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Essay on Ad effect of society

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We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Impact of Advertisement on Society in English language for students in 1000 words. In this article cover Topic : What is an advertisement ?, The history of advertisement, Positive aspects of advertisement, Negative aspects of advertisement, Private companies spend huge money in advertisement and Government and the celebrities have some responsibility to create awareness through advertisement.

Before looking at the advertising effect, we have to see what the advertisements mean. An advertising marketing is a form of communication that is used to promote or sell an item, usually a business product or service. Advertising is not anything, but with an identity to inform information about an idea, product or service, non-personalized presentations or promotions of ideas, goods or services are paid by the sponsor and sells or sells the product Increase in quantity The real purpose of advertising is effective communication between producers and consumers.

The history of advertising dates back to 3000 BC. In the Babylonian civilization, historians and archaeologists have disclosed the evidence where the eye catching signs and pictures were displayed outdoors. In addition, archaeologists have discovered evidence in the Roman civilization, where hints were displayed outside the homes of homes for rent. Later, during the medieval period, traders employed 'seriers' who read public notices and also praised the goods sold by their merchants. In modern times, advertisements are shown through print media, newspapers, magazines; Digital platform, i.e. radio, TV, internet etc. and provides mass marketing facilities.

Positive aspects of advertising

Some advertisements serve a public purpose through spreading awareness among the public. They help educate the audience about any issue or concern about the 'Jago Garahak Jago' campaign of the Indian government or Lifeboy advertising, to maintain cleanliness at home and to spread awareness about its impact on people's health. . Another positive effect of advertising is the emphasis on social values ​​through them. Awareness about the harmful effects of drugs, such as tobacco or alkol or drugs etc. Such advertisements have a social message for the public and it spreads far into the whole country.

Through advertising, we can spread the information or speed of a campaign, and along with the results that reach far, the ads can basically help in educating people, because of giving polio drops to children. advertisement. In India, polio eradication program has been successful only with the help of ads

There are also some negative aspects in the advertisement that can be detrimental to many people because the products produced by a celebrity are not sure its quality. Occasionally, the product can not be of an excellent quality, but because a celebrity is advertising for it, ordinary people buy it that can sometimes be confusing. Another negative aspect of advertising is the hidden costs associated with the product or services. High costs of products being produced due to the expenditure on advertising are increased. Advertising is often misleading and confuses consumers. Excessive and false claims are made in advertisements. Bogus testimonials and other dubious means are used to sell goods. Here the place where joint stock companies spend huge amounts on advertising to kill new and potentially materialism is glorified through many advertisements, which can again get dangerous results.

Because, because of the movement of the market in the throats, private companies are required to spend huge amounts of money in advertising. But at the same time they have corporate social responsibility, moral responsibility, moral responsibility, not by pushing those products or services which are harmful to society. The products of adverse health benefits should be left to people's knowledge. Governments should interfere in such important aspects as welfare and responsible authorities, in the same way, it is also the responsibility of celebrities to stop playing with people's emotions. We see them for many values, so they should not deceive people in using those things which they do not believe in themselves.

Therefore, to encourage ads, to encourage awareness, to create awareness, to stay in a better lifestyle. Since these people have a deep impact on the psyche, therefore the ads should have value embedded and ethical. In order to create public awareness, educative advertisements should be promoted. In short, we can say that advertising has a negative impact on the positive as well as on the society. The balance between 'What is more important and what is not really necessary' should be given more attention and practice.

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