History of Java Language

Features of Java Language

Java Installation: Downloading, Installing and Setting Path

How to Write, Compile and Run Your First Java Program?

What is .class File and Bytecode in Java?

JVM: Java Virtual Machine Architecture and Structure

Data Types and Naming Conventions in Java

Type Casting in Java


History of Java

Features of Java

Simple Program

Internal Details of Hello Java Program

How to set path in Java

Difference between JDK, JRE and JVM

Internal Details of JVM

Variable and Datatype

Unicode System


Fibonacci series in Java

Prime Number Program in Java

Palindrome Program in Java

Factorial Program in Java

Armstrong Number in Java

Selection Sort in Java

Insertion Sort in Java

Bubble Sort in Java

Java OOPs Concepts

Naming conventions

Object and Class

Method Overloading

Constructors in Java

This keyword

Java static keyword



Method Overriding

Covariant Return Type

Super keyword

Instance initializer block:

Final Keyword


Static Binding and Dynamic Binding

Java instanceof

Abstract class


Difference between abstract class and interface

Java Package

Access Modifiers


Object class

Object Cloning


Wrapper class

Call by Value and Call by Referenc

Strictfp Keyword

Creating API Document | javadoc tool

Command Line Arguments

Difference between object and class

Difference between method overloading and method overriding in java


Immutable String

Java String compare

String Concatenation


String class methods

StringBuffer class

StringBuilder class

Difference between String and StringBuffer

Difference between StringBuffer and StringBuilder

How to create Immutable class?

toString() method


String charAt

String compareTo

String concat

String contains

String endsWith


Exception Handling


Multi catch block

Nested try block

finally block

throw keyword

Exception propagation

throws keyword

Difference between throw and throws

Difference between final, finally and finalize

ExceptionHandling with MethodOverriding

Custom Exception

Inner Class

Member inner class

Anonymous inner class

Local inner class

static nested class

Nested Interface


Life cycle of a Thread (Thread States)

How to create thread

Thread Scheduler

Sleep method

Start a thread twice

What if we call run() method directly instead start() method?

The join() method

Naming a thread

Priority of a Thread (Thread Priority)

Daemon Thread

Thread Pool


Shutdown Hook

Perform single task by multiple threads