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Essay on Scene At A Railway Station - 750

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We are providing many paragraphs, Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Scene At A Railway Station in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Students and banking or other competitive exams students in 750 words.

The railway station is the place from where the trains go and come. India's largest network of railway stations spread through the length and breadth of the country.

Most of the major towns and cities are connected with each other and some villages coming in the way of rail villages are connected to the movement by rail.

One train is the most convenient and economical way of travel for most of the country which is India. When we have to go hundreds of kilometers away from work at home or meet our close and dear ones, then we travel by train, which gives us a very comfortable movement.

This train stops at hundreds of kilometers in small and big places in many places, and it is at the stations that we get down. From the station we go to the city and go to our destination in the city. Passengers who go out of the city also go to the station from where they go to their train.

The scene of the railway station and the Aura starts from the very beginning of the station, where we come to the train. There is a crowd in front of the station, a taxi stand, a scooter is standing, and even for the rickshaw passengers, they stand to exit the station.

In this way, in front of the station, every time a crowd, and the loud voices of all kinds of drivers scream, who call the passengers in their vehicle. This is clearly because the station is a place for boarding and banning for both incoming and outgoing passengers. The noise and crowds of the station begin to show themselves from outside the station.

As soon as we go to the station premises, the scene becomes more interesting to see. We are going to the trains coming from different platforms and can go out: people can see and roam in the station and get out of it. Hordes of them are coming to visit friends or relatives and similar crowds are coming to the trains to stop.

Thus, the first thing that attacks a person by looking at the railway station is a medley of the types of crowds with different purposes. For some to go, some are coming, some are for people to see and some people are on the station to welcome.

There is a crowd of crowds on every platform of a railway station. Wherever the eye can see, there is a view of mankind. There is a continuous noisy of announcements on loudspeakers at the station, with the noise of the ever increasing crowd. Announcements are about trains, they have been announced to come and go for the benefit of the passengers, but, its nuisance is worth adding to noise.

To add to the movement of people's movement and announcements on station platforms, there is a continuous call to the vendors of different types of goods. There are sellers of food items, toys, water bottles and many other vendors.

It is also for the passengers, but it enhances the strong inclination of the noise in place of each platform. In addition to mobile trolley vendors, there are also some other mobile vendors and there are also some shops where food and tea are offered along with tea and coffee.

With these noise at the railway station, we find a fusion of emotional touches by dividing friends and relatives. Occasionally, we come out of a box with tears or even sobbing, which shows that they have loved so much.

On the other hand, we sometimes rejoice and cheer people as if they got the world in their lap and arms. It may be that they have met a loved one after a long time, or it may be that somebody has given the good news to them.

At the railway station we see many such places; Shows an hour or more of a life spent on the station. At the station we can see a lot of humankind and humanity.

This place is full of life even in the dead of the night. This is because at least at the major stations, trains come in all 24 hours of the day. The railway station is roaming with life every day and every night and that too every day.

I think, whenever someone feels bored or lonely, a visit to the railway station will definitely erase one's souls, and he will be alive and happy once again. The station is a place that unknowingly connects with different people for a long time, and even allows people to go away and use them separately - a place for diverse utilities. This is my friendly with the railway station.

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