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Essay on India America Relations

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on India America Relations in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 840 words.

India and the United States are the two great and largest masses on the political stage of the world. Being the nutritional of democratic traditions, the dominance of both is also considered to be extremely important in the world. Both believe in humanist and mixed economy too. Are the seekers of world peace and worshipers, yet will it not be said to be the eighth or ninth wonder of the world since the days of India's independence in the interpersonal relations of both countries, except for a few days of President Kennedy's reign Leaving aside, real harmony could never have come. Although not familiar with this historic fact, when India was struggling to achieve independence, then in the countries of the world, India was receiving the highest support and sympathy from the United States. What is its root cause? One is that because America is a developed and wealthy country, the US wants to keep India under its own pressure, similar to other small countries, while India is only on the basis of equality and humanitarian beliefs, Wants to have a favorable relationship with America. But this type of neutral practice of India is not tolerating the US, it is surprising.

Apart from these main reasons, there are some other reasons for the India-US superficial relationship. When India became independent, then the American desire was that it would become a member of its power-group. But India declared itself a neutral nation. Worried about this, the US started to indulge in Pakistan's indiscriminate support. Knowers say that to woo communist Russia, America wants to set up its military base at Gilgitikatal, etc. in Kashmir, but India refuses. Stressing the fact that in the year 1948, after inciting Pakistan, not only did the tribal-invasion of Kashmir, but also on the level of the Kashmir issue in the United States, at every level, that the Kashmir region should be found to Pakistan, Desire can be fulfilled Because of the use of the privilege of Russia, when he could succeed in it, he filled the small cup of Pakistan with arms from the arms to the extent that he first started running towards India in 1965 and again in 1972. It is a different matter that India's military power has responded on both sides according to its great tradition, but America's shamelessness is worth seeing. Even now, it continues to provide equality to the Pakistani dictatorship. Despite the country's population, a great Janantarya country, on the occasion of wars, to put pressure on India, both of them later turned their 7th fleet into India in the Indian Ocean. Not only this, firstly, P.L. India, on the occasion of the Indo-Pak war, on 1965, on the occasion of Pak-India, to put pressure on India for the sake of Pakistan, after keeping the country's rotten wheat wheat under the agreement of 480, India did not allow the food grains to become self-reliant. And the ship carrying wheat came in the middle of the sea route, so that while hungry, India would be forced to seek refuge from America. But the self-respecting India did not do this, and the US and its pet Pakistan had to eat the mouth. Even though he is a Janantri, he has done a lot of humiliation with democracy by supporting dictators and is still doing it, history will decide his disgusting work. In such a heinous moments, Indian bravery has emerged even more intense, all of them know.

As far as India is concerned, he always wanted that his relations with the US be good due to being a democratic country. But American policy has always been a disincentive for India. Even today, terrorists wanting to isolate Punjab from India are openly open in America. Even today, it is helping Pakistan's unnecessary and fearsome modern arms to resist and defy India. In the path of progress of India and its development plans, the same CBI. And he himself tries to make hitchhad bent. Compared to other countries, there is a lot of restrictions on the trade of Indian exports and also have special rules. He is also pressurized to put pressure on binding in nuclear-non-proliferation treaty.

In such a situation, how can there be a real improvement in good relations and also create a harmonious environment? The above relationships do not seem to be so bad. Trade and some support work also reflect mutual cooperation, but the American goal? He could not become easily human by rising above the pressure of policy. This is the main reason for having a crack in relations. Of course this is a very sad situation.

A purely humanist example approach is needed to improve relations. As long as the American approach remains vested with selfish and orphaned moods, so long as there are abusive relationships, there will be nothing special. This initiative has to be done by the US only. It is necessary to move forward itself to a purely human approach. Only then can the two world's great democracy become true friends and allies.

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