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Essay on The Importance of 'Learning English' in India 1050 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on The Importance of 'Learning English' in India in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and banking or other competitive exams students in 1050 words.

"Do not completely abandon the English language and its teaching in all advanced and flexible. Indians can not ignore this language". -Dr. Rajendra Prasad

India inherited 'English' from those British who ruled our country for more than two countries. After independence, there has been a great deal of debate in the aspect of English position in independent India. Conservative view advocated complete prevention of the use of English in any forum. According to experts, the English language is an incarnation of western culture and thus learning or reading English can endanger our own culture and values.

"In my opinion the way the English education has been given to us, it has copied English educated Indians, has obstructed our intellect and pleased us" - Mahatma Gandhi

It is a bitter fact that 'English' has created a wide bay between some English educated and many uneducated people. English-language scholars contributed greatly to English literature, but they were not given any credit in the history of English literature. The work of Ravindra Nath Tagore, Jawaharlal Lal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Radha Krishnan was beyond doubt from a genuine contributor to the English language literature, he ordered a lot of appreciation and praise all over the world, but not in the history of English literature. .

Mediators felt the need to study English elective studies during that time, and according to many others, a good knowledge of English is necessary for obtaining at least higher education in the current circumstances. They advocate the importance of learning English for development and development of technical education in the country. They argued in favor of making English subjects mandatory in schools and universities.

Crooks of the problem are between two theories, one says that to make English the medium of education for all education, the second says, making English essential only for higher education. Undoubtedly the education of English is very important for scientific and technical education, but the English medium of education in school education should not be an appropriate choice in Indian perspective. Our country is rural based, our mother tongue is Hindi. We are using either Hindi or any other regional language for our daily life, at home, in the market, and for all normal communication.

English is a foreign language for the general public, in such circumstances, acquiring knowledge through a foreign language is so cumbersome, upset and painful that the average student expresses, whether graduate or postgraduate, text books have become converted into only crawlers Unable to do yourself well, to safeguard good books, all their energy and intelligence are used to crawl text books. Consumption is. Even after 56 years of independence, passing an Essential Paper of English is so painful for the average student that he breaks down some essays, letters and other grammar rules so that the pass marks are safe.

There is no shortage of intellectuals in India. Indian students have earned a reputation. A name in higher education, IT, space, science and technology where the medium of study is English.

Thus it is indisputable that learning English as an important part of English is not only important for higher scientific and technical education, but it is a linking language, which is spoken through a large part of the world. It is one of the most popular international languages ​​for all diplomats, political conventions, treaty and scientific discourses. As a medium of communication between members, without any help from English, any international conference can not imagine the arrangement of scientific lectures.

During British rule the British played a very important role in acquiring knowledge about many revolutionary ideas. We can not forget the role played by Indian scholars and academics in our freedom struggle. Our independence could also be a dream, even if we lack the scholars that they are able to tell us what freedom is. In the present situation, when India has achieved independence, English is playing a very important role in the progress of the country. Indian students are the most preferred engineers, are technical experts in European countries because they can understand and communicate well in English.

The Indian students' name is recognized worldwide in IT space. They can gain knowledge and expertise in related fields in English. Study of English language is very important for us to present fast in the developing world. If India has to keep pace. Developed nations in the current scenario of glob3lization and liberalization should give proper importance to learning English language. If India has to keep up with literature, science, space, computer, economics, and other fast moving countries of the world, then we can not ignore the importance of learning English.

Imagine, Kalpana Chawla, Hargovind Khurana, Dr. Amrita Sen, etc. were Did not acquire the knowledge of English, have they gained recognition, they are near today? Shakespeare once said, "Sometimes it gets better with diseases". Macaulay started English in India to form a clerk, but the study of Indians made an encouraging effect on Indians, making them believe in winning independence. But this does not mean that irritation between the general mass of the English should be the cause of despair. English should not necessarily be the medium of education.

For these reasons, English is not the only way to answer questions in almost all competitive examinations. Even in the states and the Indian Administrative Service exams, one can select Hindi or other language for written examination. English can be a supplement, but our mother tongue can not be allowed to be a supplier. There is no doubt that learning English is also very important in Indian perspective to attain higher qualifications to keep pace with the fast progressive world economy. To communicate with world ministers, leaders. Scientists etc. So far, English should not be allowed to be used as a medium of education at official language or school or college level.

"Intimate contacts of more than two centuries has made English an integral part of our educational system, it can not be changed without endangering our education in India. Apart from this, English should be spoken at the international level of the world today. Tire has become a language and we have our Late Education Minister Maulana Azad saying that Indians can not ignore their studies because it is us Will the backwardness but directed medium should be in every nature of the case the tongue.

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