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Paragraph on Farmer Suicide

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Paragraph on Farmer Suicide

Suicides of farmers is a very embarrassing situation for any society. After all, what are the situations which can cause a farmer, who gets grain for everyone, becomes compelled to commit suicide. In India, there has been an increase in the statistics of farmers' suicides in recent times, which is a matter of concern and on this side if the time is not taken care of, then these conditions can worsen even worse.

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Article 1 (300 words) on farmer suicides

India is an agricultural country but still the situation of farmers here is extremely worrisome to many developing countries all over the world. For nearly two decades, the problem of farmers suicide in our country has increased. Farmers started committing suicides by farming farmers of Maharashtra and gradually this trend spread to the farmers of the whole country. Today the situation is that in almost every state, the government is engaged in collecting statistics of farmers' suicides.

Liberalization and globalization

Due to liberalization and globalization, import of cheap foodgrains has started in our country and, on the other hand, due to the low value of the country's farmer cost, the standing crops are being forced to set fire in the field. In the end, due to poverty, distress and interest due to rising crops and interest on it, he is forced to commit suicides including family.

Diagnosis is important

Although many welfare schemes are being run by the government, those plans are not being seen to have a special effect. The need is to consider the basic reasons for this problem of farmers and they should be tried and then should be tried in the direction of diagnosis.


In an agricultural country like India, farmers' suicide is a very worrisome condition and it is definitely a national problem, which must be done without losing any effort to deal with it. For poor and landless farmers, there is a need to immediately run welfare schemes like crop insurance by the government. At the same time, the government has to provide loans to farmers at an easy interest rate, then farmers can be prevented from committing suicide.

Article 2 (500 words) on farmer suicides

The farmers' suicide in our country has now become a national problem. Everyday the news of farmers' suicides remains unchanged from any part of the country. Even after having played an important role in the progress and development of the country, even if the farmers are forced to take such steps after being frustrated with life, it is definitely a matter of serious concern.

One of the main reasons for farmers to commit suicide is the payment of the amount borrowed from the moneylenders and landlords for the crop. The problem gets worse for those farmers who do not own land to cultivate. Farmers who commit suicide are more like landless farmers. They cultivate land of landowners by arranging the distribution and give half of the finished crop to the landlord. Because of this arrangement many times farmers do not have anything in their hands because they have to give half a crop to the landlords and also have to pay the loan for them. On the other hand, the landlords do not have any responsibility except for giving land to the farmers, and they will come directly to take their share when the crop is ready. The farmer first takes up the land on sharing, and then he lends money from the landlords or bankers for irrigation of fields, fertilizers and fields.

Serious situation

We also know that in our country farmers have to face the problem of flood or drought every year. Because of any reason, the farmer fails to repay his debts and his condition gets spoiled, he sees only one option for suicide.

The livelihood of farmers is not possible without the food grown by the farmers, so the government should immediately take care of the situation of the farmers. The government should ensure that all the reasons which are forcing the farmers to take steps like suicides are to be immediately diagnosed. Farmers have more or less the same position in almost all the villages of the country. It is better to commit suicide than to suffer from problems and problems being faced by the situation of not having a loan.

What are the solutions?

The solution to this problem is that the schemes should be run by the government to provide a loan for the farmers to provide loan to the farmers at the time of making a crop guarantee scheme, cheap interest rate, or making a budget. By doing so we can solve the painful problem of farmers' suicides.


It is important to take care of the problem of farmers' suicides. Farmers commit suicides only due to non-payment of loans and crops being destroyed. The government will have to come forward to give the farmers freedom through this problem and the government should also make a plan to compensate the losses in the event of providing loans to farmers as well as in the event of crop failure. These efforts will prevent farmers from committing suicides.

Article 3 (600 words) on farmer suicides

In our country, the farmer gets up early in the morning and serves his animals first and after that his steps are automatically increased towards his farmland ie his fields. His routine starts on farms and in his daily work, everything is related to farming. She does not have an eight-hour job like a common urban citizen, but she goes all the time in farming. After hard work throughout the day, when he returns home after shaking his oxen in the evening, he is still stuck in the fields. While worrying about the needs of the second day and sowing of crops, harvesting, etc., he sleeps at night and only after that, his daily routine starts and the food of the day has to be done in the fields.

The difficulties faced by the farmers

After such a difficult routine, no one can imagine that he will have trouble in money and he can also commit suicide due to poverty. But it is a fact that farmers in our country commit suicide because they are able to cultivate only with loans from moneylenders and landlords. In the true sense, no farmer can predict about his crop, and many times his entire crop is destroyed by floods, droughts and other natural calamities, and they can not repay their debts. Because of not getting a loan, interest increases on the amount borrowed by them and gradually it becomes many times more than the principal.

After taking a crop, he has to take a loan again to plant another crop, and he goes on sticking to the debt crisis. The situation is so horrific that after the father's death to repay the debt taken by the father, the debt goes up to the son and he also works hard in the fields to bring it down.

Cause and diagnosis

The biggest reason responsible for this situation of farmers is that most of our farmers are landless and they cultivate land by sharing land with landlords. The situation of real trouble arises in front of him when due to the condition of floods or drought that comes suddenly after all the arrangements and diligence, his crop gets spoiled and he is completely ruined. In this way, she has to face a double blow, on one side she is worried about giving a share in the landowner's crop and on the other hand it has to think about repaying loans and interest on it.

In her life, her life and her family are ruined and she gets tired and suicidal. In such a case, the government has a great responsibility to protect our farmers and farmers, and for the first time, arrange for arable land at low cost. After that they should be provided seeds and fertilizers for free. For agriculture, the money should also be made available to the government at the lower interest rates and if there is a reason for the farming of farmers to be wasted, then there should be a provision to forgive their debt.


In all the activities till harvesting from the plant to the market, the government should cooperate with the farmers, ensure their crops will be guaranteed, they will have to arrange different grants, then the farmers will be happy and prevent them from committing suicide. Will be able to.

Article 4 (800 words) on farmer suicides

The second name of renunciation, penance and hard work is a farmer. Our country is an agricultural country where about seventy percent of the population is still dependent on agriculture. This is the reason that wherever we look in our country, villages are seen and villages spread far and wide. There is a cold winter or a thunderstorm, the farmers will be seen working in the fields. The entire life of the farmers goes out of the soil to try to grow gold. The main occupation of farmers is agriculture ie farming and the diligent farmer continues to work hard in their fields without complaint. Farming is not easy to cultivate in the fields and farmers have to keep doing all the efforts like sowing of crops, harvesting of crops, harvesting and then selling the finished crop in the market.

In worried position

Even after hard work, farmers of some parts of the country are forced to commit suicide and this is a matter of serious concern. India was once known as a gold bird because there was no lack of food and money and the farmers were happy. India got the status of a country of agriculture as well, but the situation has changed quite a lot today. Today the situation of our farmer farmer has become so bad that he is forced to commit suicide. Certainly this is a terrible tragedy and there is such a truth that we can not turn back.

How is this start

The problem of farmers' suicides in India came to light after almost 1990, when the liberalization period began. The news of the English-language newspaper 'The Hindu', giving information about farmer suicides, was published this year and the first news came from Maharashtra. Farmers who produced cotton in Vidarbha of Maharashtra had committed suicide and then the news of farmers' suicide from Andhra Pradesh got started. Initially, people thought that this problem is only in Vidarbha and its adjoining areas and due to which the local government needs to pay attention to it, but when the data is seen carefully The situation was even worse.

It came to know that suicide was done by farmers of many places throughout Maharashtra, as well as in Andhra Pradesh and many other states of the country. The most striking thing here is that not only the small caste farmers were suicides, the farmers of the middle and upper caste were also involved in this activity. According to statistics, a total of 17,368 farmers committed suicides in the year 2009, and currently the average suicide rate is being recorded by 10,000 farmers every year.

Solution needed

Most farmers in India are poor and they do not have their own land. They cultivate the land of the landlords and fulfill their needs of seeds, manure and other farm related needs by taking loans from them. They can not even bear the burden of one debt, they have to take a loan again to get another crop, and in the meantime if the crop gets spoiled due to any reasons like flood, drought, worms in the crop, etc. They can not pay and they commit suicide because of this.

In other words, farmers of India commit suicide by becoming disturbed by the economic exploitation of landlords and moneylenders. Many times it has also been seen that due to excessive yield of the crop, they have to commit suicide because, due to higher yields, the minimum support price in the crop market falls so that it can be reduced by their total cost. They get very low and they can not take out their debts. The situation of indebtedness or oppression in the poor makes poor farmers more poor.

The government can do several farmers' welfare and agricultural development schemes to prevent suicides of farmers. At the same time, the government has been providing loans on crop insurance and many other types of assistance such as cooperative banks at low interest rate and providing high quality seeds, high level fertilizers, excellent agricultural equipment and making available land to landless farmers. The government can succeed in preventing the farmers' suicides.


The suicides of farmers have taken the form of a national problem and if this situation is not immediately prevented from improving the condition of the farmers and committing suicide, then this situation can be more frightening. For them, crop insurance, high support cost of crops and the availability of easy loans will be ensured by the government, only then the farmers will improve and they will be prevented from committing suicide.

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