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Speech on Impact of Cinema on Life in Very Simple and Easy

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Here we have long and short speeches in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. -Speech on Impact of Cinema on Life in Very Simple and Easy- which are widely written and easy to understand. If you are a student, than, here you can find Speech in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students.

1. Speech on Impact of Cinema on Life

Thanks for combining on this celebration today.

Today is the last day of our school and tomorrow our holiday will start. While you all may have got lots of plans about the holidays, I plan to watch many movies this time. We all need some kind of entertainment in our lives and movies are the easiest means of entertainment.

Cinema has a great effect on everyone's life because there will be no attraction without age and life. Although we have heard from many people that children should not see too many movies because it can be detrimental to their eyes and mindset. However, there are many movies which are not only entertaining but also informative. Nowadays, every home has a television with DTH and high definition (HD) connection, which provides a clear picture and sound quality. Despite this, people like to go to the cinema theater for more entertainment.

While movies are entertaining, knowledgeable and useful means of entertainment, some cinema is full of violence and aggression. It is important that we choose the subject of cinema wisely and only look at the movies that spread knowledge, peace and information. Some people like to watch patriotic films, some prefer to watch family dramas and some people watch movies based on social issues. While all these films tell us about the subject in detail and educate, some of the films are made only for sheer entertainment. These films show the culture and lifestyle of extraordinary people. While many people are influenced by these films, it is important that we understand what is real and what is imaginary.

Cinema has touched everyone's life today and almost every person is influenced by cinema. There is a rich and interesting history of cinema in India. The first film produced in India was a silent film. Later, male characters played characters from actresses because the cinema was not considered civil for those days. Gradually, the cinema started to gain popularity and people started taking cinema as a potential career opportunity and now the picture of the movie has changed completely.

Nowadays, women of good and prestigious families consider working in cinemas and even their parents allow it because they find it a good career prospect. In fact, some popular actors and actresses inherited their careers from their parents.

While cinema is the best way to entertain, many people are not able to afford cinema today due to its high cost. Multiplexes, inflation rates, tax policy etc. have made this beautiful source of entertainment instead of being inaccessible in the metros. In small towns, the importance of cinema is somewhat similar.

While it is important for people to choose film wisely, it is the moral and social responsibility of the filmmakers that they make films which are enlightening as well as entertaining; Only then can the real value of the theaters be preserved. Some movies should be specially made for young children so that they can also entertain themselves.


2. Speech on Impact of Cinema on Life

Respected manager and my dear colleagues - Congratulations to all of you!

As you all know, we have gathered here to celebrate the birthday of our beloved partner and I have been given the responsibility to host the program.

While preparing the speech, I wanted to select the topic in which everyone was interested and suddenly I thought about cinema. I believe there is hardly anyone who does not like the cinema. I remember when I was a little kid, we used to watch movies at home on White Black and White 'Television and I thought everything was real.

One of my favorite films is 'Mother India', for which great Nargis ji got the national award. When I first saw the movie, I was 10 years old and I had a lot of hatred towards the land system of those days. For several days I was unable to sleep and was not able to eat properly because I was much ahead of the struggles and hardships shown in the film.

The cinema has a very strong role in people's lives so far. Even when many children still see superheroes in movies, they take it in real terms and try to imitate on being alone. It is very risky and parents should ensure that they educate their children about the difference between reality and imagination. As a small child, I used to wait for Sunday because the weekly movie was shown on TV and I still wait for Sunday when I will sit in front of my TV, take a cup filled with popcorn and relax to watch the movie. Will do

However, today the quality of cinema has declined because most of the movies are made for entertainment without any moral values. Cinema today has become a business rather than a source of information and education. However, we preserve the treasure of good old movies and here all my friends have an appeal to show some meaningful films to their children so that they understand the real India. Patriotic films created immediately after independence are very useful information for children and they are very inspirational. I remember, a friend of mine, who is now in the Indian Army, got inspired by the film 'Bhagat Singh' and he vowed to join the Indian Army and he is doing very well there.

Likewise, some or other methods of cinema have a great effect on many people. Therefore, it enhances the responsibilities of parents to choose films. For example, movies such as Dangal, 3 Idiots, Chak De, Mary Kom etc also inspire children as well as for young people. Filmmakers should therefore focus on films which are more than making sensational movies.

Some movies are controversial that create social disagreements between the citizens of India. The government and the censor board should be cautious when allowing any film, especially controversial people. The cinema industry should make more inspirational and best films for the future of our next generation.


3. Speech on Impact of Cinema on Life

Dear students - Congratulations to all of you!

In today's class, I am not going to open up my text books and read you, but instead I am going to give a speech on the topic of Impact of Cinema on Life. I see a lot of these days that our children are coming to the forefront of cinema. It can be any style of cinema, for example, boys are influenced by action films, while girls love romantic style. Students, please understand that cinema is for entertainment of the audience and it is completely imaginary. It has no relation with the real world, so it is very silly and dangerous to our youth in an attempt to emulate those fictional characters.

For example, I remember the movie called 'Dhoom'. In the first part, John Abraham's character created a great eagerness in viewers, especially male counterparts. Many cases of road rage came out because people could not help in emulating bike stunts seen on the big screen of the theater. The enthusiasm is quite natural, but it should not go to an extent in our head where the lines between reality and imagination are completely blurred and create anarchy in our society. The days were so stressful that almost every day cases of road accidents made headlines in the newspapers. The boys went crazy by the bike and the cases of theft were also increased.

All these issues came from a movie 'Dhoom'. It took a while for people to reach that stage of hysteria and adopt normalcy. Students, I do not intend to say here that we should avoid watching movies completely, but we should be aware of what we are seeing and we should purify our emotions while leaving the movie hall or No. However, there is another kind of cinema, which is Deductive Cinema and gives some deeper message to the audience to take home. The real cinema that takes inspiration from the real life of the people and its purpose is to serve the society by putting some inspirational stories from the real world of viewers, which people can see and take lessons from.

In this way, the cinema acts as a double purpose, that is, not only to provide entertainment to the audience, to educate them and to help them become a responsible citizen and bring a favorable change in society. Students, I will request all of you to develop your taste for this kind of cinema and educate your friends to do the same. What you see is within your head, so see what is helpful for you in the long run and who educates you in some way. There is nothing wrong with entertainment provided it should not be taken beyond a point where we fail to see the difference between reality and imagination.

This day is for the students, thanks!

4. Speech on Impact of Cinema on Life

Ladies and Gentlemen - Welcome to the speech ceremony of today's.

I heartily welcome all of you to this program, where we have gathered to discuss the global impact of cinema and it proves to be an effective visual medium to increase public awareness. But before we go ahead with the discussion on it, I - Kratika Kamra - for today your host will want to give an excellent speech on the impact on the life of the movie.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am convinced that we all know for the fact that cinema is a very deep medium of reaching the masses and pushing them forward for a particular mindset or ideology. When a person comes home tired, after a long day of work, he wants some relaxation and definitely wants some dose of entertainment. Cinema is a proven medium of entertainment and fun. These days people tend to be such that they can leave their food once, but they can not go without watching the movie in their spare time. Cinema is the most popular and cost-effective form of entertainment. Actually workers can leave their evening meals, but not their evening show.

Students prefer more movies than reading a book. Thus, cinema has a strong influence on society. It is a universal teacher and teaches people through various branches of learning through various ways. Our film directors and producers have made some really meaningful films that give a strong message. The purpose behind such films is to collect their public opinion and warn them against the social evils which still hold a strong hold on our society. These evils are labor exploitation, dowry practice, women's oppression etc. Movies are a powerful visual medium and can teach us various topics such as geography, history, chemistry, botanical science, and documentary films that make us knowledge and prosperous. Our horizon

Films that give a powerful social message on racism, untouchability, widowhood, curse, unemployment etc. work as an eye opener and we create a strong desire to improve. Cinema also holds a great commercial value and it creates employment opportunities. Hundreds and thousands of men and women are directly or indirectly related to this industry. This scene is a great way to entertain. Articles and things are actually advertised through movies and brands that flash in front of the eyes of the audience and inspire people to buy them.

Many contemporary Indian cinema disrespects high ideals and it is not right to say that the public wants to serve with rude things. Too much accustomed to cinema is not right and in reality, too much exposure on the screen affects our vision. Vulgar Cinema has a very harmful effect on people's minds, especially on our youth. They give rise to various types of criminal activities. Pornography, rude photographs should not be allowed in theaters. Films that encourage people to become robbers, killers etc. should be banned completely.

Since movies are a very powerful medium for giving direction to people, it should be used for the benefit of the society and for the benefit of society. It's all from my end.

Thanks to all of you!

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