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Essay on Himalaya or King of Mountains: Himalayas

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Himalaya or King of Mountains: Himalayas in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 770 words.

Himalaya is the pride of India. India is the playground of nature river and mountainous deity Himalaya is the whole form of the same brightness of nature. Himalaya is the capital of India's pride and mercuriality, God is the only discovery of the rituals. The genius of history is the vertebrae of Indian culture and symbolizes the virtues and faith of India.

Himalaya mountain is decorated like a crown on India's head of the land. The poets have addressed this as a symbol of an ardent ascetic and elevated symbol. Deserting the eastern and western seas, the goddess Himalaya is located in the north direction in the same mountain range as the monument.

The length of Himalaya is five thousand miles and width is approximately five hundred miles. It ranges from Kashmir to north and to Asat in the west, its ranges are similar to the Indrakhand line.

The highest peak of the Himalayas is Gaurishankar which is also called Everest. The Frontier Sentinel of India, the Himalayas, protects us from the untimely winds of the snowy air coming from Central Asia and Tibet, as well as barring the monsoon rising from the south-west ocean, giving rain to India-land. Many virtuous Salila rivers that leave it, keep India and the land white and white.

If the imagination of not having the Himalayas was not for the Bharwajis, then probably the existence of Bharat land would not exist, and if it were, even in the absence of the impartial guardian like the Himalayas, centuries ago, terrorists were attacked by foreign invaders and looted and abducted -Nocha would have trampled under the feet. If there were no Himalayas, there would be no rivers that keep our fields from its nectar water and keep it green. Plants and plants that grow automatically around forest vegetation do not happen near it. Neither the protection of the environment was possible nor can it be avoided by pollution. We could not find anything like fruits, flowers, medicines, etc. Everything remains deserted and barren. It is very possible that then on this terrain only the signs of life are seen.

If there were no Himalayas, there would be no symbol of our religious spiritual beliefs like Ganga-Yamuna, Mokshadayini, degenerated and holy rivers. Then neither the peak of our faith can be raised, nor the birth of births of prehistoric kind of myths is possible. Not only that, stories of Devdhadev Shiva and other innumerable deities too were not born. If there is no Himalayas, there is no river like Ganges and Yamuna. In their absence, many temples, pavilions, and other types of memorials of Tirtha dham, small, big city, and our civilization culture, which are situated on their shores, can never be made. The Indian culture-culture that developed just on the banks of these holy rivers was not even born until its birth.

If there was no Himalayas, then today we can have the immortal-cosmic passage of knowledge from science, continuous penance and relentless pursuit, from where could he come from? Himalayan herbs found in flowers, flowers and many kinds of wild fruits have provided medicine and therapeutics in the world. In the absence of the Himalayas, all this humanity can not be found. Then, humanity became angry and unhealthy, and you died in the same age. This Himalayas has also given us several species and species of animals and birds which are the ultimate necessities of the environment in terms of safety. Not only this, the Himalayas have given the inspiration and imagination to rise above the humanity's wisdom and the imagination of greatness, depth and strong stability, which can never be found. Then man remains a mere dwarf in his personality and personality. The seasons and their transformation are also considered to be the only Himalaya's gifts.

If there was no Taj of India, Giriraj Himalayas, as the scientist believed and said then there was a chic in his place, it would have been a deep and rugged ocean, if today the Indian land has received the saline of the sea from three sides It is falling from the water, and in its fourth direction it also has water. Then India would become a special maritime island.

In the Upanishads in the Vedas, in the Puranas, the Himalaya has a detailed description in epics. The Himalayas are indeed boons for India which is Ratnabhaara. The sadhu is the sadhana place of the saints, the shelter of many rare animal species, the auspicious of the pilgrims, the lilabha of nature, the ocean of beauty. Nandan is the forest, and the land of ascetics is the land.

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