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Essay on Autobiography of a Wheel Chair - 1250 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Autobiography of a Wheel Chair in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 800 and 1250 words.

I am a wheelchair, an item of great value and usefulness for people with disabilities. It is I who can provide mobility to people with disabilities and disabled. For those who have lost their ability to go to their limbs, I am a property, because I help them move forward.

My Master is a Shankar, who bought me a few days ago from a shop, when he met the accident and lost both legs. I do not remember when and how I was made, but since I came to a shop, I remember that this is my life.

For a long time, I do not remember, I stayed in a shop with many tribes that only work in wheel chairs. When we were together in the shop, we often used to discuss our usefulness. We will often wonder why someone buys us when a cycle is available and is very cheap with us.

All this was talked in such a way, we, the community of wheel chairs, did not know about the possible inefficiency of humans, so we thought why we were made. During my stay many wheelchairs left the shop, but when they did not return to the shop, we all remained ignorant about the purpose of our lives.

However, this shadow of ignorance was one day after all shades. After staying in the shop for several months, one day Shankar came to the shop, and finally my turn came.

The customer came to me to see me - I was unpacked and, as soon as I was out in the sunlight, I saw Mr. Shankar, my lord, oh! God, this gentleman was without limbs - his legs were kneeling. Now, I just realized that it was a man without mobility, natural mobility seeks help like us. Mr. Shankar had seen me, after that I was packed to take him home, and he was loaded in his car.

Now I was very happy with the two accounts, one, that I was out of the routine of life in the shop, and two, I finally understood my usefulness for man. I had rarely thought of working with Shankar Shankar and said that the driver turned into a house, which was clearly the house of Shri Shankar.

Oh what the house is, it was a huge mansion with the help of going through the house and the staff. As the car was parked on the driveway, two strong looking men ran in the car, I do not know where to help their master. The doors of the car were all opened and I was driven out of the previous seat, whereas my guru got help from the front.

I was taken by these two men through a large sitting room and a dining hall, and, I do not know how many bedrooms had come to the last place of my posting - that is, my master's bedroom Mr. Shankar

At this place, Shri Shankar also came who came and sat on his bed while the servant brought me and kept his huge bundle in the corner of the room. Now I realized that Shankar used to use them to go to the mansion that was their home.

Now ahead, this room was to be my home, and my job was to help Mr. Shankar go home. Such a healthy, heavy, and handsome man was really disappointing to be such a disabled and dependent. Yet, I am glad that, I would get an opportunity to get him out of this forest and the loneliness of the room.

I was rarely in the room, another gentleman entered the room and through his conversation I came to know that they were both brothers and they, and their families lived under a single roof under one roof - now, I was in charge of this second brother, and the servant who would see it, I was always ready to use. Whenever I needed it.

Now, my routine had changed, I was sitting idle at the shop, just to become an active member of the family of cones, while chatting with my other colleagues, and had to stand up to help Mr. Shankar become mobile, alert And friendly.

Now I understood what life really was, there were so many ups and downs and so many changes that it could never be boring. I also realized that human beings, which are the supreme species of Lord's creations, have to suffer in life, therefore, what to say about things like ours, inanimate and crude than humans.

Now I accepted life and its challenges and decided to take them for coming.

Life was now a disciplined routine and I will take my Guru for morning walk, sitting in the sun, places of worship and also at my professional meetings. It was all right and life became a duty and I started liking it, one day I gave some wrong instructions to Shree Shankar to the servants.

What I heard was unblocking me and I was surprised that what could be my role and I thought, here is a serious challenge for me. I had heard other Shankar telling the servants saying that the next day when I will take a disabled brother, they will put me in a deep gulf with him who goes beyond the garden - just a few yards away.

That night I just could not sleep to sleep, I would not want to be involved in such a dishonest job. I thought how can I try to save my master?

After a deadly night, after morning, and in the morning, and once again started walking around the directions, they should push me in the gap with me. I was shocked to see that the man is giving some money to the servants to do this work. Soon it was time for me to go out with my teacher and, I was still not able to plan to do to save my master.

As soon as the servant came to help me get out of the room, I stopped my breath, and jammed the wheels. The servants tried their best but could not take me an inch out of the room. Once, they fled to inform the unholy master of what had happened, and in the meantime, I took a deep breath to be able to bear the next blow.

Soon I saw them back and tried once more but, once again they could not take me, I stopped my breathing again. At this time it was lost, it became dark and instructed to stop the servant in such a way, I will be repaired for the first time and then they can complete the work all day.

Upon hearing this I called for relief that, at least I have saved my master till today. Now, as I write it my autobiography, the night has fallen and the same effort will be made tomorrow. I request all my readers to please pray to God that tomorrow may be some miracle and my master has been saved.

With the help of God only my master can be saved. How much time can I dramatize today? This kind of action could not last long, and, if in the near future God does not come to help him then my master will be killed. Oh, is that so! God, I pray to you that help my guru tomorrow and follow many days and he has lived for a long time.

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