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Essay on My School

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An easy essay and lecture for your children from nursery to class 10. Speech or lecture on 'My School' should motivate us to attract our children. Find here school essays in English language for students in different words limit like 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 450 words.

Essay on my school 1 (100 words)

My school of four-story is very good. It is like a temple where we go to read everyday. First of all, we wake up in the morning, pray to God for our good studies and greet our class teacher in the morning. After this we start reading according to syllabus. I like to go to school every day. My school has a very strict discipline, which is regularly followed by all the students. I like my school dress very much. My school is two kilometers away from my dear home and I go to school with a yellow color bus. It is located in a very peaceful place, which is far from pollution, noise, dirt and city smoke.

Essay 2 on my school (150 words)

My school is very good, which is red and is three-storey. I like to go to my school every day in appropriate uniform. My school teacher is very kind and teaches us to follow the discipline. My school is located very well and is away from all the noise and crowds in the city. There are two small gardens in the main gate in my school, where there are lots of flowers, sage, grassy grounds, fruit trees and two beautiful flowerery.

Our school has lots of features such as a computer lab, two science labs, a large library, a large playground, a beautiful stage and a stationery store. In my school, students from nursery to class-twelve can read. My school, including the woman and the groom, has 57 qualified teachers, 20 assistants, one Principal and 10 Gatekeepers. Our teachers explain us the subject in a very constructive and interesting way with very humble behavior.


Essay 3 on my school (200 words)

Just like a temple, a school is a very real place where we go to study and learn everyday to move forward. We pray to God daily in school for our better life and right study. We salute our classroom teacher every morning and he answers us with his smiling face. In our school there is a huge garden behind it. The school is a place where a person learns everything with the help of his teacher. Teachers help us to work hard in our studies and motivate them to move forward in their lives. They tell us about sanitary, healthy science, proper healthy diet and behavior.

Our teachers always inspire us to participate in other activities like game verbs, question-answer competition, oral-written examination, debate, group discussion, scouted etc. Our class teacher tells us to maintain school discipline and keep the school premises clean and clean. At the stage of prayer our Principal gives us inspirational messages every day. Throughout our life, we learn to be truthful, honest, obedient and sensible. We learn how to integrate into studies in our classroom? Our school organizes annual sports competition, question-answer competition, dance competition, in which it is very necessary for us to take part.

Essay 4 on my school (250 words)

School is a temple of knowledge and here we are ready for social and business life. With my donation money and land, my school was built in 1990. The atmosphere of my school is very pleasant and its environment is very clean and attractive. My school is in the middle of the playground. There is a large garden on one side of the school which has a small pond. There is a lot of fish and water in this lake. My school is of four malls where there is a classroom for nursery to students up to 12.

In my school there is a large library, Principal's office, head office, clerk office, a science laboratory, a computer lab, a community study room, a large meeting room, a teacher's community room, a large playground, boys and girls in school premises. For different hostels etc. My school has a highly accomplished and experienced teacher who teaches us in a very effective and constructive way. There are about one thousand children in my school which always tops in school and outside of the school competition. We all go to the proper uniform in school. We have two types of uniforms, one collective and second house uniform.

My school runs from 7:30 in the morning to 1:30 in the afternoon and runs in the winter from 8:30 in the morning to 3:30 p.m. We go to the library for a short period of time, where we read creative texts and newspapers and enhance our skills and common sense.


Essay on my school 5 (300 words)

My school is just Two kilometer away from my house. It looks very clean and peaceful. My school is like a temple where we go to pray every day and read for six hours in a day. Our school teacher is very good and teaches us very politely. In my school there is a lot of strict rules regarding education, uniform and cleanliness. I like to go to school every day because my mother tells me that it is very important to go to school every day and follow all the disciplines. School is a temple of knowledge where we are involved in the process of learning very interestingly. We learn more things along with studies like discipline, conduct, timing and etiquette etc.

The atmosphere of my school is very good, where there is a lot of sunshine and greenery available. There is a large garden which has a pond with colorful flowers, ornamental trees, green grass, which has fish, frogs etc. Other things like big playgrounds, the big open space provides a natural beauty to my school. There is also a facility of Cricket Net, Basketball Court and Skating Ground in my school. My school follows the rules of CBSE board. My school offers a facility from nursery to class 12. The headmaster of my school is quite serious about discipline and cleanliness in school.

My school bus facility provides for children who live far away from school. In the morning, all the children gather for prayer in the playground and after their prayers they depart towards their class. My school enrolls about 2000 children from nursery to class 12 every year. In my school there are different teachers for different subjects like Mathematics, Arts, Science, Geography, History, English etc. My school campus has a large library, stationery shop and canteen. My school organizes an annual program in which participating is compulsory for everyone.

Essay on my school 6 (400 words)

My school is very impressive with a three-storey impressive structure and is located in the middle of the city. This is about 2km from my house and I go by my school bus. My school is the best school in the state where I read. It is extremely peaceful and located away from pollution. There are stairs on both sides of the school which leads to every floor. Furnished and large library on its first floor; Sophisticated science laboratory and a computer lab. On its ground floor there is a school coloring where all annual events, meetings, PTM, dance competitions are organized.

Principal's office, head office, clerk room, staff room and group study room are located on the ground floor. The school's canteen, stationery shop, chase room and skating hall are also located on the ground floor. There are two basketball courts in front of the Principal's office in my school while the football field is in its shores. In front of the main office in my school there is a small garden full of colorful flowers and ornamental trees, which enhances the beauty of the entire school premises. About 2000 students have enrolled in my school. They are always the best in inter-school competition.

The method of study in my school is very creative and progressive, which helps to easily understand any difficult subject matter. Our teachers teach very honestly and explain everything in a practical way. My school comes first in every program like inter-school cultural programs and sports activities etc. My school celebrates all the important days of the year such as Sports Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Teacher's Day, Children's Day, Parents' Day, Christmas Day, Annual Program, New Year, Gandhi Jayanti etc.

We also participate in different activities, such as swimming, NCC, school band, scouting, skating, dance, singing etc. apart from studies. According to school rules, non-disciplined and abusive students are also punished by their class teacher. Our School Principal takes a 10-minute class meeting hall every day for children of all classes to build character, manners, ethical education, good values, respect others etc. Our school time is very fun and enjoyable because we do a lot of creative and practical work every day. Our verbal assessment of story telling, songs, poetry lessons, talks in Hindi and English etc. is taken daily by class teacher. So my school is the best school in the world.

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