WPF vs. WinForms

Visual Studio Express

Hello, WPF!

What is XAML?

Basic XAML

Events in XAML

A WPF Application

The Window Class

Working with App.xaml

Command-line parameters

The ability to store data as a resource

Handling exceptions

The TextBlock control

The TextBlock control - Inline formatting

The Label control

The TextBox control

The CheckBox control

The RadioButton control

The PasswordBox control

Control ToolTips

Controlling text rendering

Introduction to WPF panels

Canvas control

WrapPanel control

DockPanel control

Grid Control

Introduction to WPF data binding

Hello, bound world!

Using the DataContext

The UpdateSourceTrigger property

Responding to changes

Value conversion with IValueConverter

StringFormat property

Debugging data bindings

Introduction to WPF Commands

Using WPF commands

Implementing a custom WPF Command

The MessageBox



Creating a custom input dialog

WPF Menu control


ToolBar control

WPF StatusBar control

Introduction to WPF Rich Text controlsl

FlowDocumentScrollViewer control

FlowDocumentPageViewer control

FlowDocumentReader control

Creating a FlowDocument from Code-behind

Advanced FlowDocument content

RichTextBox control

How-to: Creating a Rich Text Editor

Border control

Slider control

ProgressBar control

WebBrowser control

WindowsFormsHost control

Using the WPF TabControl

Tab positions

WPF TabControl: Styling the TabItems

List Items Control

ListBox control

ComboBox control

Introduction to the ListView control

A simple ListView example

ListView, data binding and ItemTemplate

How-to: ListView with left aligned column names

ListView grouping

ListView Sorting

How-to: ListView with column sorting

ListView filtering

TreeView Control introduction

A Simple TreeView Example

TreeView, data binding and multiple templates

Treeview Selection/Expansion state

Lazy loading TreeView items

Intro DataGrid control

DataGrid columns

DataGrid with row details

Introduction to WPF styles

Using WPF styles

Trigger, DataTrigger & EventTrigger

WPF MultiTrigger and MultiDataTrigger

Trigger animations


Multi-threading with the BackgroundWorker

Cancelling the BackgroundWorker

Playing audio

Playing video

How-to: Creating a complete Audio/Video player

Speech synthesis (making WPF talk)

Speech recognition (making WPF listen)