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Essay on Bonded Labor

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We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.  Here you can find Essay on Bonded Labor in English language for 5,6,,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and banking or other competetive exams students in 750 words.

Workers and wages can also be bonded or be bonded. Land, property, home, house and gold or silver ornaments. We have been hearing from the beginning that even the kitchen utensils and household items are being bonded or kept hostage. Many times it is also heard and read that a gambling guru has defeated Jua and made his wife hostage in the absence of money and money. But the laborers and the laborers are also bonded or hostaged, this thing has started to be heard in the last few years and it has started to expose with its complete intimacy. In the history, we get the readings of man taking slaves and selling them and then persecuting them, keeping them hungry and thirsty by the buyer and taking hard work to the inhuman level. The black business and inhuman trade of human sales in all the European countries, however, continues, but Rome's name is the most prominent in this area. There the poor hostage slaves were fought with dreaded animals or among themselves until one of them died. Not only this limit in India, but there must be slavery. Today's bonded labor or bonded labor is probably the new and modern version of the same historical tradition. In today's era, this custom or tradition is a gross taint in the modern scientific era of establishing a high value-value of civil and culture, who give the nutritional and inspiration of human rights. There is a grave insult to humanity. Due to its heartlessness, there is too much shameful talk and behavior.

Selling wages or labor is neither new nor bad. Since the beginning man has been selling his labor to solve the problem of Roti-Goli, still selling it today. The bad happens when labor is also made to slave with a few paise and introduce the medieval feudal mindset. In fact, in the origin of bonded practice, this mindset of the feudal and barbaric era is working only. It is possible that some people with a lot of money and money, especially the landlord and contractor, give them some rupee loans as poor loans to poor poor people. In the form of interest, they start doing domestic or other types of work. This loan and its interest continues to increase over generations, and it never ends, and in this way only the unemployed generations of indebted people remain bonded. Their daughter-in-law is made as a victim of interest for their husbands. Children's childhood, youths' youths and old age of old age are all ruthlessly crushed. In exchange for convenience, what if not stomach-dry food? Their children and girls and wives are also bonded due to debt. While in dirty shrubs, there is no one to ask for them during the disease. In a tired old dhoti-sari, he lives his whole life. As stated above, even the human traffickers who give credit to their young women regard their rights as poor. Thus, the problem of bonded labor and wages has become an awful leprosy and has been exploiting the humanity within and within itself, and continues to do so today.
Now, through the past few Sahay leaders and their movements-campaigns, the attention of the government has been towards this horrible humanitarian problem. Hence the effort of bondage-free is going on in full swing. The government has declared the loans given to them illegal and forgiveness or free. In areas where there may be a possibility of being bonded, they are being thoroughly surveyed and freed. Employment arrangements are also being made in different areas for them. If someone wants to do their traditional business, government loans are also arranged for grant or nominal interest. Accommodation facilities are also being mobilized. It seems that their future will be bright. But then, when full attention and attention will be paid to this, which has not yet been given.

Freedom is the birthright of every creature, everyone seems good too. Then man? Under which circumstances did these bondmen have to bear the burden of life, after hearing their stories from their mouths, in reality the hives are in their mind. Things of progress and development seem to be getting turbulent. Therefore, the stigma felt on his forehead for a happy and prosperous future of humanity should be eradicated soon. Such arrangements should also be made that once they get rid of them they have not been forced to be bonded again, as has happened in some cases. Only then can the bondage-liberation-movement really be worthwhile.

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