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Telephone (Advantages and Disadvantages)

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Now-a-days, a telephone has become a ‘must’ for most of the people. Life, these days, is fast and busy. A telephone serves us like an honest servant in all the fields. It saves our valuable time and energy to, a great extent apart from its good uses.

A telephone invites enmity and unfriendliness in your neighborhood. The neighbors want to use the telephone for their benefits and you have to pay the bill. Some of the neighbors are so frank and free that they give your number to their relatives and friends. If you fail to call the neighbor at an odd hour when the phone rings for him, he will become angry and sweetness of neighborhood would change into bitterness. They fail to observe your comfort.

You have to call your neighbors even if it is an odd hour or else they will have an ill-will against you. If you attend to all the calls of your neighbors, your peace will be shattered.

It has been observed that the telephone bell rings at odd hours, when you are in your bath, in bed or eating lunch or dinner etc, only to be told that you are a wrong number.

But a telephone has got a great advantage to a businessman or to a doctor. A businessman attends to his business on telephone. The entire sale and purchase can be done on the telephone. For a doctor, it is very useful to attend on his patients without losing time.

In big cities a telephone has its own utility. You may call police if there is some need for them. If there is a telephone in the school you can talk to the principal or teachers to get any information message to distant places can be conveyed in no time. Railway booking, calling a taxi from the stand-all is done on the telephone.

If the telephone is in your house, your principal or teachers find it easy to contact your parents. Your parents also can take information from your teachers about your.

Thus telephone is both a blessing and a curse.

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