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Essay on The Future of Science and Humanity

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on The Future of Science and Humanity in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 670 words.

Anything in the world is new or old, it is human-relative in every way. Science can also not be called an exception. Had read in a book, If Jong is sticking to the cow's breasts, then instead of drinking milk he will start sucking blood. Soon the cow will end. The exact same situation is also of modern physics. His original form and nature are like a cow, nurturing milch and human life, it is a healthy form. But today the selfishly selfish people are sticking to this cow's snap of science and repeating it badly that the future of both science and humanity is beginning to become a paradoxical and frightening sight.

Everyone knows that modern science has given us a lot. Whatever we use from needle to large quantities, it is all about science. Because of this human life has become very simple and happy. With the help of scientific instruments, today's human has put water, space, and sky all in one place. All this has started to look younger and seemingly unstable. Today's humanist wishes for any other big earth, other big aisles, other big oceans for their work, so that they can further their deepest depths. The result of this is the infinite development of the desires of the human being, the emptiness of heart and the inferiority, the desire for intellectualness and the dull-dry part-race. As a result, new sophistication of science is also being bullied and fierce. The nature of humanity is becoming even more fierce and deadly. For this reason, in the context of the progress of science, today's thoughtful, thoughtful furious questions like 'the future of humanity' are emerging with a new look. The correct answer and solution of these types of questions is unheard of. The answers are not received by self-scientists.

Today, we are seeing clearly that due to scientific developments and achievements, the feeling of distrust and stressful atmosphere is becoming denser than the densest. Each nation wants to equip each other with their own inferior and frightened experiences, and equip them with the tools and tools of science. The money which can be used to buy or sell ointments for human wounds, hungry-naked and below the lower line of poverty, can be used to mobilize roti-cloth for humanity, its expenditure is international borders, thousands of miles away So far, weapons are being built on the construction and procurement of weaponry. The smaller nations are frightened by the worry of self-defense, the bigger states seem to be even more fearful. Worrying to maintain their longevity on all other nations, he is also compelling to create terrific and intense weapons. As a result, stacks of scientifically constructed ammunition are being gathered around them. Ammo also is not a normal blast, but it is being molten and suffocated and destroying everything in a few moments. In such a situation, how can humanity's future be preserved, and how can it be kept?

Like a leech from the cow's stools of science, our nature is being made to drink blood instead of milk. Without thinking that this blood-sucking can destroy our own self-interest and all-encompassing. There is only one way to avoid this future destruction and the explosion of ammunition of ammunition. That is the awakening of innate human traits. When we awaken these human noble and intuitive behaviors, we will shed one of the dirty nallahs instead of showing the amount of ammunition. Except the nature of leech, science will create a habit of drinking only milk from the cow's breasts, only then the future of humanity will be safe. Real happiness, prosperity and peace and foundation will also be able to resolve. Otherwise, there is a complete destruction and the solution to rescue it is not yet known, it has also been said above. It should be expected that the wise man has not become so heartless yet that he will deliberately destroy himself with his accomplishments. By working with intelligence, he will find a way to escape, save humanity, such a sure hope can be preserved.

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