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Speech on International Women's Day

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Speech - 1 on International Women's Day

The respected Chief Guest, Director of "ABC for Women", party organizers and visitors,

First of all, I would like to welcome all of you at the 7th Annual Award Delivery Festival like every year we have organized International Women's Day as our organization is a non-profit organization for the development of deprived women in different parts of the country. Works. Our organization was started just 7 years ago and I am very happy to tell that today there are 15 branches all over India and the fame of our NGO has spread throughout the world. Since International Women's Day is celebrated globally to respect the achievements of women in the field of social, politics and economy, this festival is organized to recognize these celebrities. We have many people who volunteer to volunteer for contributing to the welfare of women and society.

The importance of International Women's Day is increasing every year on March 8 and today it has become a custom. It is an opportunity to show respect, admiration, love and respect for women. We are very pleased to know that nowadays women's colleges are celebrated in colleges and schools, which teaches young minds to respect and take care of women from their childhood. It is an essential part of the curriculum for the empowerment of women in schools and their status and their accomplishments in the society and spread awareness and awareness.

I have been given the opportunity to host this program and I am very happy because it is an occasion for me who has thanked all the women who played a key role in my life. Perhaps I've never thanked these women on 'International Women's Day', but with the depth of my heart, I always thank them so that they can support my life and save them from difficulties.

My mother, my sister and my wife are three important women of my life who not only made me a better person, but also supported me in my difficult times. Apart from this, I have also been motivated to join this NGO and to do useful work for society. After joining this organization in the professional organization, I met Mrs. A and Mrs. D. and after knowing their hard work and knowing their difficulties in the past, it has become the source of the biggest inspiration for me. In fact, despite all the big positions here, all female associates and employees are wonderful works of God because you not only manage the office but also ensure that all the needs of your home will be fulfilled. That's why our NGOs always insist on honoring women in their lives. They need respect, care, support and inspiration by us

Today's woman is no longer a dependent woman she is capable of doing independent and self-reliant and everything. Let's recognize the importance of her existence and inspire her for future achievements.

Thank you.

Speech - 2 on International Women's Day

Good morning friends

We have gathered here to celebrate International Women's Day in our office. I am very happy that I have the opportunity to host this program and give a speech today. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the CEO, the board of directors and the management committee of this organization, which gives great emphasis on the importance of women's empowerment in work and society, and in this way, our company will celebrate this festival every year with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Celebrates together. Being a part of this organization is indeed an honor for me.

To give respect to the great women of the society, International Women's Day is celebrated all over the world. Women's empowerment is very important for gender equality. Development of those societies is done very well where women are given equal respect. Most traditional people still feel that women should be confined to household chores and should not take steps for outside work because this is not their work area, which is being practiced by women and women is. Women have the same abilities as men, provided they are trusted. Today's women realize their strengths and abilities and come out of the house to make consequential contributions to society and the world.

Being a woman, it is good for women to have a special day where they can be appreciated and honored, but I think women should not be respected only because they are women, but because they have their own personal identity . They contribute equally to the well-being of society. If I become somewhat biased then I would say that if no woman on earth survives then the existence of mankind will end because only woman who brings life on this earth. Every woman is special whether she is working at home or in the office or both are doing the same. She plays an important role in the development of children and also manages to manage her house efficiently.

As I told you, our organization places a lot of emphasis on the importance of gender equality and I am very happy to announce that our organization has now been associated with three different non-governmental organizations, which are good for women and children. Will work better for I have been given the responsibility of fulfilling all the formalities, as well as managing relevant day-to-day activities. I am very happy and also feeling respected and I am focused on this thing that we have to help all those women who are deprived, needy or those who have the support of standing in the society with their male counterparts. is required.

We have a lot of plans on this agenda and we will visit far-flung areas where education is still a dream for young girls. We are not only planning to start an education system in those areas, but we will also spend 50% of the total education cost together with NGOs. I am sure this journey is an experience of learning a lot for me but I will need your best wishes and inspiration.

Thank you.

Speech - 3 on International Women's Day

On the occasion of Women's Day, I welcome all the women. Although I believe women should be dedicated every day, but we all know that it will be unjust for men .. I am just joking.

International Women's Day is a special day devoted to women, so that we can praise them for their great efforts. The presence of a woman is very important in everyone's life. Life is not possible without women in this world. Every girl who is born receives the characteristics of a woman in heritage. Women include special feelings of care, affection, and endless love.

We should be glad to have women as women I have seen many times in my life that only those who have to sacrifice or other people connected with us have to leave their emotions and dreams, but this is the result of God's power. God has made the woman as a symbol of great affection, which not only leads itself to the right life, but also strengthens a strong basis for others too.

This is the reason why we can say that 24 hours a day is too short to appreciate or recognize women's work. This day is referred to as the day which is recognized for the social, economic, cultural, political and personal achievements of a woman. Every one of us is very confident to know our weaknesses and work with the best efforts to overcome them. It is very good to see that the categories of women are being counted among the top 100 women entrepreneurs, 'Top 20 Women CEO', 'NGO-led women' etc. In high accreditation positions. Identifying and working style of women is reaching big heights. Today's talk is also dedicated to equality.

We should continue all our efforts. Women are not less in any form than men. It is just our mindset and our mindset changes our focus on our own actions. Our actions and thoughts inspire us to move forward to attain the height of our dreams, and from this the world believes in our actions. For me, Women's Day is just a common day, which makes me feel that how many efforts we have made for the whole 365 days for us and all the other people associated with us.

Every woman should understand its importance and must have the courage to try her progress. Happy Birthday to every woman here on behalf of the entire organization. I would like to thank all of you for becoming part of it and meeting its vision of success.

Female power is unbelievable and it can not be expressed by some words.

Thank you.

Speech - 4 on International Women's Day

Hello everyone to you from me Good morning all the beautiful personalities present here All of you should know why we have gathered here this morning so that our women workers can be thanked for this occasion of International Women's Day. It can not be expressed by some words.

I want to thank all the women who are here, from all the management and all the people here. You guys are really incredible. I am quite convinced that I will lack words to express my gratitude for femininity. Being present in this country entirely in the femininity, this world has reached an extraordinary extent. This one day is very rare for you to appreciate the things done in both personal and professional life of your life. There is no limit to the work or efforts that a woman can make for the progress of her and those associated with her.

For the past few decades, women have been able to demonstrate themselves in such a way that the mindset of the people has changed for the society to recognize the work done by women as a whole. It is celebrated to raise awareness of women's rights, their contribution, importance of their education, their career opportunities etc. The occasion for celebrating women's day can not be defined as the works done by women because it can never be expressed. Talk about any relationship, women work hard to make them successful by their endless efforts. Whether they are home or away from home, women play a special role everywhere.

During the last decades, women have made a strong image with their efforts and I want to compliment you all for this. You must be strong and fight for your rights. You have all the right to improve your skills, learn about security techniques and learn a lot. Women are like water, they fit in any roll. Personal or professional life, large or small work, entrepreneurs or employees; In each role, the correct combination of the combination of women is visible. We are confident to see you in this organization. The presence of all of you has led the company to progress.

I am very pleased that we have received the honor of recognizing and celebrating your efforts on this occasion of Women's Day. I would like to apologize to the men's staff but you can see how much these specialties are in their women that a special dedication day is announced for them. We all should take responsibility for the appreciation and respect of every woman present in our lives. They are the best mix of education and emotions.

Best wishes to all the courageous and incredible women women day Your presence and actions you make can not be described in some words. Each of you has a special quality that is encouraging you to move forward in life. Without women and our life is incomplete.

Thanks to all of you for being part of this occasion.


Speech - 5 on International Women's Day

Good morning everyone from my side. Thank you all for being here, on this special occasion I am going to give a speech on International Women's Day today.

International Women's Day is celebrated throughout the world with full enthusiasm. It started in the early 1990's but now it is celebrated every year on March 8. The agenda behind celebrating this day is to empower women who have gone through all the obstacles in their life. This is their social, political, religious and cultural rights and also encourages "gender equality".

No government or any union is responsible for the construction of this day, but it is possible due to collective efforts of human rights organizations. This day reminds us of all the contributions and achievements of women in society. This day is celebrated for showing respect, respect and love for them.

Thus, the International Women's Day is a reflection of all kinds of unity, integrity, festivity and conflicts which have proved to be better than a century and have been strengthened even with the passage of time. We take many pledges but forget those promises which are required to fulfill the promises. This is why International Women's Day is being celebrated globally. We are not all born equal, but with the grace of Almighty we all are born with the same "human rights" and thus have the right to treat them equally, the right to receive equal education and other benefits from which women Has been denied for a long time.

The previous record clearly proves that women in many areas have left the gentlemen of the country far behind. Salute to "feminism" on our behalf You are the creator of your own identity.

Thank you.

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