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Essay on Life of Soldiers in English in Very Simple Words

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Essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here. Here you can find Essay on Life of Soldiers - its life - duties in English language for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or IAS, IPS Banking and other competitive exams students.


1 - Short Essay on Life of Soldiers - 200 Words

Soldiers are the pride of a nation. They are disciplined, courageous and selfless. Their life is full of challenges and they face every challenge with a smile on their face.

Anyone who wants to be a soldier is actually a great soul. She loves her country and countrymen and is ready to go to any extent to protect her and save her honor. The soldiers do not care about their personal life or desires. Their country comes first to them. Those who decide to come to this profession are well aware of the fact that they have to sacrifice their personal lives and stay away from their families for the most part of their life. However, this does not diminish their sense of serving the country. They work happily and work hard day and night.

The soldiers are trained for years before being sent on the war front. The training period is extremely difficult. It brings the best in them and prepares them for the battlefield.

We have the privilege of staying in a peaceful environment and focusing on our personal life only because the soldiers are guarding the country round the clock. They ensure a peaceful environment all the time in the country. They are disciplined and work responsibly.


2 - Essay on Soldiers are Real Heroes - 300 Words

Soldiers are referred to as real heroes. Discipline, determination, strong physique, mental strength, good intentions and love for our countrymen - they are all the qualities we find in a hero. The soldiers have immense love for their nation. This is love which encourages them to join this profession and to serve their nation. The training they undergo to become a soldier, he refines them and strengthens them.


Discipline is one of the most attractive qualities in a person. This is the first thing that soldiers are taught in their training camps. If a person does not have discipline, then he can not take responsibility for protecting his country.

They are taught to give importance to time and use them best. They need to wake up and exercise in the morning. They need to follow a strict routine every day. Anyone who fails to do this is severely punished. All this is done to increase indiscipline in them.


The soldiers are very firmly determined. They are facing many challenges, but they remove all these because they are determined to achieve their goals. One of the first challenges faced by people choosing this profession is to stay away from your family. The next challenge is to test their physical strength. He made a lot of efforts to create physical strength. They go through strict training only because they are determined to serve their country.


Like a hero, the soldiers have a good physical and mental strength. They are known for their physical and mental strength, which help them in bigger battles. These qualities add to their appeal.


In this way, the soldiers have all the virtues of the real hero. We should look at them and develop these qualities to increase our personality and to lead our lives in the right direction.


3 - Essay on Challenges in the Life of a Soldier - 400 Words

The life of soldiers is not easy. However, they are taught to continue and never give up. They have to face many difficulties and challenges, who need to fight with courage.

Challenges faced by soldiers

Here is a look at some of the biggest challenges of the lives of the soldiers.

Stay away from family

The soldiers should be on duty for the majority of the year. They need to stay away from their family and friends. This is one of the most challenging parts of being a soldier. It can be emotionally disturbing.

Troops get hardly any leaves. Whether it's a festival or a special family occasion, they are rarely able to celebrate it with their loved ones. Even if they somehow manage to get the leaves, the possibility of closing the leaves can not be ruled out. They need to report immediately in case of emergency.

Physical training

The soldiers go through rigorous physical training to fight the fight. They need to exercise hours and get involved in many tough exercises. This can be particularly tedious and challenging for new recruits. By the time he retires, the Building Building Exercise continues throughout his life.

Lack of supply

Many times, soldiers need to go on long missions in remote areas. Due to being cut from the main cities and towns, there is also a lack of basic amenities in these areas. It is difficult to live in such places. The lack of proper supply of food in these areas makes the lives of soldiers even more difficult. However, they continue to fulfill their duties in all these difficulties.

Weather adversity

Soldiers are also stationed in areas with extreme weather conditions. They need to fight between heavy rain, extreme cold and scorching sunlight. They need to fight between snow-covered mountains and dense forests. They are required to stay on the field every day and in the field during the day to protect their country. Weather adversity can be a big challenge for them.

Lack of bullet proof equipment

Soldiers are constantly exposed to bullets during wars. They are required to provide bullet proof clothes and shields. However, there is a shortage of bullet-proof equipment in many countries including India. Fighting without them is a big challenge for the soldiers.


Thus, the life of the soldiers is full of challenges. However, they do their utmost to overcome all the challenges and take it as their responsibility for the protection of their country and countrymen. They fulfill their responsibility with a smile on their face.


4 - Essay on Life of Soldiers – Duty of an Ideal Soldier - 500 Words

The soldiers are tasked to guard the honor of their country. An ideal soldier keeps the interests of his country above himself. He is disciplined, determined and devoted all the time to serve his country and protect his countrymen. His duty is of paramount importance for him.

Duty of an ideal soldier

A citizen of a country can live in peace till he has a strong army base, in which there are soldiers who regard it as their duty:

Serve the country with selflessness

There is no doubt about this fact that a person who decides to join the army, he loves his country. He is well aware of the difficulties coming during his journey as a soldier, but he still decides to follow this path.

To become capable of dealing with this in the battlefield, soldiers have to undergo harsh training for years. One of the first things taught to a soldier is to serve your country with selflessness. It does not matter what the situation is, soldiers should think about their family or themselves before thinking about the interests of their country. An ideal soldier just does this. Only the person who has the capacity to keep his personal interests aside and willing to sacrifice everything for his country, can be called an ideal soldier.

Protect the honor of the country

The respect of the country and the national flag is of paramount importance for the ideal soldier. He can go to any extent to protect it. He is not afraid to save his country's honor and fight against adverse conditions to protect his countrymen. He also does not hesitate to give up his life to protect the honor of the country. We are lucky that there is an army full of such ideal soldiers. They have been really inspirational to the soldiers as well as to the general public. '

Ensure the peaceful atmosphere

An ideal military takes it as its responsibility to ensure a safe and peaceful environment in the country. Soldiers not only protect the border and fight during the battlefield, they are meant to serve the citizens in different types of emergency situations. Whether it is a terrorist attack, flood or any other natural disaster or intense problem inspired by illegal activities, soldiers are called to deal with almost every difficult situation. An ideal soldier is never hesitant to provide help in any situation. She is happy to serve the citizens and ensures that they live peacefully.

There were many instances where the army was called to help in civil matters or rescue operations. This is due to the assistance given by local authorities only; Conditions come under control.

Stay alert

A soldier is always on duty, whether he is on the battlefield or not. The duty of an ideal soldier is to be alert all the time.


The duty of an ideal soldier is to be for the country. They are expected to serve their country with selfless self and be prepared to sacrifice their lives for their respect. We salute such great souls and look towards them for inspiration.


5 - Long Essay on Life of Soldiers - 600 Words

We look at the soldiers with pride because they are selfless creatures who are always ready to defend the honor of their country. They keep away from their family and friends to ensure that their country is protected all the time and their countrymen can live peacefully.

Symbol of physical and mental power

The soldiers are known for their physical and mental strength. They can be referred to as symbols of mental and physical strength; They are well-built. A person's physical strength is kept in meditation as a soldier in the board. He is then trained harder and is prepared to fight tirelessly.

Training camps help the soldiers in physical power. A soldier who is dedicated to serving his country, he continues to train himself to be physically fit to perform his best on the field.

Similarly, it is necessary for a soldier to have mental strength and good presence of mind. Screening determines the mental strength of the candidates. Once selected, it is further developed and strengthened. To be victorious in battlefield, being mentally strong is as important as physical strength.

War and battlefield

The soldiers must be ready to deal with it all the time in the field. The possibility of war is always maintained between different countries. Thus, soldiers can be called to protect the country at any time. India was attacked several times by its neighboring countries. Our soldiers have proved their subtlety in these wars. They fought bravely and we are proud of them. Here are some battles fought by Indian soldiers:

  • India China War 1962: Also known as China-Indian War, this war was fought between India and China on the pretext of a disputed Himalayan border. However, this was not the only reason that China attacked India. There were also many other issues. During this war, the soldiers fought on the mountains in harsh climatic conditions. The war continued for almost a month and China emerged as the winner.
  • The Indo-Pak war of 1965: India and Pakistan have always been woodcutters. While India tries to maintain peace and to use peaceful means to resolve any issues between the two countries, Pakistan is well known for using force and attacking our country. It called for a war with India for the first time in 1965. This war continued for seventeen days and as a result thousands of reasons were revealed. It was closed only after the intervention of the United States and the Soviet Union. Indo
  • Pak war of 1971: Pakistan attacked the Indian border, but the Indian army was quick to answer it. Our soldiers bravely fought and won after fighting for nearly two weeks. However, during this war many people were killed in both sides and many of them were injured. Pakistan suffered a particularly heavy loss during this war. It lost a large part of its army, navy and air force personnel.
  • Kargil War: War was fought between India and Pakistan in the year 1999. It started when Pakistani soldiers crossed the Line of Control and entered Kargil district of India. Indian soldiers took brave and intelligent work during this war. Their mental and physical strength helped India regain the territory encroached by Pakistani military soldiers. After this war the Pakistani army was shaken badly because it had to face a major defeat.


We are proud of our soldiers and are grateful to them for ensuring peaceful atmosphere. We respect them wholeheartedly and salute them for their heroic acts. They are true heroes


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