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Essay on Gardening - Importance - Pleasure - My Hobby - Advantages in English in Very Simple Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Gardening - Importance - Pleasure - My Hobby - Advantages in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams.


1 - Essay on Importance of Gardening - 250 Words

Plants are absolutely essential for life. Any basic work from breathing to eating will not be possible without plants. Plants not only act as food sources but also release oxygen and help maintain the water table. The simple fact of this matter is that without plants we can not survive

Importance of Gardening

While many plants grow in the wild, people cultivate and grow some plants, bushes and shrubs in their homes or yards. This activity is known as Gardening. Although it may appear as a hobby for some, the fact is that Gardening is really beneficial and therefore, it is important for us.

Gardening is a fairly physical activity. It involves weeding, disinfection, planting of plants, cutting, deforestation and harvesting - all these require physical work from the gardener. Therefore, it becomes an excellent combination of your exercise routine.

Gardening is also a very practical activity. This allows you to grow your vegetables and fruits and ensures that you have healthy meals on the table. When you harvest vegetables from your garden, you know that you are getting the most fresh produce.

For aesthetics gardening appeals to the human need of beauty. Decorative gardening is in our favor which is pleased with the beauty. In addition, flowers are a part of most occasions like birth, anniversary, marriage, birthday and funeral.

Gardening also helps in accelerating the problem-solving skills. Researching the best practices for developing your garden, experimenting with various techniques and designing irrigation systems that work for you, help you to improve your skills in creativity, problem solving and planning.


Most people reject gardening as a hobby only. They can ignore or reduce the benefits you get from gardening regularly. The fact is that it is much more than an entertaining activity. Imagine how the world would look like without any garden.


2 - Essay on Pleasure of Gardening - 300 Words

Although gardening is a fairly physical activity, but it can also be a very relaxing one. It is also remarkably versatile; A garden can be from a single-potted plant to the entire greenhouse or yard. Apart from this, seeing something alive, growing and flourishing due to your efforts can be a very satisfying experience. Gardening is often called pleasant, with many reasons.

Happiness of gardening

The modern world is a fast-paced world. Everyone is in a hurry or very busy. Even when people have free time, they prefer to fill it with some type of work. However, by its nature, gardening is a slow activity. It encourages you to slow down, reunites with nature and learns to enjoy pleasure in doing something instead of doing it because it is necessary.

If you just take time to stop and enjoy them, then gardening can provide you many pleasures. Finding the right kinds of plants for your garden can make you feel a sense of accomplishment. If you have enough space, you can plan a small pond or an entertainment site in your garden, which can be a shelter for yourself to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. If you have special flowers, you can include them in specific places in your garden. Every time you get out, you will see these flowers blooming, which will give you a sense of well-being.


Many people may find that gardening is not fit in the 21st century, which is about to move fast and achieve quick results. However, the opposite is true; Gardening provides you with the world's rigors and a safe shelter for your life, so that you can slow down your manic space and just be.


3 - Essay on Gardening is My Hobby - 350 Words

The full meaning of hobbies is to spend a time in both comfort and useful ways. Different people have different hobbies, that is, people are different in their thoughts that help them to relax. Some common favors preferred by many people are philosophically, numerology, swimming, photography and gardening. Having a hobby not only gives you comfort, but it also gives you the boost of energy that helps you in your professional life.

Gardening as a Hobby

The gardener needs considerable labor on the part of the gardener. For this reason, some people wonder how this can comfort you because a hobby is considered. However, such people who like gardening, can relax only to feel the earth on their palms or get a quiet moment or even help in making beauty.

If you want to take horticulture as a hobby and have no prior experience with it, then it is best to research gardening for you. You can do it with the help of gardening and online websites books. Also keep in mind that it is easy or difficult to take care of different plants on the basis of plants. New gardener can be quite confused easily. However, following some basic suggestions helps in developing your garden.

The best part of horticulture as a horticulture is that it can be done anywhere. If you have a yard, you can make a garden there. If your living space is small, then you can arrange the plants in some rooms and take care of them.


Gardening is a great hobby for everyone from working professionals to retirees. This allows you to connect with your environment and nature. However, it is important to remember that you should not just jump from both feet or your efforts in gardening are bound to fail. Instead, learn as much as you can, take basic tips and tricks and take baby steps. You will find that when proper attention is given, then a garden can calm your soul and gardening can calm you and focus.


4 - Essay on Gardening Recreation to the Mind - 400 Words

The 21st century is an instant era of everything - instant coffee, instant mile, instant order, instant mail, instant communication and, most importantly, instant results Theoretically, all these immediate things are meant to empty your time. However, in fact, the more time you are free, the more work you have to do. Consequently, not only do you have to do everything in a moment, but also add other things, which are required to be done immediately. It is no wonder that people burn relatively fast these days. We are setting a speed that is impossible to keep without negative results. Not only our body opposes through different conditions and syndrome, but also through our mental illnesses and stress, we oppose our brain.

Gardening as Entertainment for the Mind

Gardening requires a lot of physical work, a factor that many people reject it and also on everything else. However, this is only one aspect of gardening. Other lesser known aspects, or rather that aspect which only becomes clear when you are actually in the garden, is a great restraint that your mind can experience during gardening.

By its nature, gardening is a slow process. There is no quick satisfaction here. Instead, when you take time on it and pay attention to the details, it gives your best results. More importantly, manual labor leaves your body free to illuminate anything and all things - something that is becoming scarcer in manic speed of life. It also teaches you the value of waiting for some things; They are better for waiting and you enjoy them more. Think of the delicate beggars plant that you have made Babylon in blooming. Effort takes time and energy in your part, but the end result is beautiful for the senses.

Gardening also allows you to be in the presence of nature, even if that presence is a small plant. As the plants grow and flourish, you feel satisfied with the well done work. The hours you put in your garden give beautiful results that make your mind happy and satisfied, reduce tension and allow your brain to relax.


In a fast paced, frantic and stressful life, your garden becomes an oasis of calm and peace. You can relax by spending one hour working on your garden, reducing the level of stress and allowing your brain to rejoice in the peace that is offered to your garden. There can not be any more entertainment for your mind.


5 - Essay on Advantages of Gardening - 450 Words

Gardening is often seen as an activity in a modern fast-moving world. People are wondering why they should spend some time in leisure time as well as in horticulture. However, gardening is not about making your environment more pleasing than beauty; It is also about the many benefits you provide.

Benefits of Gardening

  • Health Benefits - Gardeningis a very physical activity. Incorporating an hour or an hour of gardening can do wonders for your health, the most obvious benefit of losing weight. It does not stop there - Studies have shown that horticulture helps lower cholesterol and reduce blood pressure and reduce stress and depression. Studies also show that seeing only one garden is enough to affect blood pressure, heart, muscles and even electrical activity in the brain. It generates feelings of peace and tranquility and can be very medicinal as a whole.
  • Environmental benefits - There can be no denying the fact that human presence has affected the environment very much. However, we can reduce and reduce this effect by gardening. Plants leave oxygen after taking in carbon dioxide, which creates fresh air and clean air. Plants also stop soil erosion because their root system catches the soil. Rain garden prevents you from gathering rain water and mixing pollutants with lakes and currents. If there is a skilled landscape design around your home, it can help keep the house warm in winter and keep it cool in the summer, which can reduce your energy consumption by up to 20 percent.
  • Property Value Increase - From a purely aesthetic point of view, a well-maintained garden connects its property value to the house by increasing its curb appeal. It can encourage people to apply for an average house in proportionately faster than property.
  • Vegetable Growth - Growing vegetables in your garden is twice the advantage for you. For one thing, you do not have to worry about using pesticides and chemicals on vegetables because you really know what you have used to help them grow. Secondly, by giving you and your family the most basic way you get a huge sense of self-satisfaction.


As you continue the horticulture path, you will learn more and become more efficient. As you know more, you will be able to consider more possibilities for your garden. Gardening does not help you physically, it also helps you mentally. Apart from this, it allows you to contribute to environmental health and even your own table. Though gardening results in relatively slow results, those results leave a deep impression and are very long lasting.


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