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Paragraph on Global Warming

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Paragraph on Global Warming

Global warming or climate change is a matter of concern in the whole world. Gradually, this problem is evolving in an unprecedented environmental crisis, which is manifesting in the form of melting glaciers, changing weather patterns, sea level rise, floods, cyclones and droughts. The cause of global warming is the increase of greenhouse gases in the environment, which leads to an increase in the average temperature of the Earth. If we want to save the world from MahaVipada, it is very important to increase awareness about global warming.

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Article 1 on Global Warming (300 words)

Global warming or climate change today has become a major threat to humanity. Earth's temperature is rising and there are several reasons for this, such as the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2), combustion of fossil fuels and deforestation of forests etc.

Side effects of greenhouse gases

Due to an increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) levels of gas, temperature increases significantly. The reason for this is that hundreds of CO2 concentrations in the environment for years. Humans have increased the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere by activities like combustion of fossil fuels to get electricity, transportation, and heat.

Global warming: Serial cycle

In recent years there has been an increase in the heat unusually, due to which there has been a wave of anxiety all over the world. The increase in the level of carbon dioxide actually started in 1800 when the jungles were cut in a large forested part of the world, including North-Eastern America. After that, things became worse due to the Industrial Revolution and by 1900 the levels of carbon dioxide increased wildly.

Matter of concern

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the global temperature is likely to increase by 1-3.5 celsius by 2100 years. It has also suggested that in the next 100 years, atmospheric temperature may increase by more than 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Side Effects of Global Warming

  •     The water level of the sea is continuously rising due to fresh water swamps, lowland cities and islands due to seawater.
  •     Due to change in rain cycle in many places due to change, and in some areas fire and some other areas are in the grip of flood.
  •     Snowflakes are melting due to which the life of polar bears is threatening because the weather of their diet is declining.
  •     Glaciers are melting slowly.
  •     Animals are getting extinct.


According to the Kyoto Protocol, developed countries need to cut their emissions. There is a need to reduce coal based electricity, as well as the need to achieve energy efficiency by increasing the production of high-capacity natural gas with wind and solar energy.

Article 2 on Global Warming (500 words)

Global warming has become a serious environmental problem, due to which the future of mankind is likely to be in crisis. According to experts, due to excessive emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, there is the possibility of submerging of lower coastal areas and cities and some countries are also expected to be completely extinct in the near future. is. Another worrisome form of global warming is the rapid fluctuations in the weather patterns which result in flood, drought and abnormal climate change.

Due to global warming

The major reason responsible for global warming is carbon dioxide (CO2), which is a key component of the environment. It is increasing evaporation in the atmosphere and due to this the heat is increasing in the surface areas of the earth. Water vapor is also counted in greenhouse gases which cause heat to rise which is responsible for causing even more water vapor. There is no likelihood of a decrease in the level of CO2 due to continuous combustion of the zinc fuels. In addition to CO2, the increase in levels of sulfur, CFC and methane gases are also contributing to the increase in global warming.

The production of these gases is also increasing due to excessive exploitation of natural resources, population growth, technological advancement, industrialization, urbanization, and deforestation. Even when we cook the food, we still produce a large amount of CO2. Also, we are using excessive technologies as well as combustion of fossil fuels, coal and other gases. When petrol is internal combustion to drive the motor of the automobile, it exceeds the increase in emissions. Apart from this, the condensation of sulfur in the environment is also contributing to adverse conditions.

Measures to Prevent Global Warming

There are several steps needed to be taken to curb the problem of global warming. We need to use the resources of renewable energy rather than burning oil, coal and gases for energy, only then we can reduce CO2 production in the environment. Plantation can also protect us from this situation because We know that the tree produces oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide. We must also reduce the energy consumption and also develop the trend of recycling products. At the same time, we must reduce our excessive dependence on electricity, because the production of electricity is also one of the major sources responsible for the high yield of carbon dioxide in large quantities.


We can save the Earth through a proper solution to the problem of global warming. We should take a resolution to reduce CO2 production. For this, we have to reduce the use of oil, coal and gas. We also have to reduce our excessive dependence on electricity, because the production of electricity also produces a large amount of CO2. In this way, we can deal with the problem of global warming by using less energy and electricity. We have to reduce the production of CO2, sulfur, CFC, and methane gases because they are harmful to the environment. We have to speed up the plantation drive on a large scale, because the trees absorb CO2 on one side and on the other hand produce large amounts of oxygen. Apart from these, we need to use plastic, biodiesel produced from plants as well as promote the use of wind energy and solar energy. People also have to avoid the maximum use of fuel at the individual level. They should use at least fuel-driven cars for traffic.

Article 3 (600 words) on global warming

Because of various social and economic factors, the Earth is getting hot every year. According to experts, since the year 1900, the complete planet has just warmed up to 0.8 degrees Celsius. However, by the end of the 21st century, due to global warming, the temperature of the Earth is expected to increase from 2 to 5 degrees Celsius. Due to the increase in temperature, there is a bad effect on the weather, which is causing climate change on Earth and threatening the existence of the Earth.

Factors Responsible for Global Warming

Various gases present in the atmosphere are warming due to the increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere, due to which the temperature of the Earth is rising. Due to large scale deforestation, the amount of carbon dioxide, methane and other gases on Earth has increased a lot, which are absorbing the temperature and creating heat resistance in the environment.

The impact of human activities on global warming

We are engaged in some such activities in everyday life, from which the gas is excreted in very large amounts in the atmosphere of the Earth. For example, in order to meet the energy needs in our cars, homes and industries, we have to combust oil, gas and coal, which produces very high greenhouse gases in our environment. Due to climate change, hot and cold rains are at the peak of the weather. This situation can damage plants and animals of the earth, and due to them rapid storms and severe drought conditions can also arise.

Measures to slow down global warming

We can start efforts to reduce the speed of global warming by using less energy in our home, school or church. First of all, we have to use the illumination of light and at the same time we will have to reduce our dependence on private vehicles by applying the car pool. Apart from this, we have to promote the use of natural resources like renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy to meet our energy related needs. The use of energy efficient LED bulbs for lighting is also a good option as they reduce energy consumption by up to 75% compared to ordinary bulbs. Also, we should develop more forests because they absorb most of the green house gases and protect the earth from getting hot.

India's responses to climate change

Just before the United Nations Climate Conference in December 2016, India had rightly said that developed countries should not only talk about reduction of emissions but they should help poor countries with adequate finance and technology so that they And make themselves ready to deal with the adverse effects of climate change. Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar had said that efforts to make adaptation, capacity building and strengthening rural communities to deal with the adverse effects of climate change will be given top priority by the government so that the challenges faced by climate change Proper resolution can be done.


We have to expand our own understanding of the relationship between climate change and nature. In order to deal with the consequences of global warming, we should strive to find out all the necessary options, which can be obtained through better reconciliation of technological and social variations. According to the report submitted to the Congress by the American National Science Academy of Science in 1991, "the implication policy of greenhouse warming", the US can reduce the current emissions by 50 percent, without any cost only by improving its effective capacity. We should completely stop the use of fossil fuels; otherwise, the amount of carbon emitted will exceed the amount of carbon present in the biosphere. We have to increase the use of renewable energy so that we can deal with the side effects of global warming. Obviously, apart from the initiatives being taken by government and voluntary organizations, it is possible by all the people's involvement and efforts to prevent the risk of global warming.

Article 4 on Global Warming (800 words)

Global warming or climate change is a serious problem. This is the biggest threat to mankind, which is growing mainly due to the rapid emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases caused by rapidly industrialization, urbanization and other air pollution sources. The constant emission of these gases is the main reason for the huge increase in temperature. The whole world is facing the problem of global warming. Earth's atmosphere is becoming hot due to the increasing levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

Causes and consequences of global warming

Global warming is responsible for increasing the sea level, because it gradually melts the glacier. The supply of water in the bodies of rivers and other water throughout the world is only by the glaciers. Continuous increase in sea levels is the only side effect of global warming and this problem is facing the whole world. Already there is a danger of massive floods in many lower lands in the world, which are surrounded by beaches. And on many such countries, there is a danger of extinction in the near future due to this reason.

There are some other side-effects of constant storm and unusual weather climate change. Apart from these, because of the huge increase in temperature due to global warming, the aquatic life has also been threatened and is also responsible for the spread of dangerous diseases spreading due to global warming bacteria.

Continuous production of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas, which is continuously increasing in the level of Earth's temperature, is the main reason responsible for global warming.

In fact, gas like carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur, CFC, and methane are responsible for global warming. Combustion of fossil fuels increases the level of continuous carbon dioxide. CO2, which is itself a greenhouse gas, increases the evaporation of water by increasing the heat. Population growth, technological advancement, industrialization, urbanization, and wildly harvesting of forests are among other factors responsible for the increase in the production of greenhouse gases.

Greenhouse gases cause heat in the atmosphere, which is extremely unfavorable for human life. Due to the increase in the water level of the sea, there is a danger of drowning in the lower coastal areas and floods of cities. There is a possibility that some countries of the world can also be extinct due to this reason. Due to global warming, changes occur in the cycle of the weather, due to which many areas of the earth have to face floods, droughts, and many other unusual situations.

The wildly increasing population is also responsible for global warming. We are making heavy use of technologies, due to which the combustion of fossil fuels, coal and gas continues continuously, which is responsible for the emission of CO2. In automobiles engines, the combustion of gasoline emits large amounts of CO2. Apart from these, large amounts of CO2 are also emitted in the environment during cooking.

As long term effects of global warming, landslides, earthquakes and volcanic activity are included in the sea level. The tsunami can also be attributed to them, and in many areas of the world like the French Alps, the increase in the frequency of landslides is already being seen. Due to the melting of snow and glaciers, there is a possibility of a bad effect on the internal surface of the earth.

Measures to Prevent Global Warming

We need to spread adequate awareness of the threat of global warming and it is possible only through collective efforts of the whole world community.

We must take reasonable steps to prevent global warming and we have to first stop excess production of CO2. For this, we have to reduce the consumption of fuels such as oil, coal and gas and in place of them we have to promote the use of renewable energy. Apart from these, we will have to plant more and more trees as plants and plants give us life-saving oxygen by absorbing CO2. There is also a large amount of CO2 produced during the generation of electricity and hence we should also use the energy and electricity efficiently. We must avoid producing large amounts of CO2, Sulfur, CFC, and Methane gases because it is harmful to the environment and is also responsible for global warming.

We also need to curb emissions of CO2 with large scale plantation. We must also promote the recycling of products as well as reducing the use of energy. We have to make changes in the modern consumer life style and avoid the habit of using excessive resources of the world. To tackle the problem of global warming, scientists, governments and every person around the world have to make a collective effort. If not all the countries of the world together try to deal with the problem of global warming, then in the near future, the existence of mankind in the world can pose a threat.

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