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Essay on Women Empowerment

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Before knowing about 'empowerment of women', we should understand what we understand from 'empowerment'. 'Empowerment' refers to the capacity of a person, from which this qualification comes in, in which he can take all the decisions related to his life. Even in the empowerment of women, we are talking about the same capability, where women are independent of all the bonds of family and society and are the creators of their own decisions. Normally students take this topic to discuss in their school or write some paragraph or write essay. Here we are providing some essay on this topic to help the students. Here you can find essays on women empowerment in easy English language for students in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 and 800 words.

Essay on women empowerment 1 (100 words)

To empower women to take their own personal independence and self-judgment, it is women's empowerment. By leaving behind the boundaries of family and society, giving rights to women from all aspects of decisions, rights, thoughts, minds etc., is to make them independent. In all areas of society, both men and women will be brought together in equal measure. Women empowerment is very important for the bright future of country, society and family. Women need a clean and suitable environment so that they can take their own decisions in every field even if it is for themselves, country, family or society. As a necessary weapon to make the country fully developed and achieving the goal of development, the empowerment of women is in the form of empowerment.

Essay 2 on women empowerment (150 words)

According to the provisions of the Indian Constitution, there is a legal position to give equal rights to women in all areas like men. For the proper development of children and women in India, the Department of Women and Child Development is working well. Since ancient times, women were in leading role in India, although they were not allowed to intervene in every field. They need to be strong, alert and alert every moment for their growth and growth. The main objective of development is to empower women because a strong woman builds the future of her children and ensures the future of the country.

Many schemes have been depicted by the Indian government to bring women in the mainstream of development. Women's participation in half the population of the whole country is half and they need freedom in all areas for the all round development of women and children.


Essay 3 on women empowerment (200 words)

India is a famous country which has been known since ancient times for its civilization, culture, cultural heritage, tradition, religion and geographical features. On the other hand, it is also known as its male national nation. In India, women are given first priority, although they are also treated badly in society and family. They are confined to the walls of the houses and they are considered only for family responsibilities. They are completely ignorant of their rights and development. People of India give this country the status of mother but no one understands the true meaning of mother. It is the mother of all Indians and we should take care of it and take care of it.

Half of the population is women in this country, so women empowerment is very important to make the country fully powerful. To give women the right to explain their right to be independent in every area for their proper growth and development. Women give birth to a child in the form of the future of the nation, so they can contribute the best way in making the bright future of the nation through the development and growth of the children. Rather than being forced suffering female anti women, they need to be empowered.

Essay 4 on women empowerment (250 words)

A question arises with the slogan of empowerment of women: "Do women really become strong" and "Have their long struggle ended?" Many programs like Mother's Day, International Women's Day, etc. have been implemented and implemented by the government to bring awareness among the society about the true importance and rights of women in the development of the nation. Women need development in many areas. There is a high level of gender inequality in the country where women suffer from the bad behavior of their families as well as the external society. In India, the number of uneducated women is the highest. The real meaning of women empowerment will be understood when they will be given good education in India and they will be able to make that decision independently in all spheres to make decisions.

Women in India are always in the form of the slaughter of the family to protect themselves from stigma, and they have never been given the basic rights for proper education and independence. This is the victim who has suffered violence and misbehavior in the male country. According to the National Mission for Empowerment of Women Launched by the Indian Government, there has been some improvement due to this step in the 2011 calculation. This has led to increase in both female linguaity and female education. According to the Global Gender Gap Index, there is a need for some concrete steps in India to improve the status of women in the society through economic participation, higher education and good health. It is necessary that it should be carried out at a fast pace in the right direction by removing it from the initial position.


Essay on female empowerment 5 (300 words)

The famous sentence "Jawaharlal Nehru" is said to be "to awaken people", women need to be awake. Once he takes his step, the family moves forward, the village moves forward and the nation is oriented towards development. In India, to empower women, first of all, it is necessary to kill all the demonic thinking that kill their rights and values ​​in society, such as dowry practice, illiteracy, sexual violence, inequality, feticide, domestic violence against women, rape, Vaisyavriti, human trafficking and other such topics. Gender discrimination brings cultural, social, economic and educational differences in the nation, which leaps back towards the country. Empowering women to ensure the right to equality mentioned in the constitution of India is the most effective way to eradicate such evils.

Prioritizing gender equality has led to the empowerment of women across the country. To achieve the high goal of empowerment of women, it should be propagated and disseminated in every family from childhood. It is necessary that women are physically, mentally and socially strong. Since the beginning of a better education can be at home from childhood, the need for a healthy family for the upliftment of women is essential for the all-round development of the nation. Even today, in many backward areas due to illiteracy, insecurity and poverty due to parents, there is a trend of creating marriage and child at an early age. In order to strengthen women, the government is taking many steps to prevent abuse, gender discrimination, social isolation and violence against women.

To properly address the problems of women, it is very important to have a Women's Reservation Bill-10th Constitutional Amendment passed, it ensures 33% stake in women in Parliament. In other areas, a few percent of the seats have been reserved for women actively participating. The government will have to go in backward rural areas for the actual development of women and women there will be aware of the facilities and their rights from the government, which will help them to improve their future. To make the dream of women empowerment a reality, the importance of girls and their education need to be promoted.

Essay on women empowerment 6 (400 words)

Gender inequality is the main social issue in India in which women are lagging behind in men's domination. There is a need to accelerate the empowerment of women in order to equate men and women. The rise of women in all areas should be included in the priority of the nation. Inequality among women and men gives birth to many problems which can emerge as a major obstacle in the development of the nation. These are the birthright of women that they get the equal importance of men in society. In order to truly bring empowerment, women should be aware of their rights. Not only domestic and family responsibilities but women should play an active and positive role in every field. They should also know about events happening in and around the country.

It is the strength in women's empowerment that they can change a lot in society and in the country. He can handle any problem in society better than men. He can understand the loss of more population for the country and the family. With good family planning, she is fully capable of managing the economic condition of the country and the family. Women are capable of handling any effective violence than men, whether it is family or social.

It is possible by the empowerment of women that a country with a male-female equality of a strong economy can be replaced by a male with a male. With the help of women empowerment without any effort, every member of the family can easily develop. A woman is considered to be very responsible for all things in the family, so she can solve all the problems well. With the empowerment of women, the entire society will be empowered by itself.

Women's empowerment is a better solution to any small or big problem related to human, economic or environmental. In the last few years, we are getting the benefit of female empowerment. Women are more conscious about their health, education, jobs, and responsibilities towards family, country and society. He participates prominently in every field and displays his interest. Ultimately, after many years of struggle they are getting their right to walk on the right path.


Essay on empowerment of women (800 words) (long essay)

What is female empowerment?

Women's empowerment can be defined in very easy words that women become powerful by which they can take every decision related to their life themselves and live well in family and society. To empower them to achieve their true rights in society, women empowerment.

Why is women's empowerment needed in India?

As we all know that India is a patriarchal society where every field of man is interfering with money and women take responsibility only for family and also there are many restrictions. Approximately 50 percent of India's population is only women, it means that this half-way is needed for the development of the whole country, which is still not strong and is bound to many social restrictions. In such a situation, we can not say that in the future, our country will be able to grow without strengthening our half population. If we want to develop our country then it is important that women empowerment be encouraged by the government, men and women themselves.

Women's empowerment was necessitated because there was gender inequality in ancient times and male dominated society. Women were suppressed by their own family and community for a number of reasons, and many kinds of violence took place with them and discrimination in the family and society could be seen not only in India but in other countries. For the women, ancient and old traditions have been shrouded in new rituals and traditions since ancient times. In the Indian society, there is a tradition of worshiping women's ladies in the form of a mother, sister, daughter, wife, but this does not mean that the need for development of the country will be fulfilled only by worshiping women. It is necessary today that half the population of the country ie women should be empowerment in every area which will be the basis for the development of the country.

India is a famous country which has proved the idiom of 'unity in diversity', where people living in different religions of Indian society live. Women have been given a different place in every religion, helping people continue their many big wrong actions (physical and mental) in the form of a large curtain covering the eyes of people and for many years as a role model is. Ancient Indian society was the practice of Sati practice, city bride system, dowry practice, sexual violence, domestic violence, killing of pregnancies, screening practices, sexual exploitation at work place, child labor, child marriage and devadasi customs, along with other discriminating practices. . This kind of mischief is the cause of patriarchal society and male superiority psychology.

Social political rights (freedom to work, right to education etc.) were completely prohibited by male family members. Some bad practices against women were removed by the people of open thoughts and great Indians, who raised their voices for discriminating against women. Because of the constant efforts of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, the British were forced to abolish sati practice. Later, other Indian social reformers (Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Acharya Vinobha Bhave, Swami Vivekanand etc.) also raised their voices for women's uplift and fought hard. In order to improve the condition of widows in India, Lord Chandra Vidyasagar started the Widow Remarriage Act 1856 with its constant effort.

In the past few years many government has created and implemented several constitutional and legal rights to remove gender inequality and bad practices against women. However, to solve such a big topic, everyone needs constant support, including women. The modern society is more aware of women's rights, which resulted in many self-help groups and NGOs working in this direction. Women are more open-minded and breaking social bonds to gain their rights in all dimensions. However crime is going on simultaneously.

There are certain Acts passed by Parliament to empower women with legal rights - An Equal Remuneration Act 1976, Dowry Stop Act 1961, Unethical Trade (Prevention) Act 1956, Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1987, Child Marriage Prevention Act 2006 , Gender Testing Techniques (Prevention of Controller and Misuse) Act 1994, Women's Sexual Abuse Act 2013 at Work.


In order to bring women empowerment in truth in Indian society, it is necessary to understand and remove the main causes of bad practices against women, which is the patriarchal and male influence system of society. It is necessary that we change old thinking against women and make changes in constitutional and legal provisions.

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