Getting Start

Keywords and Identifier

List of Keywords

Statement, Indentation and Comments

Variables and Datatypes

Input, Output and Import


if...else if...else and Nested if

FOR Loop

while Loop

break and continue Statement

pass Statement

Looping Techniques


Built-in Functions

User-defined Functions

Function Arguments


Anonymous/Lambda Function



Numbers, Type Conversion and Mathematics

Math Module

Random Module






File Operation

Directory and Files Management

Built-in Exceptions

Exception Handling - Try, Except and Finally

User-Defined Exception

Namespace and Scope

Objects and Class


Multiple Inheritance

Operator Overloading






Print Hello world!

Add Two Numbers

Find the Square Root

Calculate the Area of a Triangle

Generate a Random Number

Solve Quadratic Equation

Generate a Random Number

heck Leap Year

Check if a Number is Odd or Even

Check if a Number is Positive, Negative or Zero

Convert Celsius To Fahrenheit

Convert Kilometers to Miles

Display the multiplication Table

Find the Factorial of a Number

Print all Prime Numbers in an Interval

Check Prime Number

Find the Largest Among Three Numbers

Display Powers of 2 Using Anonymous Function

Find the Sum of Natural Numbers

Find Armstrong Number in an Interval

Check Armstrong Number

Print the Fibonacci sequence

Find LCM

Find HCF or GCD

Find ASCII Value of Character

onvert Decimal to Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal

Find Numbers Divisible by Another Number

Find Sum of Natural Numbers Using Recursion

Display Fibonacci Sequence Using Recursion

Display Calendar

Shuffle Deck of Cards

Find Factors of Number

Remove Punctuations From a String

Multiply Two Matrices

Transpose a Matrix

Add Two Matrices

Convert Decimal to Binary Using Recursion

Find Factorial of Number Using Recursion

Find Hash of File

Find the Size (Resolution) of Image

Count the Number of Each Vowel

Merge Mails

Sort Words in Alphabetic Order

Illustrate Different Set Operations

calculates miles-per-gallon

It is a good template to use when starting a new program

How to rotate text

Use an array to animate and track multiple objects

Move an object with the mouse

Count up and count down timers

Move a sprite with the mouse and collect blocks

Move a sprite around the screen, but not let it move through walls

More complex version of prior example, with multi-colored walls, and multiple rooms

Display bitmapped images (png, jpg) to a screen. Make sounds.

Control a snake as it moves around the screen.

Swap Numbers in Cyclic Order Using Call by Reference

Remove all Characters in a String Except Alphabet