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Description of medical impedance meters with adhesive electrodes

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The multi-frequency XITRON Hydra 4200operates at at 50 frequencies from 5 to 1000 kHz with a current of 0.7 mA and calculates resistances at zero and ininite frequencies by extrapolation, for measuring respectively ECW and TBW. he BodyExplorer of Juwell Medical (Gauting, Munich) 50 kHz, the multi-frequency Z-Metrix from Bioparhom, the Bio-ZMII from from Nutrilog (France) and the BODYSTAT 1500, 50 kHz from Isle of Man are also shown in Fig. 3. Adhesive electrodes for Xitron 4200 for measuring hand-to-foot.

The BCM impedance meter of Fresenius Medical Care (Bad Homburg, Germany), shares the Xitron electronics and is used for monitoring body fluids volumes during themodialysis.

The RJL (Clinton, Missouri) is available in five models: Quantum II, X, III, IV and Desktop (with eight electrodes).

Biodynamic (Biodyn Corp)sells a BIA 310 50 kHz impedance meter.

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