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Essay on Sound pollution

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In India, noise pollution has become one of many major problems in many ways, which is affecting human life in many ways. We should know the causes of noise pollution, and the most important remedies for preventing its effect are given to the school in general, in any competition such as essay writing competition etc. to write their thoughts. We are providing some easy writing essays on noise pollution in different time limits. You can choose any essay according to your needs and requirements. In the 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 and 800 words, students can find some essay on noise pollution in English language.

Essay 1 on sound pollution (100 words)

Sound pollution is considered as environmental pollution in those elements, which harm the environment through various sources of various sources. Sound pollution is also known as the sound disorder. Excessive noise is harmful to health and is the cause of imbalance for human or animal life. This is a comprehensive environmental issue in India which requires proper alertness to solve it, however, it is less harmful than water, air, soil pollution etc. Outdoor noisy machines, transport system, poor urban planning (Side Y Side Industrial and Residential Buildings etc.) Tribal noise source is done by domestic machines, construction activities, loud music in the voice etc. Due to noise pollution, due to the ability to hear most of the damage the ear is caused by the loss of the screen.

Essay 2 on sound pollution (150 words)

It is very necessary to maintain normal level of sound in daily life, however, unwanted noise or sound which is uncomfortable with people, animals or trees, causes noise pollution in the environment. Generally noise is called the unwanted voice from many industrial or non-industrial sources which occur around us in our daily lives. High level sound produces unpleasant effects and in particular the inconvenience of ear health.

Unwanted in our daily routine activities; In the night's sleep, interfere in conversations, listening ability, rest, etc. Water bodies are also affected by sound pollution generated by sea submarines and large vessels. During the chain show operation, there is a huge impact on wild animals due to the sound generated by the wooden operators (too much noise). Common sources of noise pollution are home gadgets, means of transport, jets, helicopters, noise from industrial machines etc. According to the World Health Organization, industries should limit their production voice to 75 dB.

Essay 3 on sound pollution (200 words)

Sound pollution is pollution which causes the health of many health related diseases, animals, birds and trees etc. in the environment due to sound for high and unsafe levels. The most common problem due to noise pollution is illness, anxiety, difficulty in talking, difficulty in speaking, difficulty in speaking, hearing problems, lack of productivity, sleep disruption, fatigue, headache, irritability, anxiety, weakness, sound sensitivity Lacking. Feel our ears to maintain the rhythm of our body, etc. It reduces the ability to listen slowly over a long period of time. The ears are permanently damaged by hearing the sound of a drum in a high sound.

The main cause of sound nuisance, injury, physical trauma, internal blood leak in the brain, large bubbles in the limbs and even the oceanic animals is mainly due to the death of whales and dolphins, because they talk about food Do the search, use your own to hear you hearing the ability to save and stay in the water. The source of noise in the water is the army's submarine, which was felt by approximately 300 freight distance can go. The consequences of noise pollution are very dangerous and are causing concern in the near future. There are several preventive measures of noise pollution, such as encouraging the construction of south-proof rooms in industries, industries and factories should be away from residential buildings, repair motorcycle spoilers, restrictions on noise vehicles, airports, buses, Railway stations and other transport terminals should be away from residential sites, educational institutions and hospitals in nearby areas. And should, Deediac area should be declared, noise should be allowed to voice areas of greenery release the streets of pollution.

Essay 5 on sound pollution (300 words)

There are many types of pollution in the environment, noise pollution, one of them, and very dangerous for health. It has become very dangerous that it is compared to dangerous diseases such as cancer, which results in slow death. Sound pollution is a terrible triumph of modern life and growing industrialization and urbanization. If it does not take regular and harsh measures to prevent it, it will become a very serious problem for future generations. Sound pollution is pollution that is produced due to unwanted sound in the environment. It is a huge risk to health and causes of problems when negotiating.
High level noise pollution brings irritability in the behavior of many humans, especially in the treatment of patients, elderly and pregnant women. Unwanted sharpness causes deafness and other complex problems of the ear such as bad scarring, ear pain, etc. Sometimes it sounds good to those who listen to music, but rather disturbs other people. Unwanted noise in the environment is harmful to health. Some sources are mainly involved in noise pollution such as industry, factories, traffic, transport, airplane engines, train sounds, voice of home appliances, construction work etc.

60 dB voice is considered to be a normal voice, however, the noise of 80 dB or more is a cause of physical pain and harmful to health. The city where the rate of sound is more than 80 DB is Delhi (80 DB), Kolkata (87 dB), Mumbai (85 dB), Chennai (89 dB) etc. To live life on Earth, it is very necessary to reduce the noise to the level at its level because the unwanted noise affects the lives of humans, trees, and animals. These people can be made possible by bringing general awareness about noise pollution, its main sources, its harmful effects, and preventive measures.


Essay 6 on sound pollution (400 words)

Noise pollution

Sound pollution is generated when the level of sound in the environment is much higher than the normal level. The intensity of excessive noise in the environment is unsafe for the purpose of living. The harsh noise causes many problems in natural equilibrium. Rapid sound or sound is unnatural and obstacles in moving out of other voices. In this world of modern and technological, where everything is possible in the home or outside the electrical appliances, it has increased the existence of the danger of sounding fast.

The increasing demand for industrialization and urbanization in India is the reason for the display of unwanted voice among people. Understanding strategies, planning and experimenting is the biggest requirement of today's time to stop noise pollution. The sound that we create every day, such as listening to fast music, unnecessary use of TV, phone, mobile, traffic noise, dog barking, etc., sound source is an important part of urban life, with the most upset Causes, headache, insomnia, stress etc. These things disrupt the natural cycle of daily life, they are called dangerous pollutants. The following are the sources, factors and effects of noise pollution:

Factors or causes of noise pollution

  • Industrialization has put our health and life in jeopardy because all (large or small) industries use machines that generate very high volume of sound. Other equipment used in factories and industries (Compressor, Generator, heat extractor fan, mill) also generate very noisy.
  • Normal social celebrations such as marriage, party, pubs, clubs, discs, or places of worship, create noise in temples, mosques etc. in residential areas.
  • The means of increasing traffic in cities (bike, airplane, underground train etc.) make sharp noise.
  • General construction activities (which include the construction of mines, bridges, buildings, dams, stations, etc.), which include large machines generate high level noise.

The use of home appliances in daily life is the main reason for noise pollution.

Effects of noise pollution

  • Many hearing problems due to noise pollution (loss of ear drops and deprivation of permanent hearing ability) are due to unwanted sound.
  • This reduces the sound sensitivity of the ear which helps in controlling the body.
  • By affecting the lives of wild animals makes them very aggressive.

Preventive measures

In order to control the level of unprotected voice in the environment, general awareness among the people should be increased and by all, all the rules should be considered seriously. At home or outside the house such as: clubs, parties, bars, disco etc. should reduce the use of unnecessary noise generating equipment.

Essay 7 on sound pollution (800 words)

Noise pollution

Sound pollution are industrial or non-industrial actions that affect the health of humans, plants and animals from many dimensions, by creating sounds through different sound sources. The level of continuous increasing sound pollution has kept the lives of current and future generations at greater risk. We will discuss legal dimensions to prevent the sources, effects and noise pollution of noise pollution below.

The main sources of noise pollution are as follows

In India, much noise pollution has increased by urbanization, modern civilization, industrialization etc. The spread of sound is due to industrial and non-industrial sources. High tech large machines that work fast in industrial sources of sound and high sound machines which are manufactured in many industries. Non-industrial sources of sound include means of transportation, transport and other man-made activities. Some industrial and non-industrial sources of noise pollution are given below:

  • Air Force aircrafts increase noise pollution at a very large level in the environment.
  • The means of transport on the road are increasing day by day motor vehicles such as trucks, buses, auto, bikes, personal cars etc. Large buildings of cities produce sound in the vicinity of the area for some time at the time of their construction.
  • Industrial noise generated due to use of motor and compressor, fan etc. in manufacturing industries
  • Factory sound produced through hammers, bulldozers, air compressors, dumping trucks, loaders etc. while building big buildings, roads, highways, city roads etc.
  • The noise of the rail tracks (the locomotive engine of the train, whistle, horn, railway gate, while raising and dropping) is very effective in producing high level noise, because the sound of these extremes ranges from about 120 dB to 100 ft Produce the voice of
  • The noise generated due to plumbing, generators, blowers, home appliances, music, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, wings and other activities in buildings

Another source of noise pollution is the use of various types of fireworks during festivals and other family festivals.

The effects of noise pollution are as follows

Sound pollution greatly influences the health of humans, animals and property. Some of them are:

  • Increasing noise pollution every day reduces the ability and ability of humans to work.
  • Sound pollution reduces the efficiency of concentration on a large scale due to fatigue.
  • Affects pregnant women most and causes irritation and abortion.
  • Many diseases are caused by people (hypertension and mental stress) because mental peace dissolves.
  • The sharp noise reduces the quality of the work and due to which the concentration level is low.
  • If the level of sound is 80 dB to 100 dB then it causes temporary or permanent deafness in people.
  • It damages the historic buildings, old buildings, bridges etc. because it is very weak in the structure and the fast sound creates dangerous waves which harm their walls.
  • Animals lose their control over their brain and become very dangerous because the loud sound affects their nervous system (nervous system).
  • It affects trees and also causes poor quality production.

The legal steps to prevent noise pollution are as follows:

  • The Constitution of India has given the right to live life, to receive information, to believe in its religion and to make noise.
  • Section 133 has given power to the citizens that they can remove public performance on conditional and permanent orders.
  • Under the Environmental Protection Act of 1996, the Sound Pollution Control Rule 2000 has been included to control the growing problem of noise pollution.
  • The sound reduction and the factory machinery of oil machinery regulates the noise at the workplace.
  • The motor vehicle act involves the use of the horn and the bad engine.
  • The Indian Penal Code relates to health and safety issues generated by noise pollution. Anyone can be punished under the Trott law.


Sound pollution has created an urgent need for general awareness about its sources, effects and measures to prevent noise pollution. The high level of sound should be stopped at places like workplace, educational institution, residential area, hospital etc. Young children and students, such as fast-moving activities; On any occasion, the use of fast-moving devices and equipment should be encouraged to not be included in etc. Special occasions for fast-fire crackers like; Use of festivals, parties, weddings, etc. should be reduced. Topics related to noise pollution can be added to textbooks and various activities such as lecture, discussion etc. can be organized in the school so that the new generation can become more conscious and responsible citizens. Author Manisha Dubey JhaDear Reader, My name is Manisha Dubey Jha. I have been blogging for 3 years and through the Fast I have been giving important educational content as far as possible to the reader. Hope you like everyone, please share your classmate too. As a literature person, I am very passionate about reading and participating in my thoughts on paper. So what is better than adopting writing as a profession? With over three years of experience in the given area, I am making an online reputation for my clients. If any mistakes or wrong in the article, please suggest us @

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