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A Scene at Railway Station

Feed by Kumar Sanu Cat- Essay

My father with my elder sister was going to Kanpur the other day to attend the marriage party of my cousin brother. I went to the railway station to see them off. It was pleasing sight at the railway station.

Many taxis, cars, scooters, rickshaws and tongas were packed outside the waiting hall. The waiting hall was full of passengers. There was long queue of people at booking window. People were buying their tickets one by one. The coolies were busy. They were carrying the luggage of the people to the platform or from platform to outside. My father bought a platform ticket for me. He hired a coolie to carry our luggage. We reached at platform from where the train was to depart.

The railway platform was the world in itself. The old and young, the rich and poor, educated or illiterate were there belonging to different communities as some were Hindu's, some were Muslims, some were Sikhs still others were foreigners. They all had one aim that was waiting for the train. Some talked of business, others politics, still others courts and colleges but the arrival of train haunted the mind of all. The only subject that interests everyone was the time of the arrival of the train.

The platform looked like a much of all with shining bags, huge bundles and dirty trunks. Ladies sit on their luggage. Some people were sitting on the benches. Some were standing with cigarette in hands and stills others were moving here and there waiting for the train to steam in. The whole atmosphere was full of noises, voices or cries of children. Above all were the voices of hawkers, who hawk their goods shouting at the top of their voices as it by force of habit.

There was a lot of noise when the train arrived. Every one moves briskly. The whole scene looked to be of battlefield. Some were searching for their compartment and seats and others who did not have reserved seat on their home were rushing here and there in search of unreserved compartment. As the train was to depart, came down from compartment. On platform a large number of people were there who had came to see off their relatives or some family members. Most of them were standing with folded hands.

After the train had started. I come out of the platform. I hired a taxi and come back home.

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