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Essay on Happiness

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Glad it is difficult to describe in words. It can only be felt that it is extremely necessary to live a good life, but unfortunately, it has disappeared happily from the lives of most people. Some people believe that some people believe that it can be found in money, when some people love, they are happy and feel happy and satisfied while doing good work in professional life. To help you with this topic in your exams, we will need to provide a variety of 'essays on Joy' here.

Essay on happiness - 1 (200 words)

Happiness is a very simple word that is commonly used. Even a small child can tell the meaning of happiness, but how many of us know the meaning of happiness and how can it be achieved? Nothing! Most people search for happiness, they believe that if they have some things or some people are together or they reach the height of their profession they can be happy. It is taught from childhood that all important things are necessary for a good life, but not necessarily they can bring joy too.

Glad you can only bring for yourself if you want to be happy and accordingly you want to take ideas into practices then you will be happy. Although it seems not as easy as it is. You have to try to do this work second, this is not a time activity. To achieve this situation, you have to do some things everyday

Now you have to get help from your family and friends if you want to get happiness inside yourself. Many people are suffering from depression nowadays because they want to deal with their problems, not including others. this is wrong! It is important to look inside yourself to get true happiness, but staying with positive ones is equally important.

Essay on happiness - 2 (300 words)


The state of happiness of happiness is if you train your brain to stay in this situation, then it will learn how to live in the same way. The reason for this is that whatever your brain says, your brain considers him the same. Although it seems not as easy as it is. You can experience happiness from time to time, but it may take months or even years to stay in this situation.

Ways to Attract Happiness

According to some recent studies some habits attract happiness and keep it forever:

Be satisfied

Instead of being overwhelmed or depressed in different situations, you should make changes in these active feelings like disabling peace and contentment. It is easy to keep these emotions healthy

Live in the moment

You should stop thinking about your past mistakes. Mistakes are the most in every work, no one is completely efficient, to blame yourself or to prevent all the bad decisions made in your life to stop yourself from being guilty, stop worrying about your future. Live in the present time Do not be in good time.

Be thankful

Remember all your past moments and decisions that make you happy and make you happy. Thank God for getting such moments of happiness.

Get positive thoughts

Your thoughts make your reality Positive thoughts and positive minds attract positive things in life, and negative thoughts create negative experiences. So the only way to experience happiness is to think about yourself around you.

Stay Positive Thinking About People

Stay away from those who discourage negative things or discourage you. Instead, stick with the people of positive thinking


Keeping in mind the negative thoughts and being in the situation of anxiety and stress due to many things in life is easy. You should always remind yourself of your good times and all the good things. It is a good way to get your mood from negative to positive

Essay on happiness - 3 (400 words)


Happiness is really a state of being happy and contented. Many philosophers have given different ideas on this subject, though the most influential fact is that happiness can be felt from within and it should not be invented in the outer world.

Money can not buy happiness

It is a sad fact that people seek out happiness. Many people gather happiness with money. If such a thing were then rich people do not feel sad, but on the contrary, we see that there are rich people who experience more anxious, fearful, stressful and often related problems of relationships and suffer from depression. Famous people like film stars, singers and ministers have a lot of money, but the rate of divorce among these people is much higher than the general public. These people are constantly scared and therefore they need protection at all times. They are also more worried about the safety of their children. These people are afraid of stealing and robbery for 24 hours. They have so much money that they constantly worry about where to invest or hide this money. On the other hand, people of poor classes are often anxious and happy.

It does not matter that being rich is a bad thing. Having riches means that you have a lot of things. You can go on vacations, plan for social gatherings, buy good clothes, buy property, live in a good locality, and do more than anything else, which is an important step to be happy. However it is not necessary that if you have so much then you will be happy. Materialistic things can make you happy for a moment but can not help in finding true happiness.

Happiness comes from inside

Someone has said rightly, "You will find true happiness in life when you realize that happiness is the purpose of happiness only." True happiness is within us, it does not come from others. But most people consider it irrelevant. We need to understand that happiness is basically a state of mind, it can not be achieved by things we see outside. The power of the state with the help of positive emotions, which may be obtained from good ideas.


Basically our thoughts are what make our emotions. That is why we need to work on constructing a positive attitude towards positive thoughts and life and in the end this will become the cause of happiness.


Essay on happiness - 4 (500 words)


Happiness is the thing for which every human being craves but very few people are able to get it. The simplest it is to define it, the more difficult it is to get it. That's because people often associate it with people and things. Happiness is something that starts with you and ends with you. Only those who feel this can be able to get true happiness.

Aristotle's reasoning about happiness

Aristotle was a philosopher who wrote a lot about happiness. He believed that happiness depends on our own self. According to him, happiness is the main purpose of human life. He said that happiness is a goal in itself and it depends on virtue. Although Aristotle's ethical properties are generally more personal than social properties.

According to Aristotle, there is a need to fulfill many conditions, such as having a happy life physically and mentally fit. He has presented the principle of happiness in Nicomachian Ethics, his most influential work. This principle of Aristotle is also relevant in today's scenario. According to him, fulfilling all the needs is the end of happiness. He said that we want almost all things, good relationships, money, success or power, because we believe that it will make us happy. It would be right to say that everything else is just a means of achieving happiness and happiness is the end of everyone in itself.

Happiness in relationships

Many people connect happiness with money and many people connect it with relationships. They do not understand that unless they are happy themselves, they will not feel happy about their relationship. The problems of relationships are increasing rapidly and the main reason behind this is that we sit on high expectations from another person. We hope they make us feel happy. We lie in our brains like, 'If our partner makes us buy the dress we will be happy' or 'If our partner is planning a surprise for us, we will be happy'. This problem is not only with couples, but it is with every relationship whether it is a parent's relation or a relation of a brother or sister or a friendship.

Here are some facts that can help you be happy:

Take care of yourself

Keep your focus yourself. Do not give the other person priority over yourself and do not let them do the same. If you give a lot of priority and you do not get anything in return, then you are preparing a recipe for your disappointment.

Get started

If you want to go somewhere, then plan it yourself. Do not wait for your partner, parents or child to take you there. Tell them that if they come along you will feel better. However, they do not need to be frustrated if they refuse. Continue your plan.

Give personal time

You need to give time to your partner and give your personal time to maintain a healthy relationship.


We establish unrealistic expectations from others in our lives and believe that if they really love us, they will also use it in the same way. This is almost certainly false. It only damages relationships rather than doing any good work. We need to understand that the only person who can make you feel truly happy is himself.

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