoga is not often confined to asana. Its benefit is recognized only at the physical level and this is the reason that we ignore our big benefits like yoga works in bringing together body and mind. When your body and mind are alike to each other, then life becomes more satisfied and happier than before.

Therefore everyone should practice yoga and make it a part of daily routine to get a strong, flexible and gentle body. When you walk, sit or sleep, its regular practice helps improve your body posture. This unfair posture will help you to change the pain that started in your body again.

If meditating with Yoga is combined, it can help to improve your knowledgeable skills so that you can quickly find out when it is necessary to get positive result. This work performs miracles and you can only experience it when you continue to practice it without regular interruptions.

Remember Yoga is not the ending process. The more profound you will be in it, the more useful results you will gain. That's all I have to say.

Now I would like to call our esteemed chief guest on the forum to say a few words.

Thank you.

Speech on Yoga - 3

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen!

I heartily welcome all of you to our Yoga Auditorium and today is a very special day for our "Stay Fit Foundation" because our organization successfully completed five years by inspire people to stay fit by Yoga. Is for As the manager of this organization, I have had the privilege of hosting this ceremony. As you know our organization is about Yoga and Fitness, so in this context, I would like to say a few words about Yoga and hope that this will help young youth to inspire to stay fit.

First of all it is very important to understand what Yoga is. It is a combination of body and mind, or we can also say that it is a way of balancing the mind and body. Yoga was originated in India and hence it is known throughout the world as "Yoga". Today the knowledge and practice of Yoga is being broadcast across the world which is a very good thing. In Yoga, we get to learn about many body parts such as sitting in the form of self-restraint, standing up, standing up, bending forward, tilting backwards, turning upside down, etc.

Many yoga postures require flexibility such as Hull currency, pigeon currency, upper bow mean currency, fish currency etc. and many people do not have enough flexibility in their body, so there are many other Yoga actions in which there is no need to be flexible in body It consists of mountain currency, chair currency, triangle currency etc. As you know Yoga posture is countless, the benefits of Yoga are also countless. Yoga is very beneficial and its practice has the ability to treat diseases related to various diseases like respiratory problems, stomach problems, digestive system. It helps in removing negativity and mental illness from our body. This helps in reducing stress levels and increasing awareness. Especially for children, this concentration helps in building power and focus. It can be said that it is the best medicine to treat respiratory problems and is also helpful for diseases like stomach ache and infection. It also helps in improving the image of the person because if a person is disease-free automatically then he will look good and healthy.

After being aware of all these benefits, I hope that many of you are willing to practice Yoga to lead a healthy life because we all know that health is wealth.

Since today's day is a special day for our organization, today our institution is giving three days free trial session to all people who are interested in Yoga. I am convinced that this is going to change your life because I have experienced it myself. Yoga is the best way to stay healthy and maintain body balance.

With this, I want to end my speech and specially thank the people of our management community for organizing such inspirational celebrations and making it successful.

Good day to you all.

Speech on Yoga - 4

Respected Principal, respected teachers and my dear friends, all of you good morning!

As we all know that today is June 21, 2017, and this date has been declared as "International Yoga Day" by "United Nations General Assembly". This date was proposed by our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. It is said that on this day the first yogi (Adi guru) started giving knowledge of Yoga to mankind and became the first Yoga Guru.

As a head girl of this school, I have had the opportunity to say a few lines to highlight the importance of Yoga and its benefits. I hope this will help you understand Yoga as an important part of your everyday life.

Many people think that what Yoga is and how can it help to maintain physical and mental stability? Yoga is a process for matching body and mind, or we can say that it is a process of maintaining stability between body and mind. In ancient times, Yoga was a way of acquiring knowledge. In the world of high-tech and busy life, Yoga plays an important role in maintaining the health of our body and the mental stability of the mind. It contains various body functions and asanas which in Sanskrit we are called "asanas". Some actions or postures are complicated so they require proper implications but some are very simple which can be practiced even at home. Many people choose to join Yoga classes but some people who do not feel comfortable in the classes can also purchase Yoga DVDs available in the markets.

Different types of Yoga actions have been formed to solve various problems of the people. Many people do yoga every day, so they know the effects and positive changes in their body and life due to Yoga. No effect can be seen immediately, but if it is done on a daily basis then positive results can be seen. Just like sleeping and eating is an integral part of our life, so Yoga should also be an integral part of our life.

Yoga benefits are infinite and it has the ability to cure many diseases. To be healthy, many people are practicing yoga in today's world. Yoga is an excellent option for older people who can not practice yoga deeply. In Yoga, we practice different postures on the basis of our difficulty. We should start yoga with a simple posture and then proceed with one hard yoga action after one.

Due to air pollution and lack of fresh air, many people and even small children face respiratory problems. Yoga involves many exercises that have the ability to cure respiratory problems. It not only helps in curing respiratory but many other diseases related to our digestive tract, stomach problems, joint problems etc. For example, "tilt action" is done to strengthen joints and muscles, "balancing verbs" to strengthen hands and legs, and "sitting yoga action" to reduce flexibility and mental stress. Apart from this, there are many other different types of actions involved.

With this I want to end my speech and I request our honorable Yoga Guru to start the Yoga Day. Now you can collect your Yoga Matte.

Thank you.

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