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Essay on Is Sports (GAME) Losing its Integrity ?

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Is Sports (GAME) Losing its Integrity ? in English language for students in 1000 words. In this article cover Topic : Sports is a multi-billion dollar industry, IPL, Commonwealth Games exposed the spot-fixing, doping and match-fixing, Some India cricketers were banned for their involvement in match fixing, Negligence from the government leads the players towards bribery, match fixing. • Recent doping scandal.  and The government should intervene to check mal-practices.

Sports is a multi-billion dollar industry and covers billions of people all over the world. With the involvement of so many people, the bets are high; it has led fans of sports with corruption, scams, match-fixing, doping and betting. Even international events such as Olympic and Common Wealth Games have also been linked to various scandals. Match-fixing has found its place in almost all games that are played all over the world. Match-fixing occurs when the match is played entirely or partially with predefined results, violates the rules of the game, and often the law is spot-fixing in the form of a minor, in which a ball or a wide delivery in cricket There is no time.

The advent of Twenty-Twenty cricket has made it more difficult to detect spot-fixing. Many alleged middlemen and bookmakers have given chance to the players to cash in on the money to get results in their desired side. In the Indian Premier League and Commonwealth Games, spot fixing, match fixing and corruption were detected in various sports. Cricket, known as the game of gentleman, has begun to lose its shine under the burden of such anomalies.

Many of the names of Indian cricketers involved in the notorious match-fixing and spot fixing scandal were restricted. Indian captain Mohammed Azharuddin was nominated in a match fixing scandal. He was banned by the BCCI to play international and domestic cricket. However, this ban was later removed because there was no concrete evidence against it. This happened during the domestic series against South Africa in 1999-2000. Ajay Jadeja was also named after this name. Sreesanth was inducted into the spot-fixing scandal during the IPL 2013 series. As a result, they were banned from playing cricket for their life. Although betting is illegal, it can be viewed extensively during cricket matches, the development of the internet and social media has led connectivity, which has increased gambling and betting activities during various matches.

IPL is a huge money-deep league involving many funding through sponsorship and advertising arrangements or through the purchase of television rights, teams and players. The Commonwealth Games scandal exposes corruption and deep rooted corruption. The companies acquired the contract of infrastructure to build Commonwealth Village and use illegal routes, which resulted in the result of poor quality infrastructure.

In addition, the use of performance-enhancing drugs, anabolic steroids and recreational drugs has brought down the credibility of athletes seriously. These drugs are used to increase performance and improve the endurance of a person.

Most of the time it is money which is used as a fodder for attracting players. Except cricket, most of our players are not paid well, many such players who have won the title for the country at international level are not recognized.

They are like night stars, from time to time the media has reported the poor condition of the players who won the title internationally for the country, but now they are living unhappy life. Their efforts are not accepted by the government and various sports organizations. This is what attracts the player for bribery, corruption and match-fixing.

Doping tests are done to confirm the consumption of medicines by the players and athletes. There have been cases where other players' food and drinks have been prepared by their rivals so that the players failed in the doping test.

This is done to spoil the reputation of the player and exclude the competition. After joining doping, Indian wrestler Narasimha Yadav has been banned for four years by the Court of Arbitration (CAS) for the game.

As a result, he was banned from participating in the Rio Olympics. Narasimhan repeatedly complained that fellow players had lowered their food. He got a clean chit from the National National Doping Agency (NADA), but he could not do it with the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA).

Various national and international level athletes have often complained of lack of funds and playgrounds for practice, there is considerable difference in the conditions of home grounds and international pitches where the games are actually played. That's why they have to support drugs to enhance the performance that matches international standards.

The government needs to intervene to keep a check on increasing corruption. Players and Q-Coaches have to give proper credits in their context for their performance in various competitions. All games and games should be given equal importance.

In order to meet the international standards, the game infrastructure should be upgraded. The government should invest in building sports related infrastructure. In addition, training workshops should be organized regularly. In the case of training workshops, instructors of international standards should be included to teach the complexities of the game.

A proper selection and regulatory mechanism should be followed for players selection and short list. This is an area where corruption is widely practiced.

Schools and educational institutions can contribute to making the game an important part of the curriculum.

The last but at least this is the integrity of any game and the commitment of a player that matters. They need respect and protection of those games which are connected. All games teach a person enough to play and maintain the true sense of sports. Players should keep in mind the fact that they are ideal for many youngsters. Therefore, to set good examples for their followers, it becomes their moral duty. Integrity, honesty and integrity should be the essential qualities of a player. By joining illegal routes, he can get short-term fame and money. But in the end, it is their talents and capabilities that will make them the winner in the race of life.

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