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Essay on Superstition

Feed by sandy Cat- Essay

In the corner-corner of the world- whether it is middle or rude or backward - equally or partly superstition is prevalent, because a person wants to be free after leaving all his sorrows on his destiny.

Those tasks that are dependent on fate, opportunities, mechanisms, sorcery, all come in the bounds of superstitions. When a man sees any work beyond his limited intellect, then immediately he starts believing in some unknown divine power and appeals to him for his help, even if the unknown divine power is the light of its difference, still think of it Where do they have the time or the intellect to think? When the success is achieved, the whole credit is not given to the same unknown power or fortune.

Thus, superstition becomes stronger by being nurtured by irrationality and fortune. Where the kingdom of idiocy is there, the dictatorship of superstitions is very good. There is some kind of superstition in prevailing countries also with progressive and scientific light.

There are many types of superstitions - some are caste, some are religious, some are social and some are so universal that all the people welcome them. This is a scientific age. It was necessary that we should try to recapture the facts of these stereotypes, but it has been that we are making science an aid to ignorance of these stereotypes. This is a big irony.

Unfortunately, most of the Indians believe in the magic of magic, the mantra and fate, and the foundation of these beliefs is so deep that it is not easy to uproot it. While walking in the field, while taking the plow, while farming, Even the sleeping-minded people of India think of Shakun and the planets and constellations.

If someone sneezes because of colds when walking, they either postpone or stop for a while because they are considered obstacles in proving their work due to sneezing. If the lotus filled water falls due to an imbalance, then he considers them to be a very bad omen.

They also accept the notice of future objections to get or lose gold without reason. The journey is postponed if someone tries on the journey or catches the cat. Dikshul (direction shield) is also considered along with this type of journey.

If a cow or buffalo of a rural farmer stopped milking, then instead of going to any vet, Panditji Maharaj started asking questions about planet-state or doing sorrows, without giving cow milk, in dream No relationship can be proven.

Let the uneducated people go here, even in the mind of well-educated people, superstition has become so home. Surprisingly, they sometimes get huge benefits in superstitions. Do not know, there is a psychological secret or something else? I am telling a neighbor.

I had become madness. In it, small grains sprout in half of the body. People say that if they are not treated properly they will be half-to-one in the body, from the feet to the top; The grains are very painful.

Disease goes up and down every day. In the university's dispensary and in many other places, the medicine was provided by good skilled doctors, but the grains went on growing rather than decreasing. Being constrained I went to Chitrakoot in my house. There is a discussion of this strange disease in nearby neighborhood.

Fortunately, a potters of this disease get the medicine. He used to heal the disease only from the ash of the forests grown from the forest. I used to think it was a mess, but it was surprising that when one day after putting ash, all the charms were completely ashamed like Lajwanti. He used to make some mantras along with the ashes.

On taking the shelter of logic, I came to the conclusion that under the open sky, cow's dung which, after drying itself and turning into an urn, will have some scientific facts. I do not know where I am right! The medicine of jaundice is very much based on flicker and it provides surprising benefits. It may be that hidden beliefs of psychology are hidden in it. It has also been said:

"Reconciliation is the beginning of transition."

Today's era is an era of science. Every thing in it goes on the basis of logic. On not giving milk for cow's milk, the scientist immediately thinks about why such interference has been present. After detecting those causes, he tries to correct them by medication. The nutritional elements that have become deficient in the body of the cow will be filled with nutritious food and medicine.

The latest example of planetary superstitions was present on February 3, 2005. That day was Ashtavahar Yoga, and the great astrologers and pundits had predicted that all the world would be destroyed on that day. But nothing happened. Yes, the astrologers, pundits, sadhus, etc. have had the complete opportunity to worship their stomach.

One reason for the increase of superstition here is the absence of scientific knowledge. The people here leave everything on destiny without believing in themselves. On pag-pag, they mix them with God, religion, fate, planet, constellation, etc.

While expressing the superstition about the solar eclipse in India, Elsx Huxley writes, "Indians can not be gathered in such a large number to get rid of India from the clutches of the enemy, as if the sun is free from Rahu To gather. "

This kind of comment is very hurting and shocking for Hamor; But some of these types of superstitions also have their social significance. Both these benefits and losses from superstitions. The significance of Ekadashi fasting can be anything from a religious point of view, from the point of view of health, there can be no two votes in this benefit.

The requirement is that all the beliefs and beliefs which do not seem to be science-supported today can be traced to the original source and to remove the cover of superstitions.

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