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Essay on Travelling as a Means of Education - 950 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Travelling as a Means of Education in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students in 950 words.

"Travel in the younger sort, is a part of education in the eider, a pan: of experience. ''----Bacon,

Travel has become an integral part of modern life. We travel for business, sight-seeing and need. We go to Darjeeling to see a relative or to see the powerful Himalayas; We are full of bathing in the sea and bathing in the sea to emerge from the sea. We go to Kashmir to enjoy the beautiful view of the Valley of Gods and to see the glory of beautiful flowers and girls. We go to Haridwar to take a dip in the holy Ganga, we go to Agra for a friend's wedding and do not forget to visit the Taj, there is a poem in marble, but who travels to learn? Or are we thinking In Shrunkak Kanya Kumari

In ancient India, people did not like to travel for many reasons. Communication meant insecure and slow. Conservative opinion was against foreign travel. People who wanted to cross the high seas were threatened with social boycott. With the passage of time, that conservative opinion has now changed. Indians have started feeling the innumerable benefits of traveling normally.

If the nation knows each other more deeply then most of the misconceptions and disagreements are currently likely to be reduced. The Gulf between the different cultures will be eliminated and a kind of international culture can be produced. Thus travel is a great source of international harmony. In modern times, there are more opportunities for traveling than in the past. Due to the quick tools for travel by land, sea or air, we can go around the world in a few weeks. Traveling by plane has also become a possibility for an ordinary person.

Although the great purpose of acquiring knowledge can be completely disappearing in our programs of travel, it is certain that our experience of travel will benefit us in various ways. Bacon says that "In a small way, travel is a part of education, in Eder, a part of the experience, teaches better than travel books, and teaches that there is no factor in learning any meaning than the eye. We hear and still have doubts, we read, and still question and challenge, we rub our eyes and bow our shoulders. But if we go directly to the game, then all doubts come Rama is set on. Our doubts disappear, the book-wisdom is confirmed.

Life is real, life is practical, but what he learns from books is theoretical book knowledge, until the light of practical experience is modified, but often obstacles. The journey presents an opportunity for that, and helps to equip humans with the right weapons to fight the battle of life. Pope, the poet sang that 'the proper study of human beings is human', and the passenger comes in contact with different types of men, and thus obtains a better knowledge of man and his mind.

Though it may be compulsory for imagination, travel is necessary for men's understanding. Happiness and laughter, enthusiasm and tragedy, sympathy, hatred and reproduction - all should be learned in life from the raw that only the journey can bring us. With only a long experience and with opening your utensils on many beaches, where their language is not spoken, does the trader know about the value of whatever he takes, and what is vascular and his choice What is universal? Some delicate things are justice, level and respect, courtesy, and in fact the things we care about are valid everywhere, but they are made differently and often are different, and sometimes almost Are unfamiliar if you meet them in a foreign land; And the art of learning fundamental common values ​​is probably the biggest benefit of travel for those people who want to live easily in their pursuit.

Refines our knowledge gained from travel books. Roots root in thoughts heart The mental horizon has been enhanced. It makes us considerate in generosity. It spreads our approach. We stop to measure things in terms of our environment. We can take a broad view of things where we are independent of those things. The failure of the proverbial frog in the pond disappears in the air. Our vision has increased and we get new boundaries of knowledge that greet us. The more we are away from our house, the greater our heart becomes, and the more liberal we change.

History, geography, economics and sociology can be considered very well through class lectures through travel. Visit our book Knowledge Supplements Places like Kurukshetra, Marathon, Waterloo, Plassey, Fatepur-Sikri and Delhi call the glorious facts of history in our brain. A trip to historical places is interesting, director and upgrading. It publishes many dark chapters of history. The book of Geography only tells us about the climate, habits and attire of the people of the country. A visit to that country will give us the first knowledge of all these things. Many authors have written books on Travel Goldsmith's 'The Traveler, Swifts' Gulliver's Travels, Stevenson's Travels with a Gockeyie.

The journey brings us in contact with nature, and the dazzling beauty of the grandeur and nature leaves us on an impressive effect. When a man is at the top of the mountain, he feels his own anchor and feels the stomach of human conflict and conflicts, and a sense of excellence takes him into the higher plane. Apart from this there is no utilitarian objective, which is the main business of both travel and education as much as they can. Good days should be gathered in the grapes like sunlight, to be bold and bottled in alcohol and easily dunk next to your fire for ages.

There is no alternative for traveling. Eagerly enough, our life is a journey, from one room to another and in a bright new world from the death room. If there is nothing else, then we can be lean to better understand the meaning of travel by understanding our position at the global level).

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