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Essay on Global Warming

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Essay on Global Warming

We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Global Warming in English language for Student at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 800 words.

Essay on Global Warming 1 (100 words)

Worldwide global warming is a major atmospheric issue, the surface of our Earth is becoming hot every day by trapping the sun's heat and increasing the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide. It is growing day by day with bad effects and big problems in human life. It has become one of the major social issues, which requires social awareness at a great level. People should know its meaning, reason, effect and solution to solve it immediately. People should try to solve it to come together and save life on Earth.

Essay on Global Warming 2 (150 words)

Global warming is a major issue of the environment on Earth, which is the reason for the continuous increase in the surface temperature of the Earth. It has been estimated that in the next 50 or 100 years the temperature of the Earth will increase, which will cause a major problem of living on Earth. The most known and most fundamental reasons for the increase in the temperature of the Earth in atmospheric carbon dioxide are increasing constantly.

Increase in carbon dioxide level is the use of wild fuels such as coal and oil on humans, earth deforestation (plants are harvested) by humans. The decrease in the number of plants on Earth increases carbon dioxide levels because plants are the main source of carbon dioxide (as a by-product of respiration) and other means released by humans. Increasing levels of earth temperature causes many problems such as the sea level becomes hot and high, glacier melting, floods, strong storms, food shortages, diseases, death etc.

Essay on Global Warming 3 (200 words)

Global warming is the continuous and continuous increase in the level of temperature of the Earth. Earth's surface is increasing day by day, because of some unknown habits of humans around the world. Global warming has become the biggest threat to the Earth's atmosphere because it is reducing the possibility of life on earth through the process of continuous and steady decline in the day.

Before planning a solution for global warming, we are thinking about the causes and effects of the environment to ensure that we are in the right direction to get complete relief from this issue. The continuous warming of the Earth's surface is the increasing emissions of CO2 in the environment. However, the increasing level of CO2 is due to various reasons such as deforestation, use of coal, burning of oil, gas, fossil fuel, burning gasoline for transportation, unnecessary use of electricity etc., Causes rise in temperature. Again, it can be due to rising sea level, flood, storm, cyclone, damage to the ozone layer, changing the patterns of the weather, fear of epidemic diseases, food deficiency, death etc. We can not blame each one unit for this. Every human being is responsible for the increased danger of global warming which can be solved by global awareness and by the kindness of everyone.

Essay on Global Warming 4 (250 words)

Global warming is a constant process of sustained growth in the level of the Earth's temperature. Global warming has now become one of the world's biggest problems. It is believed that the increase in the level of carbon dioxide gas and other greenhouse gases on earth is the main reason for heating the Earth's atmosphere. If the efforts of all countries around the world were not immediately ignored and resolved, its effects will increase and the end of life on earth will be one day.

Its dangerous effects are increasing day by day and creating a threat to human life. Global warming is the leading and only cause of sea level rise, the only way to solve the problem of weather patterns, hurricanes, cyclones, epidemic diseases, food shortage, death etc., the flood, the problem of global warming is the level of personal level Social Awareness People should be aware of their meanings, causes, bad influences and other things about global warming so that it ends in the world and can make life prospects on earth as always.

Preventing people from their bad habits, such as stop using oil, coal and gas, preventing cutting plants (they are primarily the main source for absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen), electricity Reducing usage, reducing usage, etc. Just small changes in everyone's life around the world, we may be able to stop the negative changes in the environment by reducing the effects of global warming and even closing one day.

Essay on Global Warming 5 (300 words)

Due to the increased levels of carbon dioxide gas in the environment, global warming is a constant increase in the surface temperature of the earth. Global warming has become a major issue that should be resolved by a positive start of countries around the world. As the gradual increase in the temperature of the Earth makes life difficult for various hazards along with the existence of life on this planet. This enhances the gradual and permanent changes in the Earth's climate and thus affects the balance of nature.

Increasing levels of CO2 on the Earth, continuous heat waves, sudden storms, unpredictable and unpredictable cyclones, ozone layer, floods, heavy rains, drought, lack of food, deficiency of diseases, death etc. It has been researched that the increasing emissions of CO2 in the environment is due to fossil fuels, use of fertilizers, cutting of forests, additional use of electricity, nonstop burning of the gases used in the fridge. According to statistics, it has been mentioned that by 2020, global warming can have adverse effects if it is not controlled because CO2 emissions are increasing

The increasing level of CO2 causes greenhouse effect on the planet, in which all greenhouse gases (water vapor, CO2, methane, ozone) absorb thermal radiation, which alternately radiates in all directions and the earth Back to the surface so that the increase increases. Lead to the surface of the Earth's surface and global warming.

To prevent the impact of global life threatening threat, we should make a permanent break from all bad habits due to increase in CO2 level and other greenhouse gases, which causes greenhouse effect and then in the surface temperature of the earth. Increases. We should stop deforestation, reduce the use of electricity, stop drinking water etc.

Essay on Global Warming 6 (400 words)

Global warming is a major challenge that we have to face till today, which is what we need to resolve permanently. In fact, global warming is the continuous and stable process of increasing the surface temperature of the Earth. To prevent its effects, it needs to be widely discussed by all countries around the world. It has affected the balance of nature, biodiversity and climate conditions of the Earth for decades.

Greenhouse gases such as CO2, Methane, are the main reasons for increasing global warming on the Earth, which directly affect the rising sea level, snow caps, glaciers melting, unpredictable variable climate, which represent life threats on Earth. Are there. According to statistics, it has been estimated that due to the increased demand of the human life standard, due to the increased atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations globally, the temperature of the Earth has increased to a great extent since the 20th century.

This year it has been measured as the hottest six year of last century in the years 1983, 1987, 1989, 1998, 1998 and 1991. It explains the untimely disasters like rising global warming, floods on the earth, cyclones, tsunami, drought, landslides, melting snow, food shortage, epidemic diseases, death etc., thus thereby imbalance of nature's incidence and life on this planet Indicate the existence. .

Increasing global warming causes more vaporization in the atmosphere on Earth, which in turn produces greenhouse gas and then leads to increased global warming. Other processes such as fossil fuels, the use of fertilizers, CFCs, trophospharic ozone and other gases like nitrous oxide are also due to global warming. The reasons for such reasons are due to technological advancement, population explosion, increasing demand for industrial expansion, deforestation, priority for urbanization etc.

Like the global carbon cycle, we are disturbing natural processes through deforestation and technological advancement, creating holes in the ozone layer and allowing UV rays to come on the ground, thus increasing global warming. Plants are the ultimate source of extracting additional carbon dioxide from the air and thus by balancing the deforestation by making it into balance and increasing people for more plantation, we can achieve the success of reducing global warming to a great extent. It is also a great way to control population growth in the direction of reducing global warming around the world, as this reduces the use of destructive technologies on Earth.

Global Warming Essay 7 (800 words) (Long essay)

What is global Warming

Global warming is a gradual process of heating the surface of the earth and the entire environment including oceans, ice caps, etc. In recent years global growth in atmospheric temperature has clearly been observed. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, in the last century, the average average temperature of the Earth increases to about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (0.8 degrees Celsius). It has also been speculated that in the next century the global temperature could rise to another 2 to 11.5 degrees Celsius.

Causes to global warming

There are many reasons for global warming, there are some natural causes and some man-made reasons are there. The most important reason for global warming is greenhouse gas which is produced by some natural processes as well as human activities. Due to the increasing population, economy and energy use, there has been an increase in the level of greenhouse gases in the 20th century. The increasing demand for industrialization in the modern world is the reason for releasing various green house gases through many industrial processes in the atmosphere to meet almost every need.

Release of carbon dioxide (CO2) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) gas has increased 10 times in recent years. According to natural and industrial processes including photosynthesis and oxidation cycle, the release of carbon dioxide gas is different. Another greenhouse gas release in the atmosphere by the anabolic decomposition of methane organic matter. Other greenhouse gases are like oxides of nitrogen (nitrous oxide), halocarbons, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), chlorine and bromine compounds etc. Such greenhouse gases are collected in the atmosphere and disturb the radiation balance of the atmosphere. They have the ability to absorb heat radiations and increase the surface temperature of the Earth.

Another reason for global warming is ozone deficit, which means to drop the ozone layer above Antarctica. The release of chlorofluorocarbon gas has increased ozone layer, day by day. This is a human-generated cause of global warming. Chlorofluorocarbon gas is used in industrial cleaning fluids and aerosol propellants in refrigerators at several places, due to the release of the ozone layer due to the release of the atmosphere.

Ozone layer causes security on the surface of the earth by obstructing harmful sun rays to come to earth. However, gradually falling ozone layer indicates the increasing global warming of the earth's surface. Harmful ultraviolet sun rays are entering the biosphere and are absorbed by greenhouse gases, which eventually increase in global warming. According to statistics, it has been estimated that the size of ozone hole is shaped up to 2000 in Antarctica (25 million plus 2 km). There is no clear trend in the fall of the ozone layer in the winter or summer season.

With the presence of various aerosols in the atmosphere, the surface temperature of the earth is increasing. Atmospheric aerosols are fully capable of scattering (due to the cooling of the planet) and absorb solar and infrared radiations (heat the air), they can change the microphysical and chemical properties of the clouds and possibly their lifetime and extent. Are able to change Increasing amount of aerosols in the environment is due to human contribution due to burning of biomass produced by the production of dust produced by agriculture, biological droplets and micro particles, and through the process of burning of various types of products in the manufacturing processes, the aerosols are prepared. Go. Various emissions produce various pollutants through transport, which are converted into aerosols through many chemical reactions in the atmosphere.

Effects of Global Warming

Due to rising sources of global warming, the impact of global warming in recent years is very clear. According to the Geological Survey, the glaciers of Montana that entered were located 150 Glacier National Park, but due to the growing influence of global warming has left only 25 glaciers. Large-scale climate change makes the storm more dangerous and powerful. Natural storms are becoming so strong by taking energy from the temperature difference (cold upper atmosphere and hot tropical ocean). The year 2012 has been registered as the hottest year of the year 1895 and has been recorded as the hottest year since year 1880 in year 2013.

Global warming will increase in summer, fall in winter season, temperature rise, changes in air circulation patterns, jet stream, rain without season, melting of ice, depletion of ozone layer, heavy storm events, cyclones, floods, Drought, and so many effects

Solutions for Global Warming

To reduce global warming, many awareness programs and programs are being run and implemented by government agencies, business leaders, private sector, non-governmental organizations. Can not be altered by some loss solution (melting ice caps) that occur through global warming. However, by reducing the human causes of global warming, we should not come back to reduce the impact of global warming and should make best efforts for everyone. We should try to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and adopt some climate change which has already been for many years. Instead of using electrical energy, we should try to use pure energy or energy by solar energy, wind and geothermal. Reducing the level of coal and burning oil, using transport equipment, using electrical equipment, etc. can reduce global warming to a great level.

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