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Build Your Confidence In Just 5 Steps

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It is easy to tell when a confident woman enters a room. Her self-assurance shines like the sun! Everyone wants to bask in her light. Would you like to be that shining person? Or are you still sunbathing in the glow of others?


Robin Marvel is a multi-published author and presenter in the field of self-development. She had her first daughter at a very young age and made it her personal mission to be a good role model. She is now the mother of five girls ranging in age from 3 to 18.

Robin shares her top 5 tips for growing your confidence daily by learning to see the beauty in every part of yourself. Practice these 5 easy to do, daily confidence boosters for a fulfilled, positive life!

Affirm your worth daily

“You are an amazing, beautiful, complete person – no matter your childhood, your present or past choices,” says Robin. Take a moment daily to acknowledge your worth. Look at yourself in the mirror and state, “I am worth it!” If at first you don’t believe it, that is OK. Self-doubt happens but it is imperative that you replace the judgment with acceptance.

Dress for success

Do you remember the last time you dressed up, did your hair, or put on all the glam? More importantly, do you remember how you felt in that moment? Robin doesn’t suggest dressing like a runway model but she does require that you make the effort. “Wake up each day, brush your hair, and put on a touch of blush or lipstick. Don’t live in stretched out or faded old clothes.” She candidly admits that for her, dressing for success means a pair of jeans that fit just right and a pressed t-shirt.

Maintain a happy shopping list

“You know the moment,” says Robin. “You are standing in the 15 items or less lane in the market and the person in front of you has 30 items. This is the time to read your happy list!”
Create a list of 15 things that instantly bring a smile to your face. Maybe it is you favorite dessert in the fridge or a beautiful plant in your living room. Update your list daily. As you change your focus to being happy, it will uplift your mood and shift the negative to a positive.

Random acts of kindness

Robin believes that being kind to others is an easy, fool-proof way to boost confidence because it puts you in control. “Being kind to others directly reflects who you are as a person. It gives you the opportunity to imprint another's life and start a kindness ripple.” Smile at strangers, hold the door open for others, send a handwritten letter to an old friend, say thank you. And the biggest kindness of all…let someone in during traffic.

Learn, grow, explore

Find ways to challenge yourself daily. This tip is about building mastery which builds self-esteem. Step out of your comfort zone and be brave. “I always tell my girls that the world is so big, and so full of opportunity, that they should never feel limited. There is always a way!”
Remember that what you say to yourself has much more power than what others say to you. If you catch yourself being negative and self-critical take a moment to stop, listen to what you are saying, and replace the negative words with positive ones.

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