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Winners Do Everything in a Right Way - Story With Moral

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Winners Do Everything in a Right Way - Story With Moral

Friends, today I am going to tell you a story that will teach you how you can give your family the opportunity to succeed in life, then come, let the winners do every work properly.

For a time, a wooden man came to ask for a job from a wood merchant and he got his job. They used to pay him a lot of money, that is why that timberman decided to do the best thing from his side.
His boss gave his an ax, which he had to cut wood.

On the very first day, that logger cut 18 trees.

The owner was happy and said, "Excite good, congratulations !, so go ahead!"

These words of his master got inspiration from him, the logger worked more hard on the next day, but on that day he only got 15 trees. On the third day, he tried more, but on the third day, he only got 10 trees. And as the number of days passed, the number of trees went down.

Seeing all this, that timberman thought, "I am losing my strength". Then he went to his master and started apologizing to him, and began to say that he does not understand what is going on with him.

The owner asked, "When did you last (sharpen) your ax?"

The logger said, "fast? I did not get the time to sharpen the ax I keep busy cutting the trees .... "

Then the master said, "There are equals when you were axed for the first time, it was very sharp, but as if you are cutting trees by the ax, then its fast is getting reduced day by day. And so you are able to cut short trees as much as you can before.

Learning Things -

Our life is similar. We become so busy in life that we do not have the time to sharpen the ax. In today's world, everyone is more busy than their own in the past, but still less happy.

Why all this? Is this all this because we have forgotten how to live? The only thing we have to do is to work in our lives. But while busy with all these things, we forget all of the most important things of our life, such as our personal life, giving time to our co-friends, giving time to my family, giving time to myself.

We all need a long rest so that we can think of our own life, and think about moving forward.

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