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Important Information About Brazil

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Important Information About Brazil

Brazil is officially the largest country in the Federal Republic of Brazil, South America and Latin America. According to both area and population, it is the fifth largest country in the world. And it is the world's largest country to make Puttal language its official language. Similar information about Brazil - Brazil Information We have brought for you -

Brazil Information

In the east, the coast of Brazil, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, is 7,491 kilometers. All South American countries except Limo, Ecuador and Chile have limitations and these ranges cover up to 47.3% of the total underground area of ​​the country. Its unique ecological heritage makes Brazil one of the 17 megadiverse countries, and at the global level, people have shown interest in it and have tried to keep Brazil's environment safe.
Many tribal nations have settled in Brazil, before landing in 1500, Pedro Alvares Cabrell claimed that this place belongs to the Portuguese Empire. Until 1808 when the capital of the empire was transferred from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was confined to the Portuguese Colony. In 1815, the colony was elevated to state positions and the United Kingdom was established for the people of Portugal, Brazil and Algarvees. Brazil got independence in 1822, and when the Brazilian empire was also built, at that time it was a unitary state, which was ruled by monarchy and parliamentary system. 1824 After the ratification of the first Constitution, the bicameral Legislature was established, which was named after the National Congress in Varman. In 1889, Brazil became a Republican country. After this, authoritarian military rulers were given power in 1964 and by 1985 they ruled Brazil, and made Brazil a democratic federal republic. The union, together with the federal districts, has 26 states and 5,570 municipalities in Brazil.

According to the GDP rate, Brazil's economy is the world's ninth largest economy and according to the PPP rate, the seventh largest economy. BRICS was one of the fastest-growing economies by the country's economy, Brazil, by 2010. At the same time, with the improvement in the country's economy, the country has made its new identity internationally. The development of the National Bank of Brazil has played an important role in the economic development of the country. It is also a founding member of Brazil United Nations, G-20, BRICS, Ansul, Mercosul, Organization of American State, Organizations of Libero-American State, CPLP and Latin Union. In Latin America, Brazil also has a middle power in regional power and international affairs, as well as some experts also highlight the emerging country of Brazil in terms of powers. About the last 150 years Brazil has been the largest producer of coffee in the world.

Important dates in Brazil History

  • 1500 - Portuguese residents settled here and claimed to be the empire of Portugal.
  • 1822 - Portuguese King's son announced Brazil's independence from Portugal and made himself the first ruler of the Brazilian Empire.
  • 1888 - Slavery was abolished A year later, the monarchy system was also withdrawn from Brazil and the Federal Republic was established. For some time, European owners of coffee farming were dominated by the government.
  • 1930 - Nationalist and anti-Communist Gatulio Vergas has been entrusted with administrative power, made significant improvements by making changes in the industrial and social status of the country in its authoritarian regime of more than 15 years.
  • 1945 - Vergus was abducted and democratically resigned in the country.
  • 1960 - The country's capital Rio de Janeiro was transferred to a new and developed city, Brasilia.
  • 1964 - Left-wing President João Gaullet was ousted, coupled with the introduction of military ruler for two decades in which freedom of speech was suppressed and much attention was paid to the economic development of the country.
  • 1985 - Return of civilian government
  • 2002 - Wins the election of the famous left-wing President of Lula, Brazil, and becomes Brazil's first left-wing president.
  • 2016 - Lula's ally and successor Dilma Rousseff - was found guilty after being found guilty in the impeachment trial, and was removed from the position of President.

Interesting Facts about Brazil

1. For the first time in 1695, Brazil invented gold, and in the 18th century Brazil had much of the world's total gold reserves.

2. Brazilian prisoners can reduce their punishment by 4 days by writing a report on the book they read every month.

3. Brazil was once put to sell an aircraft carrier on e-Bay.

4. According to the report, about 6 million people visit Brazil every year.

5. At the end of the 18th century, rubber made Brazil one of the richest countries.

6. Brasil is ranked number 9 in the list of the world's top lumpeners.

7. Do you know that by hosting the Olympics in 2016 Brazil became the first South American country to do so.

8. Brazil also has a replica of the Statue of Liberty.

9. In the vicinity of Brazil and Argentina, the magnetic field of the Earth was found to be very weak, especially in the last 180 years.

10. An island of Brazil is also known as the island of snakes because there are 5 snakes on every square meter. Citizens are not allowed to visit this island.

11. There are 19 World Heritage Sites in UNESCO in Brazil.

12. Most of the monkeys are in Brazil.

13. Brazil is the world's tenth largest railroad and the third largest road network.

14. Prisoners in Brazil can also strike a stable cycle pedal to provide electricity in nearby villages. This reduces their punishment a few days.

15. The number of deaths per year in Brazil is very high.

16. About 180+ languages ​​are spoken in Brazil.

17. Brazilian Public Health System facilitates open gender change operations. It has also been included in the constitutional rights of the citizen.

18. Most species of mammals, plants and freshwater fish are found in Brazil.

19. Pele is a Brazilian footballer, who is famous all over the world. Brazil has won five times the FIFA World Cup.

20. Sand dunes in Brazil are more than 40 meters high.

21. There are a total of 13 cities in Brazil with a population of more than a million.

22. The climate of most parts of Brazil is tropical.

23. A cashew tree in Natal has covered the area of ​​7500 meters of Brazil.

24. In 2010, Brazil exported more than 5 million handguns, in that time Brazil became the largest exporting country of handguns.

25. There is at least one football stadium in every city of Brazil.

26. This thing is not linked to Brazil but then you should be aware of this, the Barak Lake is the deepest lake in the world.

27. Brazil is the world's largest market for crack cocaine.

28. The drink of sugarcane can be made into ice, sugars and pieces of grounded lemon, and Brazilian national drink can be made.

29. The first printing press was established in Brazil in 1808.

30. The Brazilian Football Confederation was established in 1914.

31. "Silva" is Brazil's most famous surname.

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