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Essay on An Earthquake - 750 Words

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We are providing many paragraphs, Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on An Earthquake in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Students and banking or other competitive exams students in 750 words.

The name itself says, at some point in the earth, earthquake is curved or shaking of the earth's surface. The reason for the earthquake is the movement or displacement of lava and hot gases under the depth of the earth's layer.

When an earthquake is going to occur, the first light movement of the mass of the Earth is such that it is moving forward in the form of a crib. Such minor movements are usually very few in number and act as warning signs that, because of this, a faster movement can be expected.

This slight quiver may or may not be after a strong shiver, but, if they do, people on earth at that particular point are in trouble.

An earthquake does not appear everywhere at the same time, nor does it appear everywhere. There are some areas of earth that are more prone to earthquakes than others.

This is because, in some places, the earth's layer is weaker than others, and therefore, along with the movements of the earth's depth, vibrations are felt in the form of an earthquake.

Once, I got an opportunity to see and understand the anguish and pain of the earthquake. This earthquake was felt in Delhi when I was on a small holiday last year. It was a cold evening and all the children sat in the bedroom of our apartments on the fourth floor.

While we were just chatting and playing cards, I thought the bed was a bit shaking. If my little brother was shaking the bed, I shouted to shake him and stop. As soon as I was in the process of shouting it, the bed shook more and more once again and this time it appeared like the walls were shaking like cloth or paper walls.

On this, my mother who was working in the kitchen started shouting loudly and asked us to run all down. He said because staying in the open for the earthquake is always safe.

We all went down and mother did it too, and as soon as we reached the ground level, the land and the houses were stopped from the shaking. Now I was wondering how such a small movement of earth could harm humans.

The next day when I met my dad on the breakfast table, it was just my question, I asked - "How can father do such a slight movement and can cause harm for such a short time?" For this, my father responded that only two minutes of an earthquake can cause great harm, and as he was saying the newsletter arrived.

The earthquake's news on the first page appeared in bold letters and there were two pictures showing the damage caused in a certain area of ​​the city. Seeing these pictures, I requested my father that he should take me to these areas of the city to see how and where he had suffered, and he was ready to take me.

The area of ​​damage was an area of ​​Kutch huts and slums of the city. The scene I saw was troubling me with all my things, and I realized how the earthquake could harm me.

Kutch huts were completely overthrown from their foundation, and many people had kept serious and minor injuries from falling building material on their heads.

The huts were broken and the property of these poor residents was completely destroyed or lost. As far as the slum cluster was concerned, there was no serious injury because the bushes were not made from any heavy or strong building material, however, the living apartments were blown up. It became clear now that it will take months for people to restore their normal life once again.

After returning home, my father told me that if the tremors are strong and for a long time, the permanent construction of our homes will be the only fate. In reality, he told me that there may be a lot for the obvious reason in those areas where there is a permanent house damage for men. Since the houses are made of solid and solid materials, when they fall, the damage is often completed.

This was my first experience of earthquake. I am glad that I got the first hand experience of knowledge and earthquake without experiencing * for my family or any loss.

Earthquakes are felt at different places in the world at different times, but there are some places in the world which they often experience in comparison to others. My father told me that in those areas which are more prone to earthquakes, homes are made of light substances such as itching and bamboo, which also go away and are broken, they do not hurt life.

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