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Welcome Speech for The Seminar

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Welcome speech for the seminar at the office

Hon'ble Chief Executive Officer, Honorable Vice President and Board of Directors, respected members of the Department of Information Technology, Dear Companions, Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are very pleased to welcome you all at the 5th Annual Seminar of---- Electornic Limited. Founded in 2000, this company has reached the peak of success today. Our company was established from an attitude to serve the society with good quality Electronic things and beverage production. We pay more attention to middle and lower-income families, who want to consume quality products within a limited budget. Our goal is to work with people around as well as business people who work within a distance of 50 kilometers.

But given the success of our company and the popularity of our products, the management has decided to expand the business sector. Now we want to focus on the people of high income groups and at the same time, we want to increase the range of our business operations to other states and later also in other countries. After the session and discussion of intensive conversation between management and all other relevant stakeholders, it has been decided that the organization will adopt digitalization as a means of promoting itself among other traditional methods.

Digitalization is the biggest tool for changing society at the present time. It keeps changing everything related to our life today, such as the style of working, the means of life, the path of communication, the creation of knowledge, doing business etc. Digitalization affects our welfare, democracy, health care, environment and society as a whole.

It would not be wrong to say that digitization is revolutionary and it has changed the ways of publicity and marketing. Digitization is the biggest medium of globalization because it connects people of the world into seconds. This way our company will definitely help in fulfilling its purpose. With the advent of 2017, we are planning to increase our marketing space to some other Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

After all this, we can not ignore the fact that digitization has its own challenges and shortcomings. One of the challenges we face today is that we are not reaching those who do not have internet or who live in far-flung areas. After careful consideration of this problem, the management committee came up with various promotional plans to reach those people. Our aim is to bring the benefits of our highest quality products to the people and thus we have chosen one of the best marketing teams to promote our brands and services in the countries discussed above.

One defect of digitalization is a violation of privacy. Today, efficient management of problems related to security and privacy is essential for digitalization.

This seminar has been organized to discuss all these issues which can happen during the development and promotion of our brand and services. Famous experts, researchers and managers of industries and society have been invited to present their views and discuss the opportunities, weaknesses, strengths and shortcomings of the subject.

I hope the next session will be attractive and prosperous for you.

Thank you.


Welcome Speech for science seminar

Honorable Chief Guest, Honorable Chief of the Department, Respected Researcher, Respected Senior Doctor, Dear Partner Doc, Dear Intern Student, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we have gathered here to discuss the radiology of our hospitals for the treatment of various injuries and diseases in 'health and care of you'. In this one-day seminar, I have received this opportunity from the hospital and head of the department to welcome all of you, which I am feeling very honored to receive.

There are many reputable people among us who have vast knowledge and experience in the field of highly qualified and radiology. Our hospital 'Health and Your Care' was established in year 2000 to assist patients suffering from stomach cancer in India. Our mission is to catch the root cause of cancer and to treat those patients who are less likely to die. We have been very successful in this work till now and by 2015 we have done very well in foreign countries which helped us to open branches in Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

We have highly qualified and eminent doctors, who are like parents for patients, so that the patient is likely to recover soon. Our hospital was established with a social cause and therefore 40% funds are donated for the treatment of poor and needy people.

Today we have gathered here to discuss the radiology of the cancer treatment. There are many methods used to detect the cause of cancer in our hospital and to treat it later, but the technique has made considerable progress in the field of medical science. Radiology is a technique that we are going to discuss in this seminar in detail today.

Radiology is used in techniques such as imaging technologies such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), X-ray radiography, nuclear medicine, computed tomography (CT), ultrasound and positron emission tomography (PET), to detect diseases and abnormalities Inspect the inside of the body. According to another analysis, the radiographer is a health professional who is trained by the University and prepares CT scans, X-rays, MRI scans and many other medical images with progressive technology, so that radiologists and doctors identify injuries, inspection Or treatment and treatment for patients.

Today we will also discuss the issues of other modern techniques which have revolutionized the field of medicine. After this statement, I would like to repeat that science has no boundaries. There are infinite scope and opportunities. As you all know, the mission of our hospital is to present the positive results of the maximum patients. For the same purpose we have arranged for this seminar and many prestigious personalities in the field of R & D, Radiology Department, Senior Medicine Doctor, Cancer Expert and Chemotherapist has invited. We request them to share their experiences and expertise, which will help make our hospital famous worldwide.

I hope this seminar be fruitful and beneficial for your future venture.

Thank you.


Welcome speech for school seminar

Honorable Chief Guest, Honorable Principal, Honored Vice President, Member of Honorable Board, Dear Staff, Dear Students, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am very happy to welcome all the people present here from the whole school council very warmly. I would like to express our gratitude to our respected judges who have accepted the invitation to preside over this school seminar on private development.

St. Mary High School was established in the year of 1967, which has completed 50 years of excellent education in promoting its students in various fields as well as providing education. It is very satisfying that our school has reached great heights and it has achieved its goals and objectives. The school organizes seminars every year to enable students to acquire knowledge and actively engage in school activities. Each subject has been selected in the best interest of the students of this school. It is also ensured in every seminar that these subjects are well liked by the participants. Last year the seminar was based on "Accent Improvement" which has helped many students to get better pronunciation in the English language. The purpose of the seminar was to concentrate on where and how to stop when and how to speak and speak English more and more clearly and accurately with our students.

The subject "personal development" of this year will also help students gain an understanding of the changing skills of life, and primarily based on important aspects such as setting the goal, better confidence, leadership development, effective communication and the art of living life. Like every year, the faculty of various disciplines and professional bodies are asked to share the facts of their thoughts and knowledge on the subject, but today's seminar will be very different from the previous year, as the interested counsel for the interested candidates after the seminar Will be invited to the session.

Personal development is essential for professionals and students who want to get talent in their respective fields. Through this seminar, students will be able to identify their weak aspects and identify the necessary changes in their lifestyle, which will need improvement. In addition to personal development skills, students will also be taught how to improve their social skills.

The seminar agenda will include debates, views of various experts and inspiration of real life. For easy access to all important aspects of the seminar, the school will ensure to display all the key details on its official website.

I hope the seminars will be very beneficial and the next few hours will prove to be enjoyable and fruitful for you.

Thank you.


Welcome speech for a class seminar

Honorable Chief Guest, Honorable Vice President, Honorable Principal, Honorable Teacher, Reputed Head of the Department, Dear Staff and Associates, Dear Students and Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my good fortune that in the third annual seminar of the Arts College ----- I got the opportunity to welcome all of you from the entire college today. This college was established in 2011, with the vision of making tomorrow's future leader by providing education, knowledge and skills. The aim of our college was to provide not only theoretical education but to nurture our students and to make them the root of social culture and ethics. It is very exciting that the college has reached the height of success and it has achieved a great extent.

To make the topic interesting, we have started organizing annual seminars from 2015. We choose fresh and emerging topics to keep students interested and keep them busy every year and encourage them so that they can discuss and share their thoughts and opinions. The topic of last year was 'Internet Security' and it was also quite successful. Since the Internet has become the requirement of nearly every person today, especially the younger generation, security is required when using the internet so that they can be saved from undue danger due to security violations.

The topic we have selected this year is a social cause. You must know that our college has partnered with two non-governmental organizations who are working for poor and deprived students and provide them with the means of education and the way of life. In this one-day seminar, we will discuss the importance of social causes, its impact on our college and society and why our students should contribute to large social causes.

Like every year we have invited subject experts and some common people who will share their thoughts, experiences, specializations and ideas on this topic. The youth is the future of the nation and it is the responsibility of the college to make them good professionals and to make a better person.

The seminar has been divided into parts such as debates and deliberations, theoretical ideas, facts and figures, and thereafter practical workload which is the goal of completing next year. Even though working for the betterment of the society is the choice of a person, but we encourage our students and employees to take part in activities promoting social activities. Philanthropic activities not only bring praise and reputation to the college, but also promote the morale and consciousness of the participants.

We are very confident that this seminar will be very successful like every other year and we request your cooperation to make it memorable.

Thank you.


Welcome speech for the seminar at college

My greetings to everyone present in the auditorium,

Respected --------, Director ---- University, Principal Madam, Professor ------, President of ........, Distinguished Guests, My Dear Students and Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today all of us have gathered here to discuss a very important topic i.e. "women's rights and gender justice", which is the most important discussional problem for women's future.

It is a bitter truth that women in India have been treated badly for centuries and they have never been accepted as men. The irony of our country lies in the fact that women are worshiped as power, whereas in reality they are seen as just one object and they are treated inhumanly. They are discriminated against on two levels: Due to being the first woman and the lack of second economic independence.
Due to the growing demand for women on equality, issue of gender justice is being raised by workers and academics, but they still have to face a lot of discrimination. Indeed, this problem is not limited to India. In European countries, women also have to face harassment and unfair treatment.

Slowly women are coming forward and playing their role in different areas like banking, finance, marketing, civil services, aviation and even the armed forces. Perhaps this is the reason that the Indian government has started to increase the awareness of women through the medium of media campaigns, seminars, training programs and workshops etc. to improve the number of women in the country.

Against this backdrop, we have gathered here to learn more about this topic, where many famous speakers are present here for today's seminar. With this brief background, I would like to welcome today's Chief Guest Mr. ------, Director- University for sharing his views on this relevant topic. I also want to welcome our participants who come here from all the colleges across the country to present their views on this topic in our college --------.

To accept our invitation, I thank you again on behalf of our college, and today I would like to thank my Principal for organizing a seminar and encouraging us. When you need your help, suggestions and guidance-then I thank you again, Principal Madam for supporting us.

I feel very fortunate that I got the chance to welcome all the parents and my fellow colleagues to participate in this important program.

I am sure that you will feel prosperous by the knowledge you received after this seminar. I welcome you all once again to the seminar and hope that all of you have a bright future.

Thank you.

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