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Essay on The Future of English in India - 925 Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on The Future of English in India in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and IAS, IPS banking or other competitive exams students in 925 words.

"The English language with its great literary heritage is to play a huge creative role in the great work of creating a free India, it is no longer the language of any particular people or country, English can be called global language globally. We should benefit ourselves from this universal language, which is the medium of establishing an international interaction between nations in the whole world. . 'Jawahar Lal Nehru.

There has been a glorious past in the English language in India. During British rule, English enjoyed its day of power. English has a tremendous impact in every walk of life. It became a symbol of fashion and dignity for speaking and writing in pure English. But when India became independent in 1947, the tide turned against it. Since then, the situation of English in India has become somewhat uncertain. There has been a fundamentalist change in the rules and reputation of this language. The question of retention or rejection of this language has given rise to the bitter controversy, teachers, academics, administrator politicians and diplomats are very concerned about the place of English in the modern set-up of Indian education.

English was introduced by Lord Macaulay to increase the English class to know the British to help the British in running British administration of English to the British. Over time, it helped many Indians to join attractive government jobs, but at the same time, it rejected the Indians.

Retention of English in India is strongly opposed to many scores. Firstly it is a foreign language and not one of the soil. It is harmful to our national reputation to give importance and protection. Its spelling, pronunciation and syntax are so foreign that very few Indians can claim to be right about themselves. Therefore, it is subject to misuse, secondly, the number of people who read, write and speak this language in India is very small in India. Most of the work done in English can be done more easily in any Indian language. Third, as a medium of education in colleges and universities of India, English students are doing unnecessary losses for proper intellectual development. A vast majority of students fail to follow the lessons through English. The very thinking and understanding of the student is warped and stunted under the weight of a sensible language. Fourth, the spread of English is harmful to the development of Indian culture. Each language is meaningful in its social context. Therefore, the British can never mean for the mediators what it means for the British. Retention of English in India will be a symbol of the complete intellectual slavery of Indians only. Although the British gave India political freedom, but they left English as a sign of their cultural victory.

These objections have been completed from different levels. The argument is that the path of English development is standing, as far as its foreignness is concerned, it is said that if English is foreign, then Sanskrit too is also in Arya invaders in our country, so foreigners appeal to false feelings The logic is that it is difficult to describe each language, its own talent and its own difficulties. The difficulty of any language or the other should be done in its utility. According to the argument that very few Indians know English, the point is once accepted. So the arguments against any language will be as difficult to English; Regarding the medium of instructions, it should only be said that the majority of standard functions in the humanities are good in science. For so long we are not available standard translation of these classical works, it is necessary that the English medium be maintained in our colleges and universities, then the effort to make English natural for English and social social context has already been done. Are going A study of English is leading to the promotion of our culture.

English literature has given us a new source of happiness Our literature was very poor Our poem was one-sided and stale, we did not even know any novels or even short stories. English gave us first-class novels, amazing plays and excellent short stories. It gave a new kind of poem, it gives us newspapers and periodicals. These periodical journals and magazines provide up-to-date information about everything happening in scientific, philosophical, economic and political fields. Jawaharlal Nehru once said, "We should not forget for a moment that master language is the owner of countless bins of human knowledge." This key to being deprived of any effort of its own is the medium of intellectual and cultural efforts. '

This fact is not denied that English is the richest language in the world and it will be a sin to ignore it. We should not forget that it will be a work of stupidity. We have many things for the English language, it has started the Indians in the treasures of western ideas and literature. We want to know the concepts of democracy, self-reliance, self-government, scientific development, mechanization and international understanding through English alone. The old soldiers of Indian independence were at large scale in the pursuit of English ideas and culture.

It is certain that English should not be enjoyed in the prevailing conditions in modern India and it should not be compulsory for Indian students. This study will be optional and should be optional, students of international politics and science students, literature and language can be asked to study deeply and thoroughly. Reads English or any other foreign language as French, Russian, or Sanskrit or German or French.

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