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Essay on Energy Sources and Problems

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Energy Sources and Problems in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 640 words.

Energy-a kind of inflammable power, whose crisis is seen and experienced by today's human being in the near future. The real meaning of energy is fire or flammable substance, it is also the power of the power that through which today our Kal-factories are running, trains and other vehicles are running, aircraft are flying, houses are being lit And even human society is eating and drinking after eating food and drinking. Human society was only dependent on forests until the very long time about energy. Wood received from forests was the main and main source of energy. Then he discovered the coal mines hidden in the ground. After that, the sands and methoscope were obtained, i.e. carotene petroleum substances and various types of ignition gas from the ground floor. In this way, after one, the sources of energy took human hands. With his help, he became involved in different types of adjustments for life-sustaining. But how long could such a walk be possible? This vivid question of today is enduring human civilization.

Today, human life has expanded and developed such a thing that in the absence of energy, it can not even move one step. The industries and businesses that run with it are constantly evolving, but the sources and equipment are getting reduced. The traditional sources of energy are constantly being cut and unable to look new. As a result, not only the nature of the human life, but the balance of horrific pollution is increasing. According to an estimate, all current stores of energy can be over in the next few years. If this happened, then what would be the condition, today probably this can not be imagined rightly. Yet scientists are interested in opening other sources for filling future deficiencies.

The reserves of coal obtained from the groundwater are also not able to produce the demand and are being paid continuously. Likewise, the presently available oils and petroleum wells will be able to help the people to meet the ever-growing needs of humans. That is why today's scientific man is concerned that on the day when all these resources will go wrong, which is not going to last for many years, then what will happen to humans and their progress? What will happen to energy-related instruments? Will they remain the story of the ruins of the scientific era and the story of the past? These types of questions have made everyone concerned about the future. This concern is also appropriate and necessary.

There is anxiety, only then man also tries to redeem him. So today, the scientific human being is beginning to get stronger in future to face the future crisis of energy. Attempts to obtain electricity from atomic furnaces, nuclear-reactors, efforts to achieve the achievement of solar energy, and more efforts to get more, many other measures, constant search of resources and resources, current usage and usage And measures etc., to get rid of all that anxiety, or small schemes such as hydroelectricity, dung gas, how long can all of them and how Of course, it is certainly a matter of grave consideration. Scientists should specifically pay attention to these things.

The proverb is that if there is a problem then there is a solution. Our today's scientists are seriously taking ideas and measures to deal with this problem. It is also necessary that more sources be searched, but those who are available are also required to control them. Where and how scientific will be able to solve the problem of energy, a proper and complete answer to this question can then give a near future. All of us should be on the same level as possible to make use of available resources and resources. By doing so we can all humanity, that is, our own very much. For the coming generations, we can also leave safe and secure resources and resources.

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