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Speech on Urbanization in English in Very Simple Words and Sentences

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Here we have long and short speeches in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. "Speech on Urbanization" which are widely written and easy to understand. If you are a student, than, here you can find Speech in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students.


1-Speech on Urbanization

Hello Everyone Good Morning !

In some sense urbanization is good for the economy. Economy increases. Employment is more. Ncreases earnings standard. In urban areas, birth rate, mortality and fertility rate are low. Obviously this is due to better medical facilities. Fertility is reduced due to stress and pressure faced by people.

People live with better sanitation, water, electricity, education related facilities. Good availability in the market is better. In the urban areas metropolitan cities such as newest means are developed.

People in rural areas do not have basic amenities which are available to residents of an average city. Urbanization creates competition between people. It also improves performance indirectly. However, there is also crowd and pollution with rapid development.

In the 1950s, less than one billion people lived in cities. Now around 4 billion people live in urban areas in the world. Let urbanization be good, because we all like it. But we also want a well planned expansion. Hope the present and future officials will take care of it.


2-Speech on Urbanization

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Fellow Students!

Urbanization is a demographic process under which a growing proportion of population of a region or country lives in urban areas. It has three related concepts.

1. Demographic Events
2. Structural changes in society
3. Urbanization as a behavioral process

As a demographic phenomenon, it is interpreted as a process involving complete and relative development of towns and cities within a defined area. Structural changes in the society are linked to the demographic process, which results in the development of industrial capitalization.

Urbanization is a practical process because it is recognized as centers of social change, attitude, values ​​and behavior patterns, which are modified in urban places at a particular place. Demographic component is dependent variable because it provides persuasive power for economic processes.

Origin and development:

The process of urbanization has a long history. It was originated from the evolution of agriculture settled in the pre-historic period. It not only allows large surplus production of many food items but also high density of rural population and greater intensity of agricultural production. It has made it easy to gather the necessary surplus to support the urban population.

Early examples of urban development were originated from between 5000 and 3000 BC on the banks of Tigris and Euphrates. The beginning of urban life was an economic event, although urbanization itself is a social process.

Urbanization and Urban Development:

When the rate of increase in the urban population is equal to or less than the rate of population of that area in which the urban population is a part, and then the status of urban development is present. In such cases, where the rate of increase in urban population is higher than the rate of regional growth, the situation of urbanization is largely present. Therefore, it can be said that urbanization is a quick form of urban development.

At present, the world's urban population is growing four times the rate of rural population. Between 1990 and 2025, the number of people living in urban areas is estimated to be more than 5 billion by doubling, if it happens, two-thirds of the world's population will be living in towns and cities. Approximately 90 percent increase in developing countries

Urbanization is increasing rapidly in the fast-growing economies of the Asia-Pacific region. Even the fastest rate of urbanization is happening in some of the least developed countries like Africa, that is, 5 percent per year.

Urban settlements:

In the settlements most of the people are engaged in secondary, tertiary and quadratic activities, they are known as urban settlements. There are three factors, namely population size, economic structure, administration which designates a settlement in urban form.


3-Speech on Urbanization

Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Fellow Students!

Urbanization is a process by which a large number of people become permanently concentrated in small areas that make up the cities. The definition of a city or urban area varies from time to time and place.

The United Nations Organization recommends that members of the country belong to all places with more than 20,000 residents who live together in urban form; But, in reality, the nations compile their statistics based on many different standards. For example, the United States uses "urban space" in any area where more than 2,500 people live.

Increase in urban population:

(1) the natural increase of urban population;

(2) flee from rural areas; And

(3) changes in rural areas of urban areas;

(A) Upgradation of places in new cities through information;

(B) the establishment of new industrial township; And

(c) The growth of urban groups.

The share of urban population in India has increased from about 11 percent in 1911 to about 28 percent in 2001. The rates of urbanization, however, have been uneven in the states. The Union Territory of Delhi is the most urbanized, with 93.18 per cent population in urban areas.

Goa is the most urbanized of the nearly half-populous states living in urban areas. The lowest urbanized state is Himachal Pradesh (9.3 percent) and the least urbanized Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli (22.89 percent).

Urbanization is considered beneficial due to high income, better infrastructure and better awareness and better opportunity for people to respond to social issues. In this way liberalism contributes to modernization and social change. In urban areas, the rate of birth, mortality, IMR and fertility rate are lower in urban areas.

However, urbanization is not a blessed blessing. Increasing ditch between demand and supply of land, infrastructure and services (such as housing, water supply, sanitation services, electricity, roads, public transport, etc.) and, in the end, large scale environment pollution in cities, adverse to quality Influence. Of urban life

There is an increase in total slum population in cities, especially Mega and metro cities, 93 million Indians live in urban slums by the 2011 census. However, it is also a fact that in the cities and towns the slum population provides many essential services. Although the level of access to basic services is very poor for the urban population.


4-Speech on Urbanization

Good morning Honorable Principal Madam, Honorable teachers and my dear friends!

As we know that there is a debate competition going on in our school today and we are all very excited to head-to-head competition. The subject of today's competition is "urbanization" because it is the factor on which everybody is focusing on these days. Before the competition began, I would like to contribute to the words by saying a few words on urbanization. This is the factor that shows the status of a country in today's world. Increasing urbanization If the status of a country is more than the other side, then it also produces other environmental problems. But if the process of urbanization is done in an organized manner then such problems can be dealt with. Urbanization in the country should be done in such a way that it does not harm the environment, although it has already harmed the environment as we can see in our environment if it is an urban area. But for the future, planning of urbanization will not erode the environment as the development does not mean to ruin nature.

As in India, we can see that due to the establishment of more factories, electric towers etc. urbanization is clearly causing the environmental degradation, which produces various types of pollution, such as air, water, noise and noise pollution. . Actually, we need to understand what is the meaning of urbanization? Urbanization means the process of the formation and development of new cities in a country. Now, the question arises that how can cities be developed and developed in the country?

There are many factors that take the country into the state of industrialization like urbanization. Many people get different types of jobs from the establishment of factories. People go from rural areas to urban areas in search of a job so that they can earn their livelihood. The latest technology is being available to help farmers in agriculture and it is one of the largest parts of urbanization. Urbanization provides women with many opportunities for their development. Women are going to get many benefits of this process for education or can apply for job giving and become self dependent because women are considered unequal or inadequate for those tasks which men can do. Urbanization creates many business and job opportunities for everyone and especially for women.

But, if we look at the other side of the coin, we will know that there is a high risk of crime, drugs such as rackets of illegal items in urban areas. They are also home to many health diseases due to environmental degradation. Due to pollution etc., to maintain the balance between urbanization and the environment, people need to work in an educated and environmentally friendly manner using environmentally friendly technologies, products, processes etc.

On this note, I want to wrap my words and bestow all the participants for the competition. I hope that this competition will surely help the students to fight their hesitation and on the other hand it will enhance the knowledge of different aspects of urbanization among us.

Thank you and your day auspicious!


5-Speech on Urbanization 

A very good morning women and gentlemen!

Today, I am being asked to be part of this workshop, which is specially being organized for the passionate youth of the country. This workshop is organized by various entrepreneurs across the country who want to do something for the future of the emotional people. So, I tell you the basic aspect of this workshop. This workshop is specially based on the concept of urbanization. As we all are aware of the fact that our country is still a developing country and thus we need to give the young generation a proper direction, which has the power to count this country as a developed and successful countries. The main factor that takes the path of developing a country is urbanization.

Now, what is the basic reason for urbanization? Urbanization basically refers to the shift or movement of the population from rural areas to urban areas. Urban areas are those areas which are more developed than rural areas, job opportunities, high technology etc. Urban areas are more developed than rural areas. India has a large number of rural areas across the country. Well, if we talk about the world, then it has been predicted that by 2050, almost 64 percent of the developing world and 86 percent of the developed world will be urbanized, which will be in Africa and Asia.

Urbanization can be classified based on its architecture style, method of planning and historical development of the area. Urbanization is related to a variety of topics, including geography, sociology, economics, urban planning and public health. The phenomenon of urbanization has been closely linked to the concept of sociological process of modernization, industrialization and logicization. Urbanization helps in creating a comprehensive, social, economic and environmental change, which provides the opportunity to create more sustainable land use with limited access to resources and to provide continuity to conserve biodiversity of the natural ecosystem.

Urbanization reduces the time and expenses of transportation and transportation; Improve opportunities for job seekers and education. In cities, things like money, service, money and opportunity are centralized. Many people migrate from rural to urban areas to change their social status. Businesses that provide employment and capital exchange tasks are the hotspots for people. Capital flows and funds flow through banks, which are usually located in cities. On the other hand, separatist issues, stress, rising costs of living, stress or stress and large scale marginalization can have negative social aspects. Sub-urbanization, which is happening in the cities of the major developing countries, can be referred to as an effort to balance the negative aspects of urban life style.

On this note, I want to conclude my speech and I would like to give special thanks to everyone for my support in organizing this workshop and presenting a large number of young people in front of our ideas along with ideas. Provides me this amazing platform.

Thanks and I wish all the great days ahead!


6-Speech on Urbanization 

Honorable Principal, Vice Principal, Teacher and my dear fellow students !!

I am Monica from class 9 and before starting today's event, I thought it would be wise for a small talk on "urbanization" because it has a lot to do with our life as well as on our environment.

Urbanization is an increase in the urban population. It is not very modern or novel concept. It was earlier when places like Harappa and Kalibangan were growing.

It is quite understandable that when a whole group of people go from place to place for people or for that matter, especially from rural to urban areas they look forward to a better standard of living. Then, to meet these standards, there is definitely a need to establish many industries and factories so that the number of jobs that increase the economy increases. But on the other hand, rapid urbanization consumes much of the health of the Earth and natural resources of the region.

According to the World Health Organization's report, by 2050, more than 90 percent of the world's population will live in urban areas.

When it comes to discussing the benefits of urbanization, then these are innumerable. Urbanization helps in the overall development of a country because it is due to this movement of urban people from rural, local talent gets opportunities in all areas. Education, sports, entertainment, business, tourism and using this unique talent increases the overall economy of the country. Those who are from rural areas are deprived of basic facilities, but due to the process of urbanization they use such resources to do their best.

Due to urbanization, external companies having international presence in our country often established their projects in these areas, gave jobs and also encouraged foreign direct investment. Urbanization also enhances the supernatural mentality of the people. Because people in rural areas hold some superstitious views and they adhere to the traditions and customs of old age such as child marriage, dowry, gender discrimination etc. This kind of thinking decreases because of their coming into the cities and they start coming out of their retrograde attitude.

Urbanization has many negative effects on our society. It does illegal acts like killing people, kidnapping, robbery. Many people also believe that urbanization is the root cause behind rising crime rate in big cities. Since many people go to the cities, it is the reason for the lack of resources, which creates slums in that area. Urbanization leads to a major shift from the farming to the working population and also reduces agricultural productivity. Due to the higher population, cities also have to face natural disasters, which leads to loss of people and property.

Therefore, the above-mentioned factors can be concluded that even though urbanization is in any way leading to overall development, but if measures are not taken properly, it can also change in a disaster. It should come with boundaries, to overcome the loss of urbanization, the government should be widespread and get the necessary benefits for building a better nation.



7-Speech on Urbanization 

Honorable Principal, Vice Principal, Teacher and all my fellow classmates!

At present, i.e. all of us have gathered here today to say and share our thoughts on a very important subject in urbanization. After listening to all my classmates, I would now like to share my thoughts on it.

Urbanization involves changes in population from rural areas to urban areas. Urbanization can be taken in two different contexts - sociological and demographic. Scientists believe that this is not just the movement of people, but it also has a great effect on the attitude, behavior, values ​​and habits of migrants. Due to the concept of urbanization, there have been many changes in the structure of different cities.

Urbanization is very important for the economy. Due to this incident the overall economy has increased. As cities get better and more employment opportunities, the living standards of the individual automatically become higher. In urban areas, rates like mortality, birth rate and fertility rates are also very low. This is mainly because in urban centers, better medical facilities are available and people are constantly being educated about their health and hygiene levels. People in these areas live with clean hygiene, water, electricity, education facilities. The rate of fertility rate in urban areas is also low because people have to face stress issues and pressure due to the burden of their extra work. Yet another benefit to the people of urbanization is that the journey to low income class becomes easier and economical because facilities like metros in urban centers provide them much less travel expenses, even more facilities.

Now discuss some of the most important statistics; In India, the share of urban population has increased from 11% in 1911 to 28% in 2011. However, the rate of urbanization is irregular in the states of India. The national capital Delhi is the most urbanized with a population of 93.18% living in urban areas. Between states like Goa, which is urbanized with half the population living in most urban areas and then Himachal Pradesh is among the least urbanized states with 9.3% of the population living in urban areas and Dadra and Nagar Haveli are among the least urbanized unions. Is from 22.89% Population Area in Urban Areas.

Everything carries its share of professionals and opposition. Urbanization has had very negative effects on the environment. This reduces the land. Due to the increase in the process of urbanization, the difference between demand and supply of infrastructure is also seen prominently. And in the end, heavy pollution crisis in cities has adversely impacted the urban living standards.

The above points make it clear that it is a boon as well as a boon. It all depends on how people use fairly a given opportunity. Population growth acknowledges new things and trends, which happens without looking for results. It has actually spoiled the balance of nature with humans. It is up to us that we take the steps to stop ourselves from the negative effects of urbanization.

Thanks, students and now all of us will move towards the pledge to protect our environment.



8-Speech on Urbanization 

Hon'ble Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Fellow Students - Warmest Congratulations to One and All!

Supriya Bisht of Standard-VI (B), I have been given the opportunity to address everyone in today's speech meeting by our respected class teacher Mrs. Sapna Chaudhary. The subject of my speech is urbanization. This is a process in which a large part of people settles in small places that permanently build cities. There is no definite definition of urban area or city as it changes from time to time.

According to the UN, i.e. the United Nations Organization, member countries should consider everywhere with the lives of more than 20,000 people living near each other in the form of urban, although the country compiles its data on the basis of different standards Are. For example, in the United States the word "urban place" is mentioned, where more than 2,500 people live in any area.

There is a huge surge in urban population in comparison to earlier. Let's know what all the reasons are that due to which there is a huge increase in urban population:

  • Undeveloped or flee from rural areas
  • Formation of new industrial areas in urban areas
  • Better career and prospects of growth
  • Better health care and educational facilities
  • Development of urban groups
  • Superstition or conservative behavior, such as black magic, gender discrimination and child marriage are rejected in favor of rational and scientific temper.

Thus, the process of urbanization is considered to be fruitful in many ways, because when the young urban areas of our rural areas are looking for better academic and career opportunities, they have a bright future for themselves and earn better pay scale, better facilities and Have a chance to enjoy the basic amenities. . With the power of education, youth becomes more socially informed and responsible towards the society. Thus it goes without saying that urbanization is helpful in the process of modernization and brings great social change. In fact, IMR rates are lower in urban areas as compared to birth rates, mortality, fertility, and urban areas.

On the other hand, urbanization also causes some disadvantages as it is considered a mixed blessing. Let's know why:

  • Land subsidence
  • The gap between demand and supply of infrastructure (such as electricity and water supply, public transport, sanitation and housing services, etc.) has widened.
  • Great ecological balance due to pollution which affects the quality of life.
  • As a decline in agricultural yield, people switch from agriculture based activities to industrial machinery work.
  • Metro cities are unable to cope with the situation of natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods which result in many people losing their lives and property.
  • In the end, I just want to say that the process of urbanization should not be completely arbitrary; However, this is our government, which needs to take appropriate steps towards creating better health care and educational facilities for our youth living in rural areas. This is the only way to bring development of rural areas along with urban areas and our farmers have to provide latest state-of-the-art technologies so that they are rich and our nation will also move forward.

Jai Hind!


9-Speech on Urbanization 

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen - I heartily welcome you all at today's speech!

But before I begin my speech on urbanization, please allow me to introduce myself. I, Abhishek Kalra, founder member of the Education and Rehabilitation Center for Child Care, will be your host for today's evening. All of you should be amazed about today's speech topic. I chose this topic because it is a matter of serious concern at the present time. The talented pool of people is heading towards cities for bright career and development prospects; By which villages were vacant If this continues, then there will be a time when there will be no one to take over the development work of villages and a big geographical part of our country will remain undeveloped.

Urbanization, as you all know, is a natural phenomenon in which a large part of the population lives in towns or big cities continuously over time. As a result, the cities gradually turn into a city or a mega town. In our country, urban areas mean where millions of people live. However, in foreign lands, the number is still relatively low. Due to rapid development in our country, even the political and industrial centers have become urbanized.

I do not intend to say that urbanization is dangerous for our economy; However, in some sense it is favorable for the economic growth of our country. When economic growth occurs, more opportunities for employment are created for the youth, which results in increasing their standard of living. In fact, birth rates, mortality and fertility rates in urban areas are very low. Needless to say, this is due to the availability of better health care centers that infant mortality rate is low. Due to pressure and stress of people, the rate of reproduction has decreased.

People live with better electricity, water, sanitation and education facilities. There is better availability of goods in the market. There is a better transport facility in cities, such as the metropolis, while many rural areas are underdeveloped and people are deprived of basic infrastructure whose average townspeople enjoy. With the rapid process of urbanization, the level of competitiveness among the people is also increasing, thereby greatly improving their performance.

On the other hand, there is crowd and pollution along with rapid growth. During the 1950s, even a billion people did not live in cities, but according to current figures, almost four billion people around the world now live in cities. Urbanization is good, but it should be well planned because if it does not happen then the urban areas will be highly crowded and definitely will be polluted.

I sincerely hope that our government takes this into account and takes the right action for the best interests of our humanity, while also taking care of the development and development measures of both rural and urban areas. That's all I have to say.


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