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Essay on Why is Literacy Necessary?

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Why is literacy necessary? in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 900 words.

Today special emphasis is on education. Full education is also not correct, because in the era of expensive and uneven circumstances it is probably not possible for everyone, but at least literate are equally agreeable. That is, by getting alphabetic knowledge, everyone can run their work. Learning to read so much has become very important for every person today. Before the person can read and write his own letter, before opening a thumb or signing it, why he is doing all this and for what he is doing, if he is doing it, then it is all right or inappropriate for his future. To be literate is very essential for every person. Only after this, general-specific, urban residents or common rural people can save themselves from the smart and deceitful individuals. In the light of these basic facts, literacy is being spread in many non-governmental government levels today. In the public welfare state or democracy, if not fully educated, it is necessary for everyone to be literate, everyone has the right.

Even knowing this is the usual prevailing meaning of 'literacy', its requirement can be considered. The general meaning of 'literacy' is 'Akshar Knowledge', ie not having special education, at least this knowledge should be left to every person, so that he keeps knowledge of the letters of one or more languages ​​well. Read those words, read something, read your name, etc. The word 'literacy' means only that and it is also being propagated with this feeling. The illiterate person, Ankesh has become a victim of accidents. It was such that if an illiterate person takes a mahajan, then only five rupees, but the thumb is applied to five hundred rupees. When it is not possible to choose such amount, then it is known that what is the reality? Due to lack of letter knowledge, how big is it that he has not even been able to pay interest even if he has paid hundred times his original amount. Many times it has happened that the landlords-Mahajan used to have a thumb on someone's farm or house in lieu of a rent or some loan. Then gradually either he had to become a bonded laborer with the family, or else he had to run away quietly. In this way, no matter how many different types of results the poor have left illiterate, they have not been literate. Literacy is the only good and proper way to avoid those kinds of adverse consequences.
The literate person can write his own letter and letter, money order form can also fill himself. There are several types of forms to be filled today. They can all fill up and save their money. Suppose a form can not fill itself even for technical reasons, at least it can be known that whatever is being filled, everything is filling it as well as right and not. Thus, being deceived in the state of illiteracy, the person is easily saved when he is literate. Nowadays, many things are sold in packets. Price on them, making packets and the date of the safe of the item, etc. are written on it. All this is written on the packing of medicines. The literate can buy by looking at all this while buying a person. Illiterate is often given the item or medicine after date. By eating it, one can go to the life of a good man, the patient can eat such medicines or die by putting a vaccine. The literate can not stop such wasteful goods.

It is thus clear that the benefits of being literate are the benefits. When a person receives such benefits, then he does not want his children to remain illiterate. With self-indulgence, she would also like to see that her children are illiterate or illiterate, without having to read or write, or at least literate. Thus, literacy is a good way or medium to meet education and publicity. Therefore, those who have remained illiterate for some reason should make them literate even after trying them to live undisturbed. It is good for everyone to do well. Staying illiterate can only be robbed of yourself. Every man should read so much that he does not have to accept the wishes of others to fill the general letter or form.

Often illiterate people rob many ways. Some examples of them have been reversed, look at something else. Until the letter informing the happiness and sorrow of any relative, illiterate can not read themselves. To send news of happiness and sorrow, she has to run behind others. So that someone can read the letters from his house, write the house to be sent. Many times it has also happened that the other person has written the address of his or her home rather than the address given. Thus the sender sent the money order but the recipient did not get it. Do not mess up Only the literate can escape this type of disturbances. By keeping an eye on such disturbances, one can also serve the important social service by saving his other accomplices.

In this way, for today's computerized era, it is necessary for every person to first be well-versed with a good education. If this is not possible, at least to be literate for the benefit of your peers, it is absolutely necessary. Taking advantage of the available arrangements for this, every illiterate should be tried as soon as possible to become an independent-conscious citizen of the independent nation.

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