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Essay on Work and Home Management - A Double Load on Indian Women

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Work and Home Management - A Double Load on Indian Women in English language for students in 1000 words. In this article cover Topic : Indian working women try to balance job between home and workplace, In India, domestic front is regarded as women's responsibility, The daily routine of a working woman, The effects of double burden on their physical and psychological health, Double burden is for both urban and rural women and The way out to reduce 'double burden.

Most Indian women are involved in regular economic activity or productive work. This is in addition to their domestic work, which is defined as the responsibility of women. Generally, Indian men are not ready to contribute to their role in fulfilling household chores. Consequently, women are given the responsibility of taking double burdens of domestic work, taking care of their children and husband and their official employment outside the home.

The house is considered as the main place of women and work is to be secondary in an office or institution. We find, therefore working women trying to do a balanced work between home and workplace, which can be understood as a balance on a tight rope. It is common to see a working woman getting up early, working in the kitchen, preparing school for children. Eventually it is ready in haste and is reaching the office on time. Even at work, they have to pay 100% to complete the work given to them, hard work is required to get qualification for promotion. In the evening, to take part in family duties, domestic work and children's study, home It has to go back, it's far worse than a 'rat race' than men.

The double burden of taking a job and caring for a family is the biggest challenge of an Indian woman. As far as Indian women are concerned, this is one of the most serious problems in double burden or two day events, when someone thinks, this problem will get energized. Long-term impact of women's dual responsibilities and their productivity loss on their psychological and physical health.

A recent study found that, on men's average work, it is 96 minutes longer than men every day. It is one and a half hours every day when men are watching television or sleeping or getting beer with friends, the lady is working at home either in the office. Most working women expand their working day, not by cutting down on time of child care or by the time of production of the house, rather by reducing their 'holiday' time,

It is not limited to double urban urban areas. In rural areas, women work in fields as well as women throughout the day while working at home. In rural areas, women are involved in related activities such as animal husbandry, silk production, workers and farmers.

They have to look at the house with the break-breaking work of the whole day as well, working in a warm sunshine with a child in the fields is also tied to a blanket or cloth. This is a common sight in many rural areas of India. For women working at the work place, Crave or Child Care Center will be a unique idea. To add to this, they have to face domestic violence many times.

Vulnerable sex is a label for calling a woman; This is the injustice of a man to a woman, if it is the power of moral power, it is unequally powerful. If he was not sacrificing himself? Had he not been a great stamina symbol? Does he dare not tolerate it? Men are not equal It is called "a woman behind every successful person", the phrase should be changed "behind every successful family is a permanent mother and a thoughtful husband".

A woman is a combination of many forms, whose work is the most difficult in the world. This contribution of society is to accept its contribution and to encourage its efforts. The problems of working women need to be understood and understood. The 'double burden' can only be reduced by changing the minds of Indian women and patriarchal society, which women can see as their institutions, with which they can treat the way they like.

It is the responsibility of policy makers and planners to accept the double burden of women, to find ways to reduce it and eventually to provide relief to women. This should not be done by denying work opportunities for women, but by reducing the responsibilities of home and child care to make them more consistent with the economic roles of women. Some steps may be taken to increase the women's participation in all areas of work, maternity leave, day care center for children, increase in child care center or crew, gender sensitization, and improve the condition of women.

Importantly, the next generation of children should be made sensitive to their difficulties in place of home and work. This can improve the situation of Indian women, who are going through double burdens of work place while working at home.

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