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Essay on Science and Technology

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New inventions in the field of science and technology have played a great role in modernizing the daily life-style of the people. To keep students connected to the present and test their common knowledge about new inventions, they can be given to write an essay on the subject of science and technology. Here we are providing some simple and easy essays on science and technology with the aim of helping students write better essays in essay competition. Here you can find essay on Science and Technology (Science and Technology Essay) in English language in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 400 words.

Essay on science and technology 1 (100 words)

In many areas the advancement of science and technology has made people's lives more advanced than the ancient times. On the other hand, the advancement of science and technology has influenced the lifestyle of people directly and positively, although on the other hand it has also indirect and negative impact on the health of the people. In this modern world, for a nation to be strong, powerful and well-developed from other countries, new inventions are necessary in the field of science and technology. In this competitive society, we need more techniques to grow and become a successful person in life.

Essay 2 on science and technology (150 words)

Development, whether it belongs to a country or a person, it is associated with the proper growth and development of techniques in many ways. The technological advancement is there, where there are new inventions in science through high skill and professional scientists. We can say that there is a common partnership between each other in technical, science and development. Development in the field of science and technology is very important for people of any country to run side by side with the people of other countries. The development of science and technology depends on the analysis of the facts and the proper understanding. The development of technology depends on the methods of application of various scientific knowledge in the right direction.

In order to promote the economy of any country and to improve the lives of people, the latest knowledge, technology, science and engineering (engineering) are essential fundamental objects. In the absence of science and technology, one country lags and the possibilities of developing it can be minimal.


Essay on Science and Technology 3 (200 words)

As we all know, we are living in the time of science and technology. All of us are very much dependent on scientific inventions and modern day techniques. Science and technology have influenced the lives of people on a large scale. It has made life easy, simple and fast. In the new era, the development of science has become very necessary to bring the trend of motorized vehicles by eliminating the era of bullock cart. Every aspect of science and technology modernization has been implemented in every nation. Modern equipment has been explored to properly operate every field of life and to solve almost all the problems. It was not possible to get all the benefits without applying it in medical, education, infrastructure, energy generation, information technology and other areas.

Whatever improvements we have seen in our daily life are all due to the development of science and technology. For the proper development and growth of the country, it is very important to walk with science and technology. The villages are now being developed as cities and towns are in the form of cities and in this way there has been development in the areas of economy. Our country India is a country with rapid growth in terms of science and technology.

Essay 4 on Science and Technology (250 words)

Science and technology in society have become the subject of debate. On the one hand, it is necessary for the modern life, where other countries are constantly developing in the field of technical and science, while it becomes necessary for other countries too, that they are equally powerful for future protection And scientific development has become very much needed to grow well. It is the science and technology that has helped other weak countries to become more powerful and powerful. For the betterment of humanity and for the betterment of life we ​​must always seek the help of science and technology. If we do not help the techies; For example, we will never be financially strong in the future and we will always be backward, even in the future, we can not survive in this competitive and technological world.

Examples of science and technology are medical, education, economy, sports, jobs, tourism etc. All these advances show us how both are essential from our life equally. We can see the difference in our life-style by clearly comparing the ways of life of the ancient times and the ways of the modern times. The high level of scientific and technological advancement in the field of medicine has simplified the treatment of many diseases that were not previously possible. Help in the effective treatment of physicians (doctors) in the treatment of this disease through medicines and operations, help in researching diseases like cancer, AIDS, diabetes, alzheimer's, paralysis etc. Does.


Essay on science and technology 5 (300 words)

Applying science and technology to people's lives is a very old way, which is in vogue from the time of the Indus Valley Civilization. It has been found that, nearly five inventions were made to find fire and wheels. Both inventions are called the father of all the technical inventions of the present time. Through the invention of fire, people had to know about the power of energy for the first time. From then on, the interest grew in people and they started making more difficult efforts to research on many means to make life-style easier and easier.

India has been the most famous country in the world since ancient times, however, after its slavery, it lost its identity and strength. After achieving independence in 1947, it has started reclaiming its lost strength and identity in the crowd. It was only science and technology, which has given India its true identity throughout the world. India has now become a rapidly developing country through its new inventions in the field of science and advanced technology. Science and technology is playing an important role in the field of modern people's needs and needs.

Some examples of advancement in technical, establishment of railway system, establishment of Metro, railway reservation system, internet, super computer, mobile, smart phone, online access to people in almost all areas, etc. The Government of India is building more opportunities in the development of the country with better technical development, and many educational institutions (Indian organizations for advancement in science). Some famous scientists from India who made technological advances possible in India (through their notable scientific research in various fields), some of them were Sir J.C. Bose, S.N. Bose, C.V. Raman, Dr. Homi J. Bhabha, Srinivasa Ramanujan, father of nuclear energy, Dr. Har Gobind Singh Khurana, Vikram Sarabhai etc.

Essay on science and technology 6 (400 words)

Science and technology play an important role in modern life and it has influenced human civilization by going deep into it. Technical advancement in modern life has given us very much insight into the whole world. Scientific revolutions caught their full speed in the 20th century and became even more advanced in the 21st century. We have entered into a new century with all the systems for good for new ways and people. Modern culture and civilization have become dependent on science and technology because they have become an integral part of life according to the need and need of the people.

India has become an important source of creative and fundamental scientific development and in all the perspectives around the world. All great scientific discoveries and technical achievements have improved the Indian economic situation in our country and have created many new approaches to the new generation to develop a technologically advanced environment. Many new scientific research and development possible in the field of mathematics, architecture, chemistry, astronomy, medicine, metallurgy, natural philosophy, physics, agriculture, health care, pharmaceuticals, astrophysics, atomic energy, space technology, application, defense etc. Have been.

The introduction of scientific research, ideas and techniques in the field of education has brought a huge change in the new generation at large and has given a variety of new and innovative opportunities to work in their own interests. Modern science in India has made people aware of their constant and hard efforts by the scientists. India's scientist is great, who has made scientific progress of the highest international caliber.

Technical development in any area enhances the economy of any country. In order to improve the power of science and technology in India, the Government of India established the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research in 1942 and the Board of Scientific and Industrial Research in 1940. In order to emphasize the development of science and technology in the country, the Indian government has established a series of research institutes in national laboratories and various fields.

After independence, for the national development of our country, our country has started promoting the spread and spread of science. Various policies created by the government have emphasized on self-sufficiency and sustainable development and growth throughout the country. Both Science and Technology have done exceptionally well in economic development and social development in the country.

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