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Essay on the protection of women in India

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The issue of protection of women in India is a very important issue. Today, teachers are also promoting essays and writing writings for information about each subject. Here we are providing some essays in the boundaries of different words on the safety of women, from which you can choose the essence of the word range according to your wish. Each essay has been written in the brain with easy sentences and word boundaries. Here you can find some essays on women's protection in India in English, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400 words in 400 words.

Essay on the protection of women in India (100 words)

We all know that our country, Hindustan is famous for its different customs and culture throughout the world. In India, it has been a tradition since ancient times that women are given special honor and respect. India is a country where special care is taken of the safety and respect of women. In Indian culture, women have been given the status of Goddess Lakshmi. If we talk about the twenty-first century, then women are working on the shoulders with men in every field, whether it is politics, bank, school, sports, police, defense sector, own business or the desire to fly in the sky is.

We can not say that there is no problem in the security of women in our country, but we can not ignore some positive points too. If we look at our history, we see that there was a Panchayli practice under which a woman (Draupadi) was allowed to marry five men (Pandavas). It is true that we all know, but if we talk back to the curtain, then we are unaware of the atrocities committed on women, offices, houses, roads etc. In recent times, cases like throwing have suddenly increased, after watching these incidents of acid, rape and sexual harassment on women, it seems that the safety of women is in danger.

Essay on the protection of women in India (150 words)

The importance of protection of women is very important whether it is at home, from home or in office. Take the example of crime committed for women, especially rape, they were so horrifying and scary that they would be surprised by the heart of the common man. Due to these incidents, the safety of women is lying in the state of doubt. If the figures of National Crime Records Bureau are kept in mind, then in Chennai, the highest crime rate was registered in 2000 (4037 cases).

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu state of South India, is the most notorious city in terms of security for women. However, a slight reduction in crime and only 838 cases were registered in 2013. This is the biggest drop in the crime of women. But if talking to Delhi, then the situation here is slightly different from Chennai. In Delhi, 2,122 cases related to female crime were registered in 2000, whereas in 2013 this figure was 11,449.

If we investigate the growing exploitation of women and cases registered in the police station, then the categories registered in crimes mainly remove rape, death of dowry, sexual harassment, kidnapping, ridding or threatening roles in the house or office. , Cruelty by the in-laws and moving forward in the sex business.

Essay on the protection of women in India (200 words)

In the last few years, in Delhi, crime has increased all the boundaries against women, if the data is trusted, it shows that in one year, two out of every three women are victims of sexual harassment. This is the main reason that the police are losing their confidence in women. A survey conducted by the Women and Child Development Department of Delhi Government found that more than 100 women are concerned about their safety.

It is not necessary that the oppression of women is only in the late evening or in the night, but such strange cases have emerged from participating by family relatives or in the office. In a survey conducted by an NGO, it was found that the main reasons for these rising crimes were lack of co-operative work in the workplace, police service like openness, alcohol consumption, addiction and lack of toilets.

Now, if women are talked about, a large part of their number assumes that the police can restrain these growing crimes, therefore, there is a need to pay more attention to this aspect, which is the issue of women's crime Can help increase, and women can feel safe and secure in their contribution to make the country prosperous and prosperous by joining the shoulders with men. Is there. Can give

Essay on the protection of women in India (250 words)

It is one hundred percent truth that in Indian society, women like Goddess Lakshmi are worshiped but negative aspects towards women can not be ignored. In India, in some cases, every kind of woman is being exploited, whether it is a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, or a 5-7 year old child. Everywhere minor girls are being tampered with, they are being harassed. There is no reason to get distracted. Roads, public places, railways, and anti-bus elements have become campuses.

School and college students are living in the shadow of fear. Whenever they come out of the house, they have to wear clothes from feet to feet. The strange thing is that in many places it is seen that in the greed of money, parents put their daughter into the hell of Vaishvat. This is normal for kidnapping someone on the road to throw acid on girl and fulfill the desire for physical relation. According to statistics, a woman is raped in India every 20 minutes.

There is even worse condition in rural areas. Sometimes the person accused of rape gets acquainted with knowing that no member of the house is released. The incidents of burning for dowry, being beaten by mother-in-law, have become a matter of everyday. Who can forget the case of fearless gang rape, which keeps the entire country embarrassed, the number of women is half of the total population of the country. This means they are also half partners in the development of the country. Despite this, our culture is embarrassed in such incidents in India in the 21st century.

Essay on the protection of women in India (300 words)


The protection of women is very broad in itself, given the increased atrocities against women in the last few years, we can not say that women in our country are completely safe. Women themselves feel unsafe, especially if they want to go out alone. It is indeed embarrassing for us that women in our country are living in fear. His family members have become the issue of security concerns for every family. If there is some improvement in the safety of women, then there are some facts given below which can make a big difference in the society:

Some Women Safety Tips

  • First of all, every woman has to teach techniques of self defense and her morale should be high. It will not make any kind of problems for women to face adverse conditions.
  • It is often seen that women take position seriously rather than any person. If they suspect any kind of trouble, then they should take some concrete steps soon.
  • Women should also bear in mind that they should not be told alone with an unknown person. Such situations should keep them away from themselves
  • Women should not be less than men themselves, whether it is a matter of mental capacity or physical force.
  • Women should take special care to ensure that any unknown person is careful while communicating with the internet or any other means and do not give them their own personal details.
  • When going out of the house, always keep a mirror sprayer with you. Although it is not necessary that they depend entirely on it, they can use any other option
  • Women can see emergency numbers for their families, or they can see them falling under adverse conditions.
  • If you have to stay in the hotel or in any other unknown city, then ensure the safety of the employees' staff and the rest


Security of women is a social problem, it needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Women have more than half of the population, who suffer from physical, mental and social status. This is an obstacle to the development and progress of the country.

Essay on the protection of women in India (400 words)


In the last few years, the level of safety of women is constantly falling. The reason behind this is the continuing increase in crime. From the medieval era to the 21st century, there has been a continuous decline in the situation of women. Women have equal rights for men, they represent half of the population of the country and there are also half partners in development. This argument can not be denied, that in today's modern era, women not only advanced men but also two steps ahead. From the President's Office, he has become the basis of district level plans. Women can not be imagined without generalization. According to the Indian Constitution, women also have the right to live like men, independent, glorious lives. Women should be constantly at the peak of sexual violence, dowry murder and assault. Throwing acid, forced prostitution is a common practice. It is very embarrassing for a civilized society.

Education and economic development

There is a difference between women in rural areas and sky in the sky, while in urban areas it is not so. This is due to the low literacy rate of women in the village. If we take examples of Kerala and Mizoram, they fall under the category of exceptions. In both of these states, male literacy rates are equal to men. The main reason for the reduction in female literacy rate is the lack of adequate schools, lack of toilets, lack of female teachers, gender discrimination etc. According to statistics, female literacy rate was 60.6% in 2015 whereas male literacy rate was 81.3%.

Women crime in india

If there is a list of crime in women in India, then it is too long; it involves acid, violence, sexual violence, dowry death, abduction, honor killing, rape, fetal murder, mental harassment etc.

Laws related to the safety of women

List of laws related to protection of women in India Child Marriage Act, 1929, Special Marriage Act, 1954, Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, Hindu Widows Remarms Act 1856, Indian Penal Code 1860, Maternity Benefit Act 1861 Including India, is very long, Foreign Marriage Act 1969, Indian Divorce Act 1969, Christian Marriage Act 1872, Married Women Property Act 1874, Muslim Women's Protection Act 1986, Women Act The National Commission for 1 99 0, Workplace Act, Act 2013 sexual assault Umn etc. etc..

Apart from this, the Lok Sabha has made changes in the Juvenile Justice Bill on 22nd December 2015 and 22nd December, 2015. Under this, if anyone is found involved in a disgraceful crime at the age of 16 to 18, then there is also a provision for strict punishment (especially after the release of juvenile crime in case of non-combatants)


Despite making rigid laws, instead of reducing the crime of women, there is a growing tendency in the day every day. The security of women in society is getting reduced. Women feel insecure themselves, the responsibility of changing the dirty atmosphere of women is not only of the government but of every common man so that every woman can proudly lead her life.

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